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Firestick Remote Not Working? Is there any Firestick Remote Replacement?

Amazon Firestick made entertainment really easy. The Firestick apps like Netflix, Hotstar, HBO, Hulu, Youtube (not really an app but still) made the firestick a balance device with a great entertainment package. Things got even better after Alexa integration with Firestick Remote. With Firestick, Dumb tv sets are now Smart TV.

The interaction with FireOS using Firestick Remote is really convenient and it is super easy to access any part of the screen using Bluetooth enabled Firestick Remote but what if you lost Firestick Remote? Or What if firestick Remote not working anymore?

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Is there any Fire stick Remote replacement available? Do we have any free Firestick Remote replacement available?

Relax, you will get all your answers here. We have different cases here. You can see all of them as per your situation.

Firestick Remote Not Working

This is the first case scenario where you do have Firestick Remote in your hand but it is not working anymore. Firestick Remote works on batteries and maybe batteries don’t have enough juice to power up the Firestick Remote.

So first try by changing the Firestick Remote Batteries. Don’t add the Another AAA Remote’s batteries. Get the new pair of AAA Batteries and place it properly in the right way. By now, maybe it starts to work again.


Is it still not working? Well, maybe it is unpaired.

To pair it again, turn on the Firestick on your TV and Press & Hold the ‘Home’ button on the remote. You will see a small box at the right bottom corner of the screen saying ‘Remote Has been Paired’ kinda thing. If you didn’t see anything, Press & Hold it again for at least 10-15 seconds. 

This thing would work if your Remote’s Hardware is absolutely fine. If you have spillover some tea, coffee or anything that is supposed to be in your belly over your Firestick remote or and you have the slightest doubt about that, you are right. Maybe, its hardware is damaged and it would not work again. If firestick remote is broken or if there is any hardware problem, your firestick remote would not work in any case.

Amazon Fire TV Remote Replacement

Now you know that you have ruined the Firestick Remote hardware and it is just a useless piece of plastic. Now you are wondering if is there any Firestick Remote Replacement Available in the market? Or should you buy a new Firestick Device?

Well yes, there is a Firestick Remote Replacement available in the market and you don’t need to buy a whole new set Firestick Device for that purpose. You can easily buy a new Firestick remote from Amazon.

Once you have the new Firestick Remote, you can easily pair it by the same method as stated above like Press & Hold the Home Button for 10-15 seconds while firestick is turned on.

What? Are you looking for free Firestick Remote Replacement? Okay, we have a free Firestick Remote Replacement but actually, it is not a physical remote for FireTV.

Firestick Remote App – Free Firestick Remote Replacement

So here we have a free Firestick Remote app which works great with Firestick and most importantly, it is absolutely free. You can download the Firestick Remote app from Play Store as well as from the App Store. Amazon Firestick Remote App is free for both Android & iOS. Using the Fire TV remote app, you can control Firestick without a remote

Setting up the Remote App with Firestick is super easy. Here is how to Pair Fire TV Remote app with Firestick.

Go to Play Store or App Store and download the app for the respective device.

Now open the app and Sign In with your Amazon Account.how-to-use-firestick-remote-app

Once you Signed in with your Amazon Account, it will search for the available Firestick device. Make sure your device is Connected and Turned on.

If your device is turned on, you will see your Firestick Name on the smartphone and it will show you the Remote User Interface.


Firestick Remote app now ready to use.

The Good thing about Firestick Remote App is its accessibility. Moving the cursor from the remote app is so convenient than clicking the remote button. Moreover, writing text on the Amazon Fire Stick while searching or entering the login credentials of any app, is so easy with the Firestick Remote app. You can enter the text right from your Smartphone keyboard and it is super convenient.

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Using the Firestick Remote app, you can also open the app right from the Remote app. Tap on the ‘+’ icon on the top and tap on the desired app.


Moreover, you can also Trigger Alexa Voice Search right from the Firestick Remote App. Simply tap and Slide Down the Mic icon and say your Keywords. Isn’t it great?


You can also trigger the Firestick Settings from the Remote App itself. Tap on Settings on the Remote app and tap on the desired function.

Amazon Firestick, FireTV users in the US can also control Amazon Fire TV Recast with this same app. You will see the Recorded Shows from the Air and you can also play them right from this Remote app.

Firestick Remote Replacement – A new Fire Stick Remote or Remote App?

If you have lost Firestick Remote or you just have broken down the Firestick Remote and looking to Replace it, you have 2 great options having their own advantages and disadvantages.

You can easily buy a Firestick Remote from Amazon at $30 but if you are okay with the Smartphone Interface, you can save your $30 for later. Using the Remote app, you don’t need AAA Batteries on the Remote App, moreover, it is silent. No more ‘click click’ noise of Physical Remote Button of Firestick. Apart from all these reasons, entering the text from the Smartphone Keyboard seems more convenient to me.

Having a physical remote for firestick is also not a problem. Firestick Remote provides you classic TV interface. It looks good with the whole TV setup. Moreover, if you are not home and someone at home wanted to watch Netflix on firestick, well, they would not be happy to know that they cannot access the Firestick without your smartphone. Although you can easily setup the Remote app on another smartphone just in case, if they are not comfortable with the Firestick Remote app.

So, it all depends on you. If you are the only user of Firestick and you are comfortable with Firestick Remote App then it is fine to have Firestick Remote app only but for family use, A brand new Physical Firestick Remote is always recommended. Your dad will like that way only.

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  1. I’m tired of going through high powered lithium batteries…firestick is ridiculous. I have no and HATE smartphones. I’m 70. I have wifi, laptop and a smart tv, all connected. Firestick is activated through all this when I go to HDMI on my tv remote. It’s amazing that millions of smartphone haters like me with just regular cell phones have been cut out of so much by the marketplace.