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Best Free MMORPG for PC in 2022 – Free MMO to Play Online

by Jayant

One of the most popular video game genres has and will always be the mighty MMOs. For those who’re unaware, MMO games mean Massively Multiplayer Online games. The fact that you can play games with thousands or sometimes millions of players makes this genre the most popular one filled with excitement and companionship. The MMO games speak to a certain set of people who likes to explore a vast living world spending hundreds of hours creating cool characters.

When it comes to MMORPG games for pc (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), there are tons of games that are flooded with a large base of players. Although the MMORPG market has not seen any massive incoming of new titles, there are still many that you might want to play around with. If you’re looking for some new free MMORPG games for PC, then here is the list of Best Free MMORPG for PC in 2022. Let’s begin with the list in no particular order.

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Best Free MMORPG for PC in 2022

Below mentioned are some of the best free MMORPG games for PC in 2022:

1. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic


Thinking of Free MMORPG, there is one particular title that has always been the most favorite one since the moment it was launched back in 2004. Yes! we’re talking about World of Warcraft or WoW. It’s been 15 years and the developers of the game are still offering new updates from time to time in order to make the game relevant. With so much bigger fan base and funding support, World of Warcraft is still going strong even though it is 15 years old.

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Why World of Warcraft still manages to be at the top of the league? Well, for starters, there are literally tons of things to do in the game. For instance, the entire world feels amazingly alive with unique and brilliantly designed dungeons. Small elements like match-three puzzle games, Plant vs Zombie mini-game, and expansion packs give users a delightful gaming experience.

Every now and then, the developer launches new expansion packs offering WoW players much more things to look forward to each time. Sadly, to explore each and every part of the WoW universe, there are certain level requirements that the player has to meet.

Of course, WoW is not completely free like other titles which we will be talking about further in the article. There are still various elements for which you’ll have to pay. In short, no massively multiplayer open-world game can complete without mentioning World of Warcraft.

Play World of Warcraft

2. Guild Wars 2


If you’re looking for a Free to play MMORPG title which is actually worth playing, then let me introduce Guild Wars 2. Now, Guild Wars 2 is free to play technically but in order to enjoy end-game content and some features, you need to purchase expansion packs.

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That said, you will still be able to enjoy the free version of the game which still has much more to offer. Guild Wars 2 uses unique ideas which makes it different from various other MMO titles. The game makes use of level-scaling meaning you can go back to lower-level areas without feeling overpowered. Going back to older areas will still be a fun and challenging experience for you thanks to the level-scaling feature.

You will love the beautiful landscapes which are found almost all the time throughout the game. Another interesting thing about this free MMORPG game is the addition of consequences. Every action which you will take in the game will have its consequences which you will experience in meaningful ways. The addition of dynamic events that keep on happening at various locations gives another sense of excitement to the players.

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Even though the game is 5 years old, it still looks brilliant and the gameplay is, no doubt, the best one. The entire game feels like an adventure worth having.

Play Guild Wars 2

3. Lord of the Rings Online


Lord of the Rings Online is yet another MMORPG game that you might have heard a lot about. Unlike others, the game targets high fantasy fans and has been the highest-rated title on the Steam platform. There are tons of super unique element which makes the entire gameplay fun and interesting experience. One such addition is the emphasis on music and musical instruments. In the game, players can even learn to play various musical instruments such as keyboards and can broadcast the same to nearby players. Most of the time, players also organize in-game concerts which is something fun, to be honest.

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Instead of health or hit points, the game makes use of morale points which is something different and unique. You can boost morale points by learning music, eating foods, taking rests and participating in special battle cries. Surprisingly, you can also do deep cooking and farming which also adds up to those unique elements scattered all over the game. Apart from this feature, the developers of the game have also been adding new expansion packs in order to offer new gameplay.

So far, LORO has five expansion packs in its roster each adding more world to explore. Another impressive thing about this game is the ability to customize your household meaning you can buy furniture and decorations from the marketplace.


4. Star Wars: The Old Republic


If you’re a Star Wars, then you might have already been waiting for this game since the moment the first teaser was released. With Star Wars, BioWare has added yet another successful title to its roster. The major portion of the game focuses on narrative with various voiced cut-scenes and plots within the plot. The puzzle-like combat mechanism that this game uses sets it apart from the rest of MMOs games. With this mechanism, the gameplay seems similar to the actual Star Wars universe as portrayed in the movies.

Light Saber is something that every Star Wars fan has dreamed of. With this game, you can actually use it and play as a noble Jedi. You can fight with the alien races with the lightsaber which is really satisfying. Even when it comes to the graphics, the game manages to offer an immersive experience with fantastic environment surroundings. The developers of the game are offering steady steam updates adding new stories, weapons, pets and much more.

All of that combined, Star Wars The Old Republic can easily be one of the best MMORPG game of 2022. It is a must-try-free MMO for someone who’s into combat and Star Wars.


5. Eve Online


Being a person myself who likes space exploration gaming titles, How can I not talk about the latest Eve Online game. When it comes to space exploration, Eve Online is the only MMORPG title that has literally nailed it. Even though there are limited elements but the developers have nurtured them with exceptional perfection giving players the real deal. I personally liked the fact that they listen to the community in order to provide them with the experience they are desperately looking for.

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In terms of customization, the game offers four different races which you can use to design your characters. Since it is a space exploration we’re talking about here, the graphics on this game is brilliant with the surroundings looking fantastic. The game is originally set in the futuristic age in space of course. As expected, there are tons of things to explore, and to get the real action, you’ll have to keep the patience and I mean a lot of patience. This is one of those MMORPG gaming titles that require you to spend a lot of time in order to see the real experience.

Play Eve Online

Best Free MMORPG to Play on PC in 2022

So now you have a brief but good list of free MMORPG for pc. World of Warcraft has in-game purchases but the basic gameplay is absolutely free. Eve Online is one of the MMORPG for PC that I am playing for a couple of weeks and it is just so good. There are a lot of other free MMO available for pc but above mentioned are some of the best MMO to play for free. Which one is your favorite MMORPG for PC? Let’s discuss this in the comment section below.

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