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How to Protect An Android Smartphone from Malware & Spyware

by Jayant
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From the day when Android Smartphones came into the market, it always impressed its users. Its flexible user interface and wide ecosystem are few reasons to admire Android Smartphones than any other fruit phone.

Because there are a large number of Android users, it becomes an easy task to target and to take advantage of that big number of users. In the past, Android phone has suffered a lot from Malware Attacks. Most recently, there was a Spyware called “Pegasus” developed by an Israel-based cyber-intelligence company called NSO affecting the most popular messaging app Whatsapp. This spyware is affecting the Whatsapp user account and business accounts. This spyware breaches all the security of your android smartphone. The results are, somewhere in total unknown location can track your calls, SMS and also capable of accessing the smartphone’s camera and microphone.

The crux of telling you all that, the Internet has a lot of potentials but simultaneously it also comprises dangerous attackers who are waiting for your overlooked move. And, it is your duty to use the internet with utmost safety. Your one wrong click on the internet can ruin your Virtual and Real life.

Obviously, we don’t want to become prey to these attackers and wants to safeguard ourselves as well as our near dears from the malware & Spyware attacks. Here are some of the ways that will definitely help you in protecting your Android Smartphones from Malware and Malicious attacks.

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How to Protect your Android from Spyware & Malware

1. Install Apps from Trusted Source

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Apps really help in making our lives a lot better. App Developers keep on banging their heads to get that one idea that can make your daily task a lot easier. From digging an idea to the final testing, it takes a lot of effort. So, if you wanted to install a Pro version of any app, it is suggested to buy the Pro version of the app from the Google Play Store only. If you are getting an apk file of Pro app for free, always take it as a warning because that Free apk file may contain a malicious code that keeps on tracking your personal details including your Passwords, OTPs, Contacts, Email Address and what not.

If due to any reason, the app is not available in your country’s play store, you can download the app outside the Play Store but make sure that the source from where you are getting the apk is a trusted source like apkmirror, Github etc. Never download any apk from the website having irrelevant and disturbing ads and which seems ambiguous to you.

2. Use a VPN while accessing Public Network

The internet is no more a luxury, it’s a basic human. Considering it, public places like Cafes, Restaurants, Metro stations, shopping malls, Movie theatres, saloons, public libraries, etc. provides free Wifi service which is a good thing to have. But, not everyone in the Starbucks is watching funny panda videos on youtube.

While using a public network, you have to be extra conscious about your internet connection as many devices are connected to the same IP address and anyone who possesses the slightest knowledge about internet connections can hack your device without your knowledge. In that case, you should always use a VPN service that will protect your internet connection for you. You can use IPVanish, PureVPN, HideMyAss which are very popular and reliable VPN services.

Check here for Free VPN but Free VPN services provide you limited features but they will definitely protect your internet connection.

3. Install Security Patches and keep the Android Updated

A dedicated team of Android developers keeps on working on the security patches that helps in protecting the Android Phones from any kind of malicious attack. That security patch is provided to OEM or the manufacturer of your phone then that manufacturer rolls out the updates to you.


From time to time, OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer provides security updates to your Android version and it is your duty to update the Android software when available.

To check if an update is available or not, Go to Settings> About Phone > System Update> Check For Update. If an update is available, make sure you update that. These Security updates make sure that there are no loopholes that can be used by attackers to infect the device. So, it is always a good habit to update your phone when available.

4. Pay Attention While Surfing the Internet

If you are the one who surfs the internet on your Android Phone, this is for you. Once in your life, you must have faced the popups. Popup is a small window that came on the screen when you clicked on a link. You will find these popups on the websites that offer free songs, videos, images, etc. Sometimes, when you clicked on a Download Link, a popup appears that would either take you to another website or will automatically start downloading the app.

That app can be anything, from a web browser to an adult photographs gallery. Those apps may contain malicious codes that are good enough to infect your Android smartphone and to track your personal details.

So, always pay attention when browsing the internet on your Android Smartphone. Try not to visit such websites that unethically provide you free songs, movies, videos, photos etc. But if you are on such websites, make sure no such pop-ups. If there are such popups, close the window immediately.

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5. Beware When Using Public Network

Public Data means any internet connection which is open to the public. Public Data is actually a great thing as you don’t need to spend Mobile Data and you can get access to the internet when you are not home. But, always remember, you are not alone who is connected to the public network. There can be hundreds of people who are using Public Data at the same time. Not everyone in the crowd watching funny Cat videos on Youtube. It is very easy to get access to the device which is connected to the same network. If you are in Starbucks and doing some bank transactions, maybe you need to lodge a complaint to the cyber cell. So, do not access any sensitive data while on the public network.

6. Get Anti-Virus Protection For Android

There are a lot of Good Antivirus apps for Android that you can use to protect your Android phone from Malware. You can download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, 360 SecurityAvast, McAfeeAVG which will definitely help you in removing the virus from Android (If already had) and to protect the Android. These apps also protect you while Installing any new app from unknown source. Such apps provide you real-time protection, scans the phone for Malware, Clean Junk Files, Anti Theft Protection, Scans the websites you are visiting, Scans Wifi network you are connecting to and lot more. Most of them are free Antivirus for Android with some in-app purchases.

virus removal from android

If you cannot maintain the device by your own, it is always suggested to download any good Anti-Virus protection app on your Android Smartphone.

7. Stay Away From Ambiguous Links

It mostly happens in your Whatsapp groups. There are some people who created a website just to make fool out of you. Links like Register here for Free Laptop from Government, download the latest version of WhatsApp, Get free 4G Data etc. There are chances that you click on that link and a Whatsapp looking app get installed on your phone but with a lot of deceptive advertisements and annoying popups. So, always stay away from fraudulent and ambiguous links if you want to protect you and your Android from such malware.

8. Do Not Install Pirated Apps or Files

So you play a game and you love it then you realized for playing further levels of the game, you have to buy the game. So, instead of going to Play Store you went to a site where you can get premium apps for free. Not only apps but pdfs, Audios, Videos, patched apps and whatnot. So, you went there and download the pirated app and installed it on your phone but wait, Was that a Trusted Source? Definitely Not.

It is so easy to add malicious code in the source code of apk which can infect your device and that can leads to many problems. So, if you don’t want to buy, Stop using that but don’t rush for pirated apps.

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9. Tune your Settings and Permissions

Android comes with a built-in feature that restraints to install an app from the source which is not trusted. If you wanted to install the app from Unknown Source, you have to disable to continue. So, make sure that option remains switched off so that you get a notification that App is from Unknown Source. To check the option, Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Source. Just Switch it off.

virus removal from android

Another thing is App Permissions. With Android 9.0 Oreo, Google asks for permission to access the Hardware & Software of the phone like Camera, Mic, Sensors, Storage, Phone, SMS, etc before installing the app. You have to allow to access to the Hardware before installing and using the app. Some apps need to access your phone’s hardware but some apps ask for permission without any need. So, look for the permissions. It is totally irrelevant for a Ludo Game to get access permission for the Camera and Mic.

virus removal from android

You can check for the permissions by going to Settings > Apps > Gear Icon > App Permissions. Look for the apps accessing the different hardware of the phone. If you find something irrelevant considering the nature of the app, just turn it off.

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10. Use God’s Gift to Humans

Apart from all the above methods explained to protect your Android from Malware & Spyware, there is one thing without that your all the efforts will go in vain. And that is to use your Brain.

Always use common sense while surfing the internet on your phone. You may encounter with the ads that are device and location-targeted. If you have Samsung Galaxy then you may find ads like Your Samsung Galaxy S10 getting Slow, Click here to Boost. And some users clicked on that then it all starts. One App will install that will start popping up the annoying ads, then one more app, which ultimately ruins your phone. It only ruins the phone but will also start tracking your activities. So, never become the prey of such kinds of ads and use your brain while on the Internet.

Protect Android from Malware & Spyware: Final Words

So these are some of the basic ways that can help you in protecting Android phone from Malware and Spyware. The Internet is vast and beyond the imagination of you and me.

To save your virtual identity and data, it is necessary to have some basic knowledge of Internet security. Android phones are the easiest way for anyone to get access to the Internet and people use the internet like crazy and Android is vulnerable.

Through Android Smartphones, companies like Google, Facebook always tracks you and try to know your preferences, likes, dislikes, behavior, websites you visit, content you read or watch and then tailored the advertisements according to your taste and preferences. That way, you are never safe and there is nothing like Privacy these days. But it is always better to safeguard your data and privacy from attackers.

I would also like to share a video with you. Watch and Know How You are already get Hacked. (It Is True, You are already been Hacked)

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