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25 Google Assistant Tricks You Must Try For All New Experience

by Jayant

Google Assistant is the virtual personal Assistant of Google just like SIRI, Alexa, Cortana and it is far better than any other Personal Assistant. Period. Google Assistant Tricks will bring the best Google Experience on your Android smartphone and you can do a lot of things in your day to day life with ease.

Initially, Google Assistant was available only for Pixel devices but now Google Assistant is available on almost every Android Smartphone running on Android 6.0 Marshmellow or above. If you don’t have Google Assistant in your phone, Get the Google Assistant now.

If you have smart home automation devices, then Google Assistant can become your Jarvis as Tony Stark has. The Google Assistant has a lot to perform and many of us are not even using it because no one is talking about it.


Best Google Assistant Tricks

Here are 25 best Google Assistant Tricks that will give you an amazing experience in Google Assistant experience. Let’s begin:

1. I’m Feeling Lucky

Google Assistant tricks commands

If you are using Google, you must be familiar with the term “I’m Feeling Lucky”. In Google Search, it appears when Google Suggests you the same keywords that you are searching. This “I’m feeling lucky” thing is a Costly affair for Google as it removes all the ads which are a big loss to Google. But let’s don’t talk about that. It is not possible to give you the experience of Google Assistant through words and I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Open Google Assistant and Say “I’m Feeling Lucky”. Enjoy

2. How’s My Day

Google Assistant tricks commands

I am pretty sure you have watched Iron Man movie. If not, God will not forgive you. Go watch it. Tony Stark gets a daily briefing from Jarvis about the Wheather, News, Appointments, Meetings, To-do-list and what not. Well, you don’t have Jarvis, but you do have Google Assistant with you. Open Google Assistant and say “How’s My Day”. Google will give you everything about Wheather updates, Calendar Notes, Reminders and more.

3. Real-Time Translation

Google Assistant tricks commands

The World is getting smaller each day. Internet, transportation, Technology etc are creating an easy way to connect with people around the globe. Google Assistant is creating a bridge and helping us to remove the language barrier. You can translate any word, phrase from any language to any language. So, now it is easy to interact with anyone in any country.

4. Sing a Song

Google Assistant tricks commands

Bored? Well, Google Assistant can sing a song for you. But believe me, that would be the worst song you ever listened to.

5. Post on Facebook

Google Assistant becomes even more powerful when it gets connected with IFTTT. IFTTT is a platform where you can create your own Applet to control different functions. For example, when you create an Applet of Posting on Facebook using Voice, you can able to post on Facebook by saying it to Google Assistant.

Google Assistant tricks commands

All you need is to say, “Tell My Friends I can Post on FB using my Voice” the post “I can Post on FB using my Voice” would be posted to Facebook. Similarly, you can use it to tweet. There are a lot of other Applets. Check them out here.

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6. Remind Me

If you are the one who lost things because you forget where you placed it, then Google Assistant is here for you. Suppose, you have important documents that you need someday in future but you wanted to keep it safe. Just say it Remind Me before saying your message. Google Assistant will remind things for you.

7. Play Music

Google Assistant can become your artificial DJ. Just say “Hey Google, Play Music” and there you have the music playing on your phone. Moreover, you can also say “Play Hardwell” to be particular. Not only this, you can also Play Music on Spotify. Just Say “Play Linkin Park on Spotify” and there you have it on Spotify.

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8. Become Anything for Google

By default, Google calls you by the name you have on Google Account but if you want, Google can call you Bruce Wayne or Superman (if you want). Just say, “Hey Google, call me Superman“. Google Assistant will ask for your confirmation, say yes and Now you are Superman for Google Assistant.

9. Toss a Coin

Google Assistant tricks commands

There are a lot of decisions between friends which are taken on the basis of Heads or Tails but not every place if good enough to toss a coin. Well, Google Assistant has the solution for you. Say “Hey Google, Toss a Coin” to Google Assistant and take a final decision.

10. Recite a Poem

Google Assistant tricks commands

Google Assistant has a great collection of Poetry. Just say “Hey Google, Recite a Poem” and enjoy the finest poetry by finest poets.

11. Get Latest News on the GO

Google Assistant tricks commands

If you want to get updated with the latest news on the go, Google Assistant is there for you. Just say, “Hey Google Play news” and it will automatically play the latest news from big news networks like BBC, CNN, CBS and much more. You can customize the news networks by Channel and category by going to Settings. Do Not Miss this.

12. It’s My Birthday

If you want the best birthday song that too from an Artificial Intelligent Assistant, Google Assistant is the one. Just try and say “Hey Google, It’s My Birthday“, you will hear the best birthday song for you. Sometimes, it shows photos of Cake written as “Happy Birthday Your Name” You can also use this to wish someone else.

13. Control Your Home

Google Assistant tricks commands

This is not for everyone but if you have Philips Hue LED Bubs, Logitech Harmony Hub, LIFX Smart LED Bulbs, Samsung TurboBot, or other smart home gadgets, You can use Google Assistant to another level. You can give commands to Google Assistant like, Turn Off TV OR Change the light color to sunset mood and much more. You can also give commands like Clean my home to turn if you have the Samsung Robotic Vaccum Cleaner. You have to set the Google Assistant with IFTTT Applets to control the Smart Home Tech Toys.

14. Tell Me a Joke

Google Assistant tricks commands

Get ready for the really lame jokes by Google Assistant. They are not funny at all but you can try it once by saying “Hey Google, Tell me a Joke” to Google Assistant.

15. Roll a Dice

Google Assistant tricks commands

Though this is not that useful but it is not that bad. Ask Google Assistant to Roll a Dice and see what you get.

16. Make a Call

Now, this is a real Assistant’s work. Ask Google Assistant to make a call and your assistant would make a call. Moreover, you can also open any app by saying Open “App name”. 

17. Choose Random Number

Google Assistant tricks commands

Whenever you need, Google Assistant can choose a Random number for you. All you need is to say “Choose a Number” and you would listen to some random casino sounds and then you would get your number.

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18. Take a selfie

Google Assistant can also be your photographer at times. All you need is to say “OK Google” or activate Google Assistant and say “Take a Selfie”. It will automatically open the front-facing camera with a countdown from 3 2 1. Be ready with a big smile. Google is all set to capture your selfie.

19. Object-based Photos Search

Google Photos is an amazing service by Google to store photos on the cloud without losing the picture quality. If you are not using Google Photos, try it once. It is absolutely free. By using Google Photos, Google Assistant can also help you in finding old photos with your cat or a dog. Just say “Ok Google” followed by “Show my photos with dog” or “Show my pictures with Cat” car or anything. It would show all your photos that are stored on Google Photos.

20. Get your Travel Companion

Google Assistant can also become your guide while traveling. You can ask Google Assistant about “Flights to Los Angeles from New Delhi” or “Hotels around me”, Where can I river raft in India”. Just say “OK Google” followed by your Command.

21. Identify the Song


Google Assistant now supports Song identification. If there is any cool music groove around and you wanted to know about the song, Google Assistant will help you in identifying the song. To do that, simply say “Ok Google, Which song is that” Google Assistant doesn’t need the predetermined words to do the job. You can say, What’s that song, Identify the song, Which song is that and more. Google Assistant made for Humans, not for Machines. You can use Google Assistant the way you wanted.

22. Conversions


Google Assistant is also good enough to convert currencies, Lenght, Area, Temperature, Speed, Time, Mass, Volume from one unit to another. Like if you wanted to convert your weight from Kg to Pound, just say “Ok Google, convert 80 Kg into Pounds“. Or try saying, “Ok Google, Convert 100 Euros into INR“.

23. Routines & Automation

That is a really cool Google Assistant trick you can use. You can set up a list of tasks that will trigger your voice. On saying, “Hey Google, Good Morning”, Google Assistant will tell you the Weather Forecast for the day, Switch your Phone from Silent to Ringer, speaks up the To-do-list, Play the Soft Morning Music and whatnot. That will happen just on saying “Good Morning”


This is not preset voice commands. You can setup your own Routines which includes a list of tasks you wanted to happen on saying the words. To setup the Routine, open the Google Assistant and tap on Explore button and then 3 dots. Go to Settings > Routines. Add Actions and save it. Google Assistant is all set to do the actions.

24. Talk to…

That is not a productive Google Assistant trick but it is definitely a fun thing to do with Assistant. Here you can talk about different things including Meditation, Body Facts, Ghosts, Calling to Dominos or Pizza Hut, Talk about any famous personality, Lord’s Prayer, Knowledge Gain, Black Holes, Music Quotes and much more.


There is a different channel for each Talk. You will not get the result from any website or Wikipedia but you get from a dedicated service for each talk.

25. Reminders Based on Locations

This is another thing for adoring Google Assistant. There are times when we think about doing something when we will be at that location and eventually, we forgot doing that. But, Google Assistant can do the thing for you.

You can set a reminder on Google Assistant based on the location. You can do some really important things using Google Assistant. For eg, if you are on medication and you forgot to take and came to the office, you can say “Hey Google, remind me to take medicine when I came back Home“. Or, “Hey Google, Remind me to pay bills when I am in the office”.


That way, when you reach the location, Google Assistant will trigger the action and tell you to do the action. Nice, isn’t it?

Cool Google Assistant Tricks For All New Experience

So, these are some of the useful and cool Google Assistant tricks you can use to experience Google Assistant like never before. Google Assistant can become your personal favorite assistant with these cool Google Assistant tricks. It is always ready for you whenever you need it and good thing is, You don’t need to pay the salary for its service ;). If you are upgrading your home to smart home and wanted to install smart tv, refrigerator, doors, locks, switches, just make sure you also consider your safety and privacy. Here is how to secure your smart home. If you know any new Google Assistant tricks, let me know in the comment section. Do share it with your friends to update their Google Assistant.

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