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iCloth Wipes Review: Makes Gadgets Clean & Germs Free

by Jayant

The last ten months have been hectic. Even more, they have been a learning curve on just how destructive germs can be once they spread. Currently, with the world held hostage by a notorious germ, we are at war!

Of course, whatever happens from now, this year has already earned a solid spot in the history books. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. And luckily, there are a few proven ways we can go about things.

By now, you must know that germs survive on everyday surfaces. Whether it’s someone else’s hands, the doorknob, train or cab seat, ATM, delivery package, your phone, laptop, germs can be anywhere.

Sometimes, it’s the little things we do that count. Washing your hands with soap and putting on your mask while outdoors should be the norm. Also, by avoiding touching everything with bare hands, staying home, and cleaning, we can go a long way to containing the spread of unwanted germs.

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One of the leading promoters of spread during such a pandemic, or any other viral disease, is the lack of proper equipment like cleaning supplies that would be sufficient at killing germs and viruses on contact. At the time of writing, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), has already released recommendations on proper cleaning supplies and why they are vital as a precaution and hygiene standard during the pandemic and beyond.

That being said, today we will be reviewing just one of the most underlooked but essential cleaning items for keeping your personal effects like mobile phones spotless while taking out germs.

But before that, a quick and worrying fact;

According to Science Focus, our everyday electronic devices like mobile phones can retain the coronavirus responsible for COVID19 for up to 28 days. Compared to wood (4 days), metal (5 days), plastics (2-3 days), glass (up to 5 days), this is the longest time the virus can survive on any surface.


This brings us to the next fact; cleaning the gadgets you touch with others, coupled with a consistent hand washing routine, is an absolute must.

With enough information being shared by multiple media outlets about the importance of cleaning our phones to curb the spread of the virus, your only question at this point should be how, not why.

I am here to tell you about how, and more specifically, with what.

For many people, household cleaning supplies are more than enough to clean and kill germs in their living spaces. While this is great, everything changes dramatically when it comes to cleaning electronics, where things could get a little messy. While most of these products are ideal for cleaning sinks, doorknobs, tables, windows and floors, they are the exact opposite when it comes to electronics. In reality, they are too harsh, and in many cases, harmful when used on electronics.

So where does that leave us, you ask? Well, to guarantee the safety of your hard-earned electronics, make sure to only use a specialized cleaner that can keep them grease and germ-free without inflicting damage during cleaning.

Fortunately for us and our devices, such a cleaner exists. Introducing the CDC-approved iCloth Cleaner!

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What is iCloth Cleaner?

The iCloth is a cleaning wipe that has proven to be gentle on electronic surfaces and the ideal cleaner for mobile phones, Macbooks, Laptops and other electronic devices.


While most cleaners on the market can match that portfolio, that is the end of the road for most of them. For iCloth, however, that is only the beginning.

For starters, the iCloth comes highly rated from trusted sources with rave reviews and countless testimonials. And for justifiable reasons.

The good news is, one of those reasons is the most essential during this trying time. Every iCloth wipe cleaner comes with a CDC-recommended alcohol dose of 70% for cleaning items. With its 70% Isopropyl Alcohol being the main ingredient, these wipes offer the perfect cleaning and germ-killing weapon that nullifies even the most persistent virus.

Let’s look at what makes iCloth wipe cleaners special and what they can do for you and your electronic devices.

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Understanding the iCloth Wipe Cleaner

There are two iCloth variations designed for different needs. What separates them is their unique cleaning formula.

The 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaning Wipes is the first of the two. This wipe contains 70% alcohol and 30% purified water, a formulation that is ideal for cleaning electronic surfaces.

The Premium Screen Cleaning Wipes, on the other hand, contain a trio of ingredients that includes isopropyl alcohol, purified water, and proprietary additives. The premium wipes are great at cleaning gentler and more sensitive devices.

The premium wipes can be used to clean eyewear, including specially coated eyewear, optical surfaces and specific electronics.

What Makes iCloth Wipes Better?

The success and popularity of iCloth are down to a few rare attributes. Let’s check them out;

1. Ideal Material

When it comes to cleaning the MacBook screen, the material plays a huge role. You want a material that is soft enough, not too stiff, or too harsh on your screens. Favorably, iCloth wipes are made with powerful but lint-free cloths. You won’t have to worry about harmful static charges with a lint-free material when cleaning or rubbing your electronic surfaces.

Even better, iCloth wipes come with aerospace certifications thanks to their excellent dirt pick-up that looks effortless when in use.

2. Individual Wipe Packaging

This is where iCloth beats the competition. Unlike other wipes on the market, iCloth wipes are not stuffed together. On the contrary, every piece is packed individually. This allows for good moisture retention and acts as a hygiene practice in itself. With the individual packaging, you don’t have to worry about contaminating the rest of the wipes even when sharing. This feature comes in handy for every health-conscious individual when you consider the current state of things.

3. Optimal Moisture Levels

Squeezing wipes just to get enough moisture to wipe your screen is usually pretty annoying. With that in mind, iCloth wipes have gone further to ensure that their wipe cleaners are always adequately pre-moistened. Every piece of iCloth wipe is packed with optimal liquid to clean your electronic surfaces. More importantly, the moisture is just enough to ensure that no grease is left on your mobile phone screen, TV, laptop, tablet or windscreen surfaces.

4. Proven SAFE

With the screen being the most delicate part of any electronic device, its utmost care is paramount. Any screen damage, liquid spill, or breakage of the screen can leave the whole device virtually unusable. Thankfully, iCloth wipes are designed with the safety of your devices in mind. Every wipe is remarkably soft enough for the most delicate of devices. Thus, iCloth cleaners are proven and verified safe for all your most beloved devices.

5. Range of Sizes

When buying iCloth wipes, you have a couple of choices to pick from; large and XL. The larger size, for instance, is commonly used to clean small and medium surfaces. These include iPhone, Android phones, iPads, Macbook, Laptops, TVs.


Instead, the XL size cleaners are more usually utilized for larger screens, including POS machines, windows, glass doors, and more large-screen surfaces you might like.

Furthermore, both size variants also come in different sizes as well, with varying moisture levels and cleaning power as well. With such options, you will always find the right screen size they are best suited to. This type of flexibility is not always available with every brand.

Pros and Cons of iCloth:

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of iCloth:


  • Proven flexible and easy to use. Just take them out and clean.
  • Efficient cleaners with the right moisture levels and ideal material.
  • They can clean and sanitize screens at the same time with the CDC-recommended ingredients.


  • Might be deemed costlier than common household cleaning wipes depending on market

Our Verdict: Highly Recommended

An efficient Screen cleaner that offers double cleaning and disinfecting powers is hard to find at a competitive price. The iCloth team has worked impressively to give us a cleaner and germ killer that works with precision and safety while maintaining a high level of hygiene. If you really care about germs, iCloth is highly recommended. It definitely works in cleaning the germs on the surface of almost anything.

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