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OpenRock S Air Conduction Earbuds Review 2023

by Jayant

Before OpenRock S, we reviewed OpenRock Pro earbuds which came with powerful sound and open-ear design but had some flaws related to comfort & build quality. OpenRock S is a much better variant that now comes with touch controls, much better build quality and design and of course, better sound.

If you have been planning to grab OpenRock S or looking for Open Ear Air Conduction earbuds for sports, and outdoors, this OpenRock S earbuds review has everything you need to know.

OpenRock S Sports Earbuds Review 2023

These earbuds are suitable for anyone who doesn’t want in-ear types of earbuds and wants an open-ear design. Open Ear design has a couple of advantages like less ear fatigue, better airflow, less prone to sweat and discomfort, clear sense of surroundings and ambient sound. OpenRock S is just good to go for cycling, hiking, trekking, walking, running, etc. Here is more about it.

OpenRock S Review: What’s in the Box

The whole product experience starts with the unboxing. It is a high-quality matte cardboard box with a holder at the top. You can also see all the features mentioned on the box. Inside the box, we have a couple of documentation, a user guide, and the earbuds themselves. A USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable is also included in the box.


OpenRock S Review: The Design


OpenRock S now comes with a much-improved design as compared to OpenRock Pro. The build quality is also better. It has a soft rubberised finish which feels super smooth and doesn’t bother even after using it for prolonged hours. OpenRock S also comes with an adjustable silicone hinge that is used to adjust the size of the earbuds. It is a patent design by OpenRock which really helps to achieve a perfect, secure fit.

Simply put on the earbuds and tighten or loosen the earbuds as per the size of your ear and comfort. Once it is locked, you are good to go.

The 4 AI Noise-canceling microphones are clearly visible on the earbuds canceling out all the ambient noise and giving a crystal clear calling experience. You will also see a white LED light on the earbuds that blinks during paring, low battery.


While the predecessor of OpenRock S relied on physical buttons to control music playback, here we are getting touch controls that are elegantly embedded within the earbuds. It not only makes the earbuds visually appealing but also works more smoothly than clicky physical buttons. The good thing is, it is not that sensitive.

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The only thing that bothers me is the size of the case. It is quite large and heavy as compared to other open-ear designed earbud cases in the market or even the OpenRock Pro.


You can easily carry it in your gym bag, laptop bag or any other backpack but it is not comfortable to carry in your pocket. Apart from that, everything seems pretty good in terms of design and overall product experience.

Overall, the design of OpenRock S is pretty impressive and it is more seamless and easy to go. The white color complements the whole design and provides that elegant and premium design language.

OpenRock S Review: The Sound & Calling

Here is the most interesting part of OpenRock S. It comes with a 16.2mm driver with enhanced bass output. The perfectly tuned Dynamic Audio Algorithm seamlessly senses the type of music and optimizes the sound accordingly. The low-frequency bass part of any music is the most adored part and OpenRock S now produces much better bass output as compared to OpenRock Pro.

That improved change in the bass output and overall sound is due to the placement of the driver. It is much better now and placed at a certain angle that throws sound in a much better way.


The sound driver has a slight curvy bend with a metal grill over it, resulting in punchy deep bass output and crispy, clear vocals without any distortion even at 100% volume (you don’t need 100% volume to enjoy the music, it is just for testing).

It uses Bluetooth 5.3 that works seamlessly up to 10 meters of range. The earbuds support AAC and SBC audio codec which makes them suitable for both Android & iOS devices. The pairing is seamless. You just need to remove the earbuds from the case and when you see the blinking LEDs, simply turn on the Bluetooth device and connect them. Once connected, you will get a voice message confirming the connection.

Since it is an open-ear design that means there is no scope for noise cancelation. If you are looking for noise cancelation earbuds, you should see the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 review, an affordable ANC earbuds.

Talking about calling, it is pretty impressive. It comes with 4 Noise Canceling microphones, delivering a noise-free calling experience. The voice is clear and crispy. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.3 for a stable, reliable connection. Double tap on earbuds will answer the call and tap & hold will reject the incoming call.

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OpenRock S Review: Battery & Charging

The earbuds perform brilliantly in terms of battery life. In my usage, I got a battery backup of around ~18 hours (earbuds alone) and with the case, it extends up to ~60 hours. My volume levels stay at 60%-70% while listening to music and take about 15-20 calls a day. It is a brilliant battery backup that will take care of your music playback and calls for an extended period of time.

The LED light on the earbuds notifies with a Red blinking light when the earbuds are running out of battery. You can also see the remaining battery of the earbuds on your phone. The case itself has a huge LED indicator that shows the remaining battery backup of the case.

Simply put the earbuds in the case and close the lid, it will start charging the earbuds. OpenRock S also supports quick charging where you get ~1 hour of playback with mere 5 minutes of charging. For charging the case, there is a USB Type-C port. The cable in the box is quite short but you can use any USB Type-C cable to charge the case.

In my experience, the battery performance is pretty impressive. I charge the case after 3 days and it gets the job done. The battery backup also depends on the volume levels, and how many calls you are attending.

OpenRock S Review: Final Words

Overall, OpenRock S is a powerful, elegant-looking open-ear earbud that delivers a brilliant sound output without any discomfort. The touch controls are pretty smooth and the good thing is, it is not that sensitive and don’t trigger the by accidental touch. The sound is really impressive for such an open design. Whether it is bass levels or the mid and high sections of music, the sound remains dense, deep, crisp and sharp.

The case is bulky but if you are going to carry it in a backpack, you are just good to go. If you are someone who is looking for open ear design earbud for outdoors, this is an ideal choice to go with. Open Ear designs don’t attract everyone but if you are looking for one now, go for it.

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