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How to Keep Your Kids Busy at Home with Tech

by Jayant

Since schools have suspended classes due to our current health crisis of COVID-19, kids across the US, India and almost every continent are now stuck indoors without the day-to-day classroom activities that make up formal education. However, learning doesn’t stop once a kid sets foot inside the house. Thanks to today’s technology, educational materials are more accessible than ever — with different apps, websites, and gadgets that could encourage a child’s natural curiosity for the world while staying inside.

With most parents also at home with their kids, a good place to start is by downloading apps on your child’s device to keep them busy while advancing their knowledge and skills. However, Mary Keeling from the American Association of School Librarians notes that learning at home doesn’t mean that you should stick to one piece of tech. While apps are a great way to encourage kids to learn through interactive games and programs, it’s best to explore other forms of educational tech that allow children to express themselves creatively and physically. So if you’re looking for Edtech you can offer to your child, here are some that will keep them entertained and occupied:

Language Learning Apps

There’s no better time to teach a person a new language than when they’re young. Kids are naturally more adept at learning languages because the rules are simpler ⁠— you just learn a new word and its corresponding meaning. Meanwhile, when you’re an adult, you’ll have to deal with all the grammatical and phonic rules that make it much harder to digest a new language. Moreover, kids below the age of 10 are naturally hard-wired to absorb new languages more easily than older kids and adults.

If you want your child to embrace a second language, try introducing them to language learning apps like Duolingo or Mindsnacks. Both apps are available for Android & iOS. The New York Times points out that language learning apps are a good starting point to learning a new language, and while they can’t actually get kids to a fluent level, they’re a great way for them to learn basic phrases and more. The interactive UI and games will definitely keep their eyes peeled on their screens while they learn Spanish, French, or even Chinese!

3D printing tools and Software

It’s the dawn of the age of 3D printing, and kids should be introduced to the craft as early as possible. Although 3D printing might seem too dangerous or complicated for kids to learn, you can safely facilitate 3D learning with a fun 3D printing pen or design software.

Our post on ‘3D Printing Pen for Kids’ highlights what you need to look for, pointing out that there’s a slight learning curve to the tool. So, you need to be there to supervise your child to avoid any accidents. If you’re not entirely comfortable with the idea of a 3D pen, you can download 3D design software like SketchUp or TinkerCad instead. Kids nowadays are more proficient in tech than we give them credit for, so just let your kid do their thing and unleash their creativity.

Interactive educational computer games

There’s no reason children can’t stay in touch with their inner scientists. Hundreds of games that offer science and math learning can be readily downloaded. The Kerbal Space Program comes highly recommended by HP, as this space-oriented game has a little bit of physics and rocket science. However, this might not be an engaging game for younger kids, as the rules can get confusing and overwhelming. But, older kids would find this extremely rewarding as they get to scratch the surface of astronomy and aeronautics.

Craft Their Talent

Your kid, at an early stage started to show their potential talent. So why not explore that. There are a lot of apps for learning musical instruments, drawing, painting, singing, and even some cases writing codes. If your kid is showing some signs of talent, you should definitely work with them. Explore some apps and motivates them to work on their talent. Check out the apps you can try to craft the hidden talent of your kids.

Moreover, there are a lot of online classes and courses that you can try for the learning of your kids. Udemy has a lot of courses of learning codes, art & craft, Yoga, Python language, HTML, photography for kids and much more. You can check Udemy Courses for Kids here.

Things to Do With Kids During Lockdown: Final Words

Overall, encouraging your kids to learn through fun avenues during these times is a must. When learning can be easily accessed through a simple tap or click, the best parenting trick is to have your kids simultaneously learn and play at the same time.

What are you doing with your kids’ learning even at times of crisis?

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