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3D Printing Pen for Kids: 5 Things You Should Look before buying

by Jayant
3d printing pen for Kids

The world is moving at a fast pace and technology is also evolving. Technology is being constantly improved to ease the life of human beings. 3D technology was invented many years ago and since then, it has developed quite a lot. From 3D Movies to 3D printers, 3D technology has evolved and now we have 3D Pens. Check out some of the best creations you can create using 3D Pen for Kids.

The 3D technology is being used in many sectors present on Earth and constant efforts are being made to incorporate the new technology in the rest of the fields. The 3D printing technology has developed to great heights lately and now is the time for the 3D printing pen to come into the limelight.

With the help of 3D printing pens, one can draw or doodle anything that a human mind can imagine. These 3D Doodler pens are new tech toys for Kids. Earlier, we used to doodle on paper and always wondered if this doodle came into life. And now, by the grace of technology, you can get a real doodle in your Hand.

The technology which is behind the rise of 3D printing technology is FDM (Fused Deposit Modelling). The 3D printing pens also use this technology, but another technology is also present which is being used in 3D printing pens.

3d printing pen for kids

The new technique consists of special ink, known as a Photopolymer, which is ejected through a nozzle of the pen in liquid form. The ink gets thicker under the UV rays and it is totally safe since children can use them with ease as the nozzle of the pen remains cold.

There are a lot of 3D pens for Kids available in the market but as 3D Doodler Pens are in their earlier stage and it is an all-new experience for parents as well. So, here is the guide giving you an idea about 3D Pens for Kids before buying a 3D Printing Pen.

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5 Things To Consider Before Buying

1. Compatibility on every Surface

A 3D pen should be able to operate on every possible surface. The user might have to use it for various purposes by using it on many surfaces, in order to fulfill the drawing of the imagination. Therefore, I would definitely advise reading the specification of the pen very carefully in order to use it perfectly.

It is also recommended to watch out for the temperature as some 3D pens get heated up very quickly and it becomes impossible to hold them and draw figures as per requirements.

2. Timing of Plastic coming out of the pen

One must at first, grow the time sense about the heating up of the pen and the time of the plastic coming out of it. The pen uses plastic filament and heats it up to liquid form, which comes out of the nozzle of the 3D printing pen. But if the plastic heats up more than the requirement, it may end up in changing of the original colors and result in weird outcomes.

If one fails to judge the time of the plastic coming out of the pen, then it will also fail to give desired results. Moreover, there are other factors like the kind of Photopolymer you are using. 3Doodler is doing great in 3D printing pens for the Kid’s market. 3Doodler has non-toxic and clean plastic for 3D pens. Check out 3Doodler. Don’t get confused initially on where to buy a 3d pen. Read other people’s reviews too, in order to get the perfect timing of the plastic coming out to judge the perfect 3d pen time.

3. Time of Cooling

The time of cooling is also very essential in drawing by 3D pens. A good 3D pen should have a minimum time for cooling down. Since the 3D pen cannot work continuously for long hours, it, therefore, needs cooling downtime. The heating up of the pen should also have a small time.

The time of cooling down is important because while working, the 3D pen heats up the plastic filament inside, and due to this process, it itself heats up which makes it tough for the users to use it at that time. So, one should see the cooling time of a particular 3D pen before buying it.

4. System Clogging

This is a drawback of the new technology of the 3D pen. If the perfect time of the liquid coming out of the pen is not judged and maintained, the system of the pen may get clogged due to misuse of the pen. I would always recommend replacing the plastic after use to avoid this disastrous problem, as it may affect the 3D pen totally. It will also be very expensive to mend the problem in order to use it again.

Buying a 3D printing pen every time after facing such an issue is not feasible since it is expensive. So before buying a 3D printing, pen it is advised to watch out for this particular as it going to affect the design one is intending to do with the help of the 3D pen.

5. Warranty

The terms of the warranty are not considered a big issue as the buyer always sees the terms before buying any product in the market. But one should give more importance to the terms of the warranty of a 3D pen since the problems of system-clogging or others may affect much to the pen. So, if it is within the warranty period, one can avail of a replacement from the retailer as the 3D pen becomes ineffective after facing these problems.

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3D Printing Pen For Kids: Conclusion

In conclusion, I can say that people must keep in mind the above-mentioned points before buying a perfect 3D printing pen for Kids. The user should also be careful while using them in order to get the desired results because for awesome 3D printing pen creations, you need a certain level of skills and creativity. These 3D Pens for Kids definitely going to bring the artist out of them. It is a really fun activity for kids as well as for Parents. Give a chance to the creativity of your kid with these 3D Printing pens.

Let me know if you have something to share about this evolving technology of 3D Printing Pens For Kids in the comment section below.

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