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How to Batch Rename Files in Windows 10

by Jayant

Looking to rename batch files in Windows 10? We have some of the best and easy ways using which you will be able to rename batch files in Windows 10.

You can rename batch files using the third-party software as well as Windows Explorer, Bulk Rename Utility, and Command Prompt. There are endless possibilities to rename bulk files. Read this article and you would get the answer you wanted to know. It’s super easy and way too fast.

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How to Batch Rename Files Using Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is way quite a powerful tool for windows. Batch Rename files in Windows 10 Explorer is super easy and fast. This is the same as renaming a single file. This is what you do for renaming a single file.

Select the file you wanted to rename and then you right-click on it or press F2 or maybe you choose the rename option from the Home menu. After that, you entered the new name of the file and then hit enter.

To rename a batch of files using windows explorer, all you need to do is to repeat the process you follow to rename the single file but this time you need to add one more simple step.

Follow these easy steps to Rename Batch Files on Windows 10.

  1. Go to the folder having the files you want to rename.
  2. Select a file then either use the Tab button to select other files or you can use the Shift key to select batch of files you wanted to rename. If you are renaming all the files in the folder, press Ctrl + A key to select all the files.
  3. After selecting the files you wanted to rename. You can rename the selected multiple files by Right-click (if using a mouse) and choosing rename option or you can hit the F2 key to rename the selected multiple files. You can also rename the files from the Rename option in the Home Menu.how-to-batch-rename-files-in-windows-10
  4. Hit enter and click anywhere in the empty space. You are done with renaming the multiple files.

This is the easiest and most preferable method for renaming the batch files. There are other methods also. See how other methods work.

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How to Batch Rename Files in Windows 10: Using Bulk Rename Utility

Most of us (including me) are not so comfortable with Command Prompt and PowerShell Commands. That’s why programmers make it easy for us to do various tasks including this one. Bulk Rename Utility is application software that is helpful in renaming multiple files at once. See how it works

  1. Open the file folder you wanted to rename.
  2. Select the files you wanted to change by using Tab or Shift. If you are renaming the files with the same name, use Ctrl + A key to select all.
  3. Look for the Option 3, that is, “Replace With”. That option will allow you to replace the old name with the new one. (See Picture)how-to-batch-rename-files-in-windows-10
  4. After doing that, Tap “Rename”. It’s DONE!!!

This is just one option, there is a lot of other options like you can add numbering, date. You can change the format of the file. Moreover, you can copy or Move the Renamed file to another location/Folder. The more you would explore, the more you would learn.

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Batch Rename Files Using Advanced Renamer

This is another option you can opt to batch rename files. Advanced Renamer renames the file on the basis of commands, which are quite easy to understand. There are different tags like Image tag, MP3 tag, Geo Tagging tag, Video Tag. You can also add metadata of many files including Audio, video files. See how all this works.

  1. Add a file folder you wanted to rename.
  2. On the left-hand side, there is a column showing the tags. You can choose the desirable tag according to your content ( Audio, Video, Picture)batch-rename-files-in-windows-10
  3. Under the tags option, there is a box having the preset including different commands. You can choose according to your requirement. The interface is quite friendly.
  4. In between, you can choose Batch Mode which determines the Mode, whether it is Rename mode, Copy Mode, Move Mode.
  5. After that, just enter the new name you wanted to change. Then click on, START BATCH. (See Pictures)


This is a great tool for the various tiny task which we do on a daily basis. This tool makes it easy.

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Rename Multiple Files Using Command Prompt & PowerShell

If you are comfortable with the command prompter and PowerShell, you can use this to change the name of the file. To rename batch files using Command Prompt, you can use this command

ren  “picture (1).jpg” “Family Trip (1).jpg”

If you want to use PowerShell for renaming the file, you can use this syntax to rename the file. You can also make your own syntax for doing the Rename task. You can use this syntax for rename the file

rename-item “old name.jpg” “new name.jpg”


If you have any other methods, do share in the comment section and I would update this article. If, you have any problems or confusion, let me know, I will help you out.

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How to Rename Batch Files in Windows 10: Conclusion

Using these methods, you can easily Rename Batch of files. There are a lot of third-party programs that you can use but if you just wanted to Batch Rename files, you can use Windows inbuilt feature of Renaming batch files which is the first method in this blog post. On the contrary, if you wanted to add metadata of the files, you can definitely use third-party programs to batch rename files.

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If you have any suggestions or queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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esha gupta June 8, 2017 - 8:52 pm

Thanks for sharing this valuable post with us. Just renamed 1200+ pictures.

tuba May 13, 2018 - 6:28 pm

Advanced Renamer worked best for me. Thanks for that.


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