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How to Create Awesome Instagram Posts With DesignCap

by Jayant

There is no need to introduce you to Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms which has billions of active users. That is the reason why advertisers are pitching Instagram Influencers for their product promotion.

With attractive Instagram posts, you can catch millions of eyeballs toward your product but creating appealing Instagram posts is not the easiest work in this world. If you are serious about Instagram marketing, you might need to hire a full-time Graphic Designer which will lay an extra burden on your budget.

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To cut off that extra expense, we have DesignCap which is an Online graphic designer tool. There are hundreds of Instagram post templates that you can use to create attractive Instagram posts for your business promotion.

Here is what DesignCap has to offer you:

Instagram Post Template


For creating attractive Instagram posts, DesignCap has hundreds of Instagram Post templates that you can choose to work on. The categories include Promotion, Holidays, Fashion, Food, Motivational, Landscapes and if you are looking to create an awareness post about COVID-19 Pandemic, DesignCap has some really engaging Instagram post templates.

Each and every post template is designed by professionals sitting behind the website. The template has attractive graphics as well as color combinations which is the crucial thing for any attractive Instagram post.

Lines, Icons & Shapes

Do not underestimate the power of Lines and shapes for making an attractive Instagram post. DesignCap offers you shapes and lines that you can add on your Instagram post to make it more defined and appealing.

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Stock Photos

To make Instagram posts attractive, crispy, and relevant photos are crucial. DesignCap offers you hundreds of stock photos that you can add to the Instagram post template. The photos are high quality not only attracts the audience but also makes the relevant context. There are hundreds of categories for stock photos like Car, Business, Celebrations, real estate, Education, Food, Fashion, Kids, Technology, and whatnot. Choose any of the categories that seem relevant to your business.

Statistical Charts


This is my personal feature in DesignCap online graphic design. DesignCap offers you different kinds of charts that you can use to express the numbers related to your business. Numbers indeed attract people and using DesignCap, you can add charts in your Instagram post template as well. You can add line charts, tables, Maps, Columns, Radical Bar charts, Pie charts, and Stacked Area charts. You just need to add numbers, the rest will be handled by DesignCap. You can edit the color, font, font size, Axis, etc. of your chart. You have full control over your creativity. You can edit them the way you want.

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Add Text

If your Instagram post is not a meme, it does not have much text but the minimal text can do wonders for your Instagram promotional campaign. DesignCap has some of the best text templates you can add on your Instagram post. The text fonts, design, size, color, everything is customizable for your next best Instagram post.



For a highly professional appeal to your Instagram post, you can add modules. These modules work even better for Pinterest posts. Talking about Modules, you have a couple of options to choose from. You can add diagrams, Steps, Timelines, Comparisons, Statistics, SWOT Analysis, Social media icons and whatnot. Everything in the modules is also customizable which you can design according to your taste.

Using the above-mentioned options that DesignCap has, you can create an attractive Instagram post. There is a lot of other Instagram post template available on DesignCap that have the potential to catch millions of eyeballs towards your product.

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What Else DesignCap Can Do?


Apart from the Instagram post template, DesignCap can design graphics for other Social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and more. Here is what else DesignCap has for you:

  • Poster Designer
  • Invitation Card Maker
  • Facebook Cover Art
  • Youtube Channel Art
  • Facebook Post
  • Chart Maker
  • Business Card designer
  • Facebook Ad banner
  • Menu designer
  • Logo designer
  • Infographic Designer
  • Broucher designs
  • Annual report maker

Create Awesome Graphics Online With DesignCap

DesignCap has a lot of potentials. All you need is a little bit of creativity. You don’t need any kind of skills to use DesignCap as everything is already placed at its place, you just need to edit that as per your need and taste.

A lot of design templates on DesignCap is free to use but not everything is free. If you are really serious about graphic design for your social media, it is totally worth upgrading to a premium DesignCap account. At just $5.99/mo, you will get Unlimited Templates, Unlimited Photos, Unlimited Modules, Unlimited stock icons, High-res PDF & PNG export. Check more about DesignCap pricing and more.


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