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How to Change Screenshot Location in Windows 10

by Jayant

This is the guide to change screenshot location in windows 10. If you are a macOS user, here is how to change the screenshot location on macOS.

As we know, the screenshot is the most convenient way to share information with anyone. You don’t need to manipulate anything to describing the actual scenario on your PC or smartphone screen. A screenshot means a picture of the current or active window on the screen. These days, you can take a screenshot on any device may it Android Smartphone, iPhone, Mac, Windows. Sometimes, the problem is the screenshot location.

To take a screenshot on Windows 10, all you need to press “Window key+ PrtSc”. You would see a blink on the screen which means that the screenshot has been captured. By default, Windows 10 screenshot location is This PC > Pictures > Screenshot.

Another way to capture the screenshot is “Alt+PrtSc”. In this, the screenshot gets copied to the clipboard and you can paste it into any word processor or in any photo editing software.

But, if you share a lot of screenshots for any purpose, it gets a little inconvenient to first fetch the screenshot folder then copy or cut those screenshots to the desired folder. The screenshot folder also eats up the storage of your Local Disk C and that can slow down the speed of your Windows computer. Make sure you check this article on ways to speed up the windows 10 pc. Anyway, You can easily change the screenshot location in Windows 10.

How to Change Screenshot location in Windows 10?

Below are the easy steps you can follow to change the screenshot location in Windows 10.

1. To change the location of the screenshot, first, go to the desired location and add a folder. You can give it any name. Like, I created a folder in the “D” drive and I named it Screenshots.

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2. Now, go to This PC > Pictures > Screenshot folder and right-click on any blank area, and click on Properties.


3. Now you are on Screenshots properties. From the above tabs, select the Location. Here you would see the default location. To change the location, click on the Move.


4. A window will appear. Here you need to select the desired folder where you wanted to save the screenshots. Like, in my case, I created a Screenshot folder in “D” Drive. Select the folder.


5. After selecting the folder, click on Apply. A popup will appear, click OK. The screenshot location has been successfully changed.


6. From now, all the screenshots will automatically save in a new folder that you selected. You can change this location to the default location by selecting the “Restore Default” option instead of Move option.

Change Screenshot Location in Windows 10: Conclusion

So, this is how you can change the screenshot location on Windows 10. I was using Windows 10 and these steps would be same for the Windows 8 as well as for Windows 7. If you face any problems, do let me know in the comment section.

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