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How To Secure Your Privacy Online

by Jayant

Nowadays, technology, as well as the internet, are exposing pretty much every detail of our lives online, making a privacy huge issue. If this is one of your main concerns and you’re trying your best to find secure ways to protect yourself from having any sensitive information exposed to others, here are a few ways to secure online privacy. 

6 Easy ways Secure Online Privacy

These are some of the basic hacks that every internet user should be aware of. Privacy on the internet is a myth but we can definitely safeguard sensitive information to reach within the wrong hand.

Use a VPN

While some people use a VPN to be able to access links and sights that are restricted to their location, the main reason VPNs were made was to create a secure connection and help keep your online presence private. If you are new to VPN and don’t have any idea, check this out.

Most companies use a VPN to avoid any cyber-attacks and also keep their data and interactions unknown. However, there are many VPNs available and it is important to read a review or two to understand which one is going to be the safest option according to your needs. You’ll be able to see whether they have a Kill Switch or whether the VPN you’re looking into has IP leaks and make a proper decision on what the best option is for you. In all cases, VPN is one of the best options to guarantee your online protection. 

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Use an Antivirus 

When browsing, downloading, and even clicking on any links online, there’s a huge possibility that you’ll end up with a virus by mistake. In order to prevent that from happening, or at least lower the damages once it does, you should install a pretty good antivirus to keep you safe from any attacks you might face. This will help protect your data, reduce security breaches, and protect your hardware from fatal damage. So, before you use the world wide web, make sure your computer is protected at all times. 

Avoid Storing Your Personal Information on Websites 

Storing your personal data and credit card information usually seems like a pretty good idea to save time, especially for websites you tend to use on a regular basis. However, you don’t know what kind of security they have or when a security breach could happen. Over the years we’ve constantly heard breaking news of security breaches in the biggest companies and that our personal information has been compromised. So, why put yourself at risk just so you don’t resort to entering your information every time you need to make a purchase? It will take an extra couple of minutes, yes, but isn’t it better to be safe rather than sorry? 

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Turn off the GPS 

The less information you provide online, the more difficult it is for anyone to collect data about you. So, always remember to turn off your location and avoid checking into places. You should limit the applications’ awareness of your whereabouts.  It’s just a toggle button on your phone, but it really is essential to switch it off. 

Secure your passwords 

There’s a reason why some websites have specific requirements when it comes to passwords and that’s because the more random and difficult they are, the less you are at risk of being hacked. Always use strong passwords with characters and numbers as well as capital letters. And you should avoid using your birth date or pet’s name or even partner’s name or birth date as that’s very easy to crack.

When possible, you should also use a two-step authentication that is a further step in securing your information in addition to using complicated passwords as it requires you to insert a certain code that is sent to a different device, your mobile phone, for instance, to guarantee that it is actually you who are trying to access your own account. 

Review Permissions for Apps 

How many times have you authorized an app and gave it access to so much data just because you were too lazy to read their privacy policies? If you read through them carefully, you’ll realize that so many apps have access to your phone gallery, contacts, and email information as well as a microphone which could be recording everything you say around your devices without you realizing it. Avoid these immense security breaches and ensure your online privacy by choosing carefully what actions to authorize and not allowing any apps to access things you know they shouldn’t have the authority over. 

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Unless you’re very careful and take the time to really ensure you’re protected online, you’ll find that there are constant security breaches that can really put you in harm’s way. So, it’s time to follow the said tips and reduce the amount of risk you put yourself in without even realizing it on a daily basis. Remember, be safe rather than sorry. 

Secure Online Privacy Online: Final Words

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These are some of the hacks you can use to protect your identity online. With the tremendous growth in technology, it is easy for the user to access the information from the internet and evil minds are also fully equipped with sophisticated tools and software to harm you and your data. A layman like you and I don’t have the slightest idea of the cost that we might need to pay for our stupid act.

Don’t visit the websites and don’t click on the ads that seem phony or over-ambitious. Protect your online identity and always use a VPN while accessing public networks.

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