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How to Generate a QR Code for Website, Wi-Fi, Calling, Location & More

by Jayant
create free QR code for website location wifi

QR Code stands for Quick Responsive Code and indeed they are super responsive. QR Code was invented in 1994 and the main purpose for QR Code was to track the vehicles during manufacturing. If you are interested to know the history of QR Codes, you can dive into it here.

From last 3-4 years, QR code is getting too much popularity. They are being used for different purposes and you can find QR Codes everywhere. You can find a QR code on a books, products packaging, in banks and many other places.

free QR code generator

The quick and responsive response of QR code makes it easy to use for a variety of tasks. When PM of India demonetises all the old currency with the new one, we saw a new trend of digital payments in India. Due to digital payments, Indian digital wallet and e-commerce giant Paytm takes the first mover advatange and enjoyed this huge opportunity by launching QR Code for paying and receiving money.

Just by scanning the QR code of the vendor, the certain amount of money get deducted from customers Paytm wallet and added to the vendors Paytm wallet. There is a QR Code of Paytm in every shop, Gas Station, Malls, and even the street food hawkers are using Paytm QR Codes for receiving payments from customers.

free QR Code generator

But do you know, you can create QR Code for almost anything? You can create a QR code for a bunch of daily tasks we do in our homes, offices, public places etc. Go on and experience the power of QR Code

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Generate QR Code to Connect Wi-Fi

The Internet is no doubt lifeline of a modern man. We need it every time, everywhere. Maybe you run a restaurant, a cafe, a store or an office or in worst case scenario in Home doing work on the internet explaining people about QR Codes, you must meet with people or friends who asked for the Wi-Fi password and after a certain period of time it becomes really annoying to repeat the same shit again and again.

Why don’t you use QR Code for the internet? Whenever someone asked for the Wi-Fi password, show them the QR Code or just paste that QR code on a wall. People just need to scan that QR code and boom, Wi-Fi Connected. No need to tell them the password and SSID.

All you need to do is go here. Fill up the details and Generate QR Code. You can download and print that QR Code if you want to paste it on a wall.

The only thing which is not good about it is, it doesn’t support iPhone. Only Android phones can be connected by scanning QR Code.

Generate QR Code for Website

If you own a website, QR Codes would be helpful for you. You can create a QR Code for your website. Whenever someone will scan that QR Code, he/she will be brought to your website. You can place the QR code on your visiting card, in your workplace or anywhere you find it suitable.

Go here and just add your website URL, then generate QR Code.

create free QR code for website

Generate QR Code for Location

Another useful QR Code you can generate to share location. If you have chain branches on different location or if you are a guide for travelers, you can use the QR Code to share the location of different places. You can share the location by name also but that can be confusing. QR Code will share the precise location just by scanning.

Go here and enter the longitude and latitude coordinates into it and generate QR Code.

Generate QR Code for VCard

This is one of my favorite QR Code. You can share your visiting card using QR Code. Just go here, add your Name, Contact Number, Website, Company Name, Company address and click on generate QR Code.

qr code for visiting cards the tech toys

You can share this QR Code with your clients and whenever they will scan that QR Code, they would get every single detail they wanted to know about you and your business. No more physical VCards.

Generate QR Code to Call, Text & to Save Contact

Here is another great use of QR Code. You can scan a QR Code to Call, Send SMS or just to save a number in your contact. All you need to go here and add a number for which you wanted a QR Code and generate a QR Code.

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Generate QR Code for Twitter Follow Me

Twitter is a big social media platform and for internet marketers, this is a great place to promote their brand. You can also promote your brand and build your own twitter fan base. Following on Twitter is quite a task. We lost our followers because they don’t want to go through from those extra steps to follow us.

Give them a QR Code which would help you and your fans to follow you. Go here and add your twitter username and interacting with your audience.

Check the Follow Me QR Code. Scan and follow me 🙂

generate QR Code for twitter profile

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Generate QR Code for Facebook Profile

You should own this. Create your FB QR Code and whenever you met with a new person, show them the QR Code and ask to scan it. How cool is that? They would add you as your friend just by scanning a QR Code. Similarly, if you want to build your audience on FB Brand Page, you can promote it using QR Code.

Go here and add FB profile link and just scan to add/like on FB.

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generate QR code for facebook profile

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Generate QR Code for Youtube

You can also generate a QR Code for your YouTube videos. If you wanted to show a demo of your company, demo of your product, simply add a QR Code and ask your clients to scan it to watch demo.

Just go here and add your video link with a message.

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generate QR Code for youtube videos

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So these are some very useful and basic tasks we do on daily basis and QR Codes are making these tasks even more easy to perform. We are doing these tasks without QR Codes but some extra creativity and wise application of these QR Codes would help you in stand out of crowd. Moreover, the information these QR Codes gives is added by us which is more precise and relevant.

If you own a small business, you should adopt these QR Codes and have better relations with your customers.

Do you have any query or have any suggestion, feel free to ask in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.


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I also wrote an article about it: http://bit.ly/2uqnRg4
And would love to have your point of view.

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