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Why is my Phone Not Charging – Easy Solutions to Fix Charging Issue in 2023

Fix Charging Issue of your Phone

by Jayant

And suddenly, you ask yourself, “why is my phone not charging“? Well, relax and try to debug the issue.

A few days back, I faced the same issue where my Samsung phone was not charging when I plugged in the charger. I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is my favorite phone, and when I connected Samsung’s charger, it starts beeping the alarm and showing me a warning that my phone has moisture and to unplug the charger immediately.


Why is My Phone Not Charging? Here is How to Fix it

Putting a phone on a table, bed, or kitchen counter, is an unconscious act and we barely see where we are putting our phone. But, sometimes, the phone catches water droplet on the table or moisture in the air, or get any internal hardware damage due to which the phone doesn’t charge.

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Luckily, I manage to fix it without going to customer care or a repair shop. If you are facing this phone not charging issue, here are some fixes you should try before going to the repair shop. Whether it is iPhone not charging or a Samsung phone not charging, you will be able to fix any phone with these easy hacks.

Note: Here, we are assuming and trying to debug the charger or moisture problem that is causing the phone not charging issue. If you have dropped your phone in the deep water and it is in bad shape, go to the repair shop already. This is not for you.

1. Try different Power Socket


Sometimes it is not your phone, its the socket that is faulty. Changing the power socket can fix the charging issue. First thing first, connect the charger to a different power socket. Maybe there is some problem with the power socket and it might not be working properly. For the sake of debugging this charging issue, there is no harm in trying different power sockets for charging the phone.

If your phone starts to charge, get the power socket repaired.

2. Restart Your Phone

Not kidding but you can solve 90% of gadgets’ problems just by restarting them. There could be some program in the phone which is not responding or got hanged. Or maybe there is some hardware that is not working properly. Restarting the phone will close all the pending, hanged apps and even cut off the current passing through different hardware in the phone. On Restarting the phone, everything will run from scratch and it will fix a lot of the issues of your phone, including this charging issue.

Simply press and hold the power button and restart your device. After restarting, connect it to the charger and it might start charging again.

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3. Check the Cable & the Charger Brick, Individually

Maybe it is the cable or the charger brick that is causing the charging issue and your phone is not charging. If you are using an old cable and the charger, there are high chance that there are some issues either with the cable or charger.

You need to debug this issue individually.

Connect another phone, which is charging fine, different from the faulty one, with the same old charger and check if that phone is charging or not. If that phone is not charging, replace the cable.


Most of the charger comes with a detachable cable and you can easily find a USB Type-C or Micro USB, whichever you are using, from Amazon or the local market. If you already have a spare cable, try that one with the charger to check if the charging brick is good or not.

If you have found any issues with the charging brick or the cable, replace them with the new one. If the charger and cable are working fine, move on to the next step to fix the phone not charging issue.

4. Clean Dust, Lint Around the Charging Port

If you are someone who doesn’t clean your phone periodically, well now is the time. There could be dust or lint around the phone’s charging port that is causing the problem. Those dust particles when get mixed with clothing lint can coat the USB port and create a hindrance in transferring the current.

Not just your phone, you should also clean your tws earbuds, headphones, laptop, tablet, Keyboard for longevity and tidiness. If you are using white keyboards, you need to take extra care of that.


Coming back to dust in the charging port, When the circuit breaks due to dust, the current will not pass from the charger to the phone and you will ask yourself, Why is my phone not charging?

Note: Don’t exert extra pressure or force on the phone’s hardware. We are not responsible if you damage your phone while cleaning. Play it carefully.

To clean the phone’s charging port, first, you need to turn off your device. You can take cotton buds or a pointed brush and carefully spot the dust, and lint particles around the port. If you have a mini vacuum cleaner for your phone, use that. While cleaning the port, make sure you don’t put extra force because that can damage the hardware itself and it will cost you a lot.


Clean the port with soft hands. Don’t use any kind of force or metal tool while cleaning the charging port. Also, keep your phone off while the cleaning process is going on.

Once it is cleaned, turn on your phone and connect the charger. If the phone not charging when plugged in and still showing you any kind of moisture or water alert, move on to the next fix.

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5. Dry Out Phone & Cable Moisture

If your phone still not charging and showing any sort of moisture or water warning, it is time to dry out all the water content or moisture from the phone. Moisture or water in the charging port is one of the biggest reasons why your phone not charging. If your phone is working fine and you can hear sound from the speaker, there is nothing to worry about. It is just moisture or water droplet in the port that might be causing the issue.

There are a couple of ways to dry out moisture but we are going to use the fastest one. To dry out water from the charging port, get a hair dryer. Turn off your phone and simply blow the air around the charging port of your phone and on the USB port on the charging cable.


Do not blow the hot air continuously for a longer duration. Just hover it around the charging port from a distance. Blow the air for 2-3 minutes for small intervals and all done.

If you don’t have a hair dryer with you, turn off the phone and put it in the Rice container. Yes, you read that right, the Rice container. Rice absorbs all the moisture from the air and makes it dry. If you are using the Rice method, you need to leave the phone overnight in the rice container for at least 12-15 hours which is not possible for many people. So, better use the hair dryer to remove all the moisture or water content from the charging port.

The hair dryer method of draining the moisture worked for me and I fixed my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 charging issue. Once you dried out the charging port, simply connect your phone to the charger and check if it is working.

There is a good chance that your phone will start charging by now. If the phone still not charging, move on to the next fix.

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6. Bypass Charging

If your phone is at a low battery and you just wanted to charge your phone as soon as possible, here is a bypass method to charge the phone. Why it is called bypass charging because we are going to bypass the moisture-detecting sensor so that the phone can get charged for time being.

To temporarily fix the phone not charging issue, you need to turn off the phone.


Now connect the charger to the phone. Just make sure you are using the original charger and don’t use the after-market, Chinese charger. If you are using a Samsung phone, make sure you are using a Samsung charger. If your iPhone not charging and you are using the bypass method to charge, you are required to use the original Apple Charger only.

Once you connected the charger, it will start charging the phone. Because the phone is already turned off, and the sensors are not working, it will start charging the phone right away.


This is not a permanent solution but in case of emergency, at least we can use the phone for a while.

7. Contact Customer Care/Local Repair Shop

If your phone not charging, even after trying all the fixes, there might be some hardware issues. Maybe the charging port needs replacement. We have already debugged the Charger & cable issue at first but to crosscheck, you can check the charger and cable once again.

If the charger is working with other phones, you have drained out the moisture using the hair dryer and replaced the cable & power socket, it is a hardware issue and we cannot do anything at home.

Contact customer care or a reliable, honest local repair shop. They will guide you better regarding the hardware failure and charging issue.

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Phone Not Charging – Alternate Method to charge Phone

We have tried almost everything that a non-technical person can do at home and if your phone still not charging, we have an alternate method to charge the phone. If your phone is already in the warranty period you better go to customer care and they will fix it.

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But if you don’t want to go to customer care because you don’t want to spend on the old phone, use a Wireless charger. Before you get the wireless charger, make sure your phone supports Wireless charging. Most of the latest Samsung phones and iPhones come with wireless charging but just to be sure, check if your phone supports wireless charging or not.

Once you get that, simply setup the wireless charger by connecting the cables and put your phone on the wireless charger and it will start charging your phone.

Phone Not Charging When Plugged-in: The Verdict

This phone not charging issue is a very common issue and if your phone and speaker are working fine, you don’t even need to worry about it. Usually, a hot air blower from the Hair dryer worked just fine for many but sometimes, it is not water or moisture but dust around the charging port.

Most Samsung users are facing this issue and their Samsung phones did not charge when they plugged in the charger. But as a safety hazard, every phone manufacturer gives you a warning if moisture is detected because a wet phone and electricity can lead to big accidents.

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As a healthy habit, you should clean your phone’s ports, speakers, and grills every 2-3 months using alcoholic wipes and brushes. A charger can also be a problem which is creating a hindrance in not charging the phone. If the charger is the issue, replace the charger and cable and it will fix the charging issue but if you can remember the water around your phone charging port (like in my case), dry it out and it will fix the problem.

In the worst-case scenario, there might be a hardware issue and you need to replace the charging port of your phone to fix the phone not charging issue.

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