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Jabra Elite 2 Review 2023: Affordable Earbuds with Premium Experience

by Jayant

Jabra Elite 2 is the latest truly wireless earbuds from Jabra and has already become the best choice for affordable tws earbuds under 5000. If you are planning to get Jabra Elite 2 for you, this Jabra Elite 2 review will give you everything you should know before buying it.

Here is a quick look at the specification of the Jabra Elite 2:

  • Sound Driver: 6mm
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz (Music), 100Hz – 8kHz (Calls)
  • Audio Codec: Qualcomm aptX, SBC
  • Software & App Support: Jabra Sound+, Google Fast Pair, Spotify, Built-in Alexa, Supports Siri & Google Assistant
  • Battery: 7-8 hours (Earbuds), 21 Hours (Case)
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.2
  • Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.6, HFP v1.7, HSP v1.2

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We have tried to cover everything in this Jabra Elite 2 hands-on review that can affect your buying decision.

Jabra Elite 2 Review 2023: What’s in the Box?

Jabra Elite 2 comes in a small but high-quality cardboard box with a silk finish over it. By holding the box, you will sense the quality that Jabra is trying to deliver. At the back of the box, you will see all the features that Jabra Elite 2 comes with.


On opening the box, you will see 4 EarGels, which is Jabra’s own version of Silicone tips, Jabra Elite 2 case and below the case, you will see a USB Type A to USB Type-C cable. On the right side, you will also see a quick instruction to pair the Jabra Elite 2. We will discuss more about Pairing later in this review article.


The first experience feels premium and considering the price, this is one of the most impressive packaging. USB Type-C cable in the box is very small in length but you can use any other Type-C smartphone cable to charge the earbuds.

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Jabra Elite 2 Review: First Look

The Jabra Elite 2 comes in a small case that has a matte finish. The case is super portable and you can easily carry it in a jeans pocket or in a backpack. The weight of the case is very light. The all-over feel of the case is rich. High-quality plastic is used in the case and the hinge used in the case also feels heavy quality.


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On the Jabra Elite 2 case, there is a Jabra Branding, a single LED light at the front, and at the back, you will see a USB Type-C port. The placement of the USB port is really impressive as you can easily place the case on the table using the base. You don’t need to lie down on the case while charging.

On opening the case, you will see Jabra Elite 2 earbuds themselves, peacefully sitting at their magnetic dock. The magnetic pull is really strong and feels really good while putting the earbuds back into the case after use. My unit was totally discharged and I charged the case for the first run which is not something I’m complaining about.


The build quality of the earbuds is really good. It is completely plastic with a matte finish but it feels sturdy and the quality also feels good. The LED lights are merged elegantly into the design of earbuds and you will not see any kind of dot or hole for LED light. Along with the LED light, you will also see a microphone, magnetic copper connectors for charging, a button at the back with Jabra Branding and left right indication.

Unfortunately, there are no touch controls instead, Jabra Elite 2 comes with a button for calls, controlling music, and triggering Google Assistant or Siri.

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Jabra Elite 2 Review: Pairing Process

The pairing process is super smooth and quick. The Jabra Elite 2 comes with Google Fast Pair. The moment you removed the earbuds from the case, you will see the Jabra Elite 2 pairing process on your smartphone screen. No matter which Android phone you are using, you will get the image of Jabra Elite 2 popping up on the screen which really gives a good user experience.


For better features and personalization, you need to install the Jabra Sound+ app from the Play Store. The Jabra Sound+ app will open up the other doors for the earbuds. You can basically change the equalizer, change call settings, personalize button actions, and much more from the Jabra Sound+ App.

Jabra Elite 2 Reviews: Sound & Passive Noise Cancelation

This is another area where Jabra wins over its competition. Jabra delivers rich sound quality in every genre of music, and movie. No matter what you are listening to, rock, pop, instrumentals, or soft music, you will get balanced mids and high with an appropriate level of bass. I’m using Spotify (not premium) for listening to music on my Macbook Pro and Youtube Premium on Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Both apps deliver high-quality streaming and Jabra Elite 2 elegantly handled every kind of music. Out of the box, on the factory setting, the bass levels were not hitting that hard while listening to EDM and for that, I tweak the equalizer and everything is good now.

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Using the Jabra Sound+ app, you can always boost the bass output as per your taste and preference. I usually listen to rock, metal, Original Soundtrack of movies, Deep House, EDM, and dance music and I thoroughly enjoyed the session. The best part is that Jabra Elite 2 sits comfortably on the ear and doesn’t bother you even if you are using it for prolonged hours. A good fit is a reason why you get good Passive Noise Cancelation.

Passive Noise Cancelation on Jabra Elite 2 is good for low to medium noisy places but in an extremely noisy place, you will feel some level of leakage of sound. Places like the gym with loud music, and traffic jams are the places where passive noise cancelation doesn’t perform well. But if you are using Jabra Elite 2 in your home, class, or park with ambient sound, you are good to go. Make sure you are using the appropriate size of Silicone Tip and the fit remains tight.

Jabra Elite 2 Review: Sound+ App

The Sound+ App is really an impressive app that also helps Elite 2 to win over its competitor. Using the Sound+ App, you can change the equalizer which is the best thing Jabra has provided. If you like Bass, simply change the equalizer and you will get a better Bass output. You can also create a Music Profile as per your preference to quickly toggle the sound profile of your choice.


Apart from that, you will also get firmware updates of the earbuds, and using the Jabra Sound+ app, you will be able to update the earbuds’ firmware. I received the firmware update on the first run and after the update, I got some more features in the app. The LED light on Jabra Elite 2 turns pink while updating the firmware.

I Hope Jabra will keep on rolling the new updates and features in the future.


The battery levels are also visible from the app and the best part is that you can see the battery level of both Left and the Right earbuds individually. The app also educates you about the features of Jabra Elite 2 earbuds so that you can use the earbuds at their full capacity.

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Jabra Elite 2 Review: Battery Life

At a low battery level, the case blinks the light and while charging, you will see the constant white, yellowish light on the case and once they are fully charged, you will see a green light that indicates the case is fully charged. It takes around 2 hours to fully charged the case and around 1 hour to charge the earbuds from 0% to 100%.


This is another segment where Jabra 2 Elite comes powerful. In my usage, I got a battery backup of ~7-8 hours. I watched Stranger Things 4 on Macbook Pro at a 60%-70% volume level and I didn’t charge the case.

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The total runtime of Stranger Things 4 is 547 minutes which is roughly about ~9 hours. After watching the show, the case is showing a 90% battery level which, to me, is good to go.

The length of the USB Type-C cable in the box is short and that’s why I’m using a Samsung USB Type-C cable to charge it using a wall adapter. Fast Charge is also available on Jabra Elite 2 in which you can get 1 hour of usage with just 10 minutes of charge.

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Jabra Elite 2 Review: Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best earbuds under 5000, Jabra Elite 2 is good to go. It comes with a comfortable, lightweight design that will give you great music, and movie sessions for long hours. Even for calls, Jabra Elite 2 performs very well. The fit of the earbuds remains tight and firm which does not leak the sound. Passive Noise Cancelation works pretty well on Elite 2 around low to medium noise levels.

The sound output is also pretty impressive. The bass levels are subtle but if you want more bass, the Jabra Sound+ app offers you an equalizer that you can tweak as per your requirement. If you are into the gym, cycling or any other activity that involves sweat, IP55 Dust & Water Resistant certification is there for you. I didn’t put it directly into the water but in the gym, I didn’t face any issues with sweat.

Pros Comfortable fit, Great Sound Output, Good Battery Life, Supports Fast Charging with USB Type-C, Good Passive Noise Cancelation, Small & Easy-to-carry case, Jabra Sound+ App, Great Build quality.
Cons No Touch Controls, No Active Noise Cancelation.
Verdict Jabra Elite 2 gives good sound quality, a comfortable fit, and comes with long battery life with Fast Charging. For its price, Jabra Elite 2 is a great earbud that will give you a great experience in an affordable price range.
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