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How to Download Covid Vaccination Certificate From Whatsapp

by Jayant

If you are done with Covid Vaccination and planning to travel, you have to take your Covid vaccination certificate with you. Without the certificate, any authority can prevent your entry into a cross-state, shopping mall, airline and other. The Union Health Ministry of India recently launched a service where you can download Covid Vaccination Certificate using Whatsapp. Downloading the Vaccination certificate from cowin.gov.in is a little bit annoying because of the server load.

The main problem is the OTP. You have to try at least 3-4 times to get the OTP and this is what annoys people. Thankfully, the Union Health Ministry of India launched this amazing service and we are really thankful for that.

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Steps to Download Covid Vaccination Certificate using Whatsapp

Here is how to download Covid Vaccination Certificate from Whatsapp. They say it is 3 Steps process but steps are way more than just 3 steps:

1. Go to Contacts on your smartphone and save this number +91 9013151515.


2. Once saved, open Whatsapp.

3. Tap on the contacts button at the bottom right corner. Search for the name you save. I saved it as ‘Covid Certificate’.


4. Now enter ‘Covid Certificate’ in the text box and send it.


5. It will ask for Mobile Number. Enter your number.


6. You will receive OTP. Enter it.


7. Once you entered OTP, it will generate your Certificate.

8. You have to Type ‘1’ to download Cowin Certificate.

9. Once done with that, you will receive the PDF file of your certificate.


Other than that, there are other services that you can be used via WhatsApp. Professional advice, details about Vaccination Center, Myth Buster, Coronavirus Symptoms and other related information can be accessed via Whatsapp Cowin Service.

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One more thing I noticed that, at the first attempt, it asked me for the mobile number but on the second attempt, it automatically sent me the OTP. Maybe that is some kind of bug but all over the experience of downloading the Cowin Vaccination Certificate from Whatsapp was pretty smooth.

If you are standing at the security waiting for Cowin certificate, Whatsapp is the fastest way to get the Cowin Vaccination Certificate.

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