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How to Backup and Restore Contacts using Google Account

by Jayant
how to backup restore contacts

Contacts are the first thing that strikes in mind whenever we switched to a new phone. Moving contacts from an old phone to a new phone is a pain. Especially when you are looking to move contacts from iPhone to Android or vice-versa. There are a couple of ways to backup and restore contacts and we are going to talk about that here.

So, today I am going to give you 2 methods through which you can create a backup of your contacts, SMS and call logs. Not only backup but you can restore the same. Anytime, Anywhere.

1. Backup and Restore using Google

Before saying anything, I want to thank Mr. Google from the bottom of my heart for being available in every situation. I also want to thank Andy Rubin and his team for creating Android. I can write 5000+ words of an article just to thank Google.

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Okay, we are distracting.

So, you remember the very first setup when we switch on the brand new Android Phone. It asks for language, wifi, location and asks to login to your Gmail account. Well, that’s not a formality. Google actually doing it for you.


Most of the inbuilt Contacts app get sync with your Google account and whenever you login to new android device, you can restore them from your Google Account. If you are using a Samsung device, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Tap on Hamburger Menu at the top left corner.
  3. Tap on Manage Contacts and then tap on Sync Contacts.
  4. Turn on the Google Account to sync all your contacts with your Google Account.backup-restore-contacts-on-google

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You can synchronize your contact on any Android device. If there is already a google account associated with contacts, then make sure Auto-Sync is switched on. In Settings, tap on the Google in Accounts option then make sure sync is switched on. See your contacts on Google Account here.

The moment you entered your Google account on your new phone, you will get all your contacts. This is the best thing you can do for backing up your contacts. After connecting your contacts with Google, you have a couple of options to retrieve your contacts back.  Here you can also retrieve your old number or the number you deleted by mistake.

backup restore contact

If you have duplicate contacts having the same name and different numbers, you can merge it using Google Contact. There are a couple of other functionality through which you can manage your contacts. After syncing contacts with google account, restore the contacts by going to settings > Personal > Google. In Google, look for Services and then tap on Restore Contacts.

how to backup restore contact

This method would not allow you to restore call logs and SMS. I have another method to backup and restore the Contacts as well as SMS and call logs.

2. Backup and Restore using Apps

There are hundreds of contact backup apk that help in creating the backup and restoring the contacts, SMS and call log. But, the bad thing about these apps is they create a .vcf file of contacts that is saved in SD card or in phone memory. In case, a phone is damaged or get stolen. That file has no use for us. We cannot do anything in that situation.

Today, I am going to tell you just 2 apps which do the perfect job of backup and restore. These apps automatically create a backup of contacts, call logs, and SMS and then save it on your Google Drive. Whenever you want to restore the data, just download that archive file from the Google Drive and restore. Don’t worry, I am going to explain How to create a backup and restore the contacts, call logs and SMS with photos.

So, the first app is :

App Backup & Restore

App Backup & Restore is a free app available on the Play Store. With this single app, you can backup your contacts, SMS, call logs, and other apps straight into your google drive. You can also create the backup of apps on your SD card. Moreover, this single app is capable of sending and receiving an apk file using wifi direct (As we do on Share it, Xender, and Superbeam).

So, How to create the backup of Contacts, SMS, and call logs.

  • Download App Backup and Restore. Open it. On home screen Swipe right and go to Settings then go to Google Drive Settings. Add google account by tapping on the Add Account button.

how to backup restore contacts

  • On the home screen of apps, you would see a list of apps installed on your device. If you want to create a backup of any app, just tap on the app and then select Backup at the bottom. But, for backup of contacts and other personal data, tap on the Apps on the top and select Personal.
  • Now, you would your personal data i.e your contacts, Calls, and SMS. Select three of them and tap on backup.

how to backup restore contacts

  • Now swipe right and you would an archive file here. Select the archive file and then tap on the Send button on the top. ( See picture) Tap on Upload. You would see all the data uploaded on Google Drive.

how to backup restore contacts

The data remains safe on the cloud and you can retrieve your data anytime, anywhere. The story doesn’t end here. Now, how to Restore the contacts and other data.

  • To restore, swipe right to Google Drive option
  • Select the file you want to download. tap on download.
  • Go to archive option and select the file. Then tap Restore. DONE!!!

how to backup restore contacts

I am using this app from last 2 years and with the time, the developer of this app bring on the new updates. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

SMS Backup+

SMS backup+ is yet another popular app for backup and restore purpose. To do so, first, you need to connect your Gmail account and then just tap on the backup option. It would take a while when it gets done. You can restore it anytime. You can also select auto backup of the data.

how to backup restore contacts

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So, through these methods, you can create a backup of your contacts, SMS, and call logs. Among them, App backup and restore is the best option. As it provides the functionality of backing up the apps as well as contacts, SMS, and call logs. So, Whenever you switch to a new phone, just install these apps and get your all the data on your new phone.

I hope, this was helpful for you. If you know other better option, share your views in the comments. Share it with your friend or uncle who just switches to a new phone and struggling for old contacts and don’t forget to Share it on your social media.

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Sam May 5, 2021 - 2:46 am

I am unable to connenct my google drive with this app

Jayant May 5, 2021 - 6:47 pm

Hi Sam

Which app you are talking about?

Julien BONNEL November 11, 2021 - 11:06 pm

Hello that is not helpful for me because whereas I already have a backup on google drive, I have no backup already done with backup apps such as sms backup and restore. All apps seem to need you to have created a backup prior to restoring call log. I need an app that can directly import from the google drive backup of my device. Any help ?

Jayant November 14, 2021 - 12:51 pm

Yes, you can do that. If your google account is already logged in and you have backup of your contact in Drive, go to Contacts on your android phone > Settings > Sync. Select the Google Account and you are done.


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