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How to use Instagram Music to Add Music in Stories

by Jayant

Instagram Music has finally reached India and Instagram users are going bananas for that. It’s been a while Indian users were waiting for that feature and now its finally arrived. Instagram Music is definitely going to make your Instagram stories more appealing and pleasurable to your people.

If you have no idea about Instagram Music or you don’t know how to use Instagram Music, here is a quick walkthrough to the latest feature.

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Before that, make sure you have updated the Instagram app to the latest version. Get the Latest Instagram App Version from the Play Store or App Store.

Use Instagram Music in India – Instagram Music Stories

1. To add Instagram Music to your insta stories, simply open the app. Now either swipe right or tap on the Story button to add instagram story.

2. Here you can add music from the Camera Mode. There are a lot of options to add filters, stickers, special effects and a lot. In between all those options, you will see the music button. Simply turn it to Music button. Or, you can add Instagram Music from the Sticker button.


3. On opening the Music from Camera Mode or from Stickers, you will see all the music tracks available. Select any of them of your choice. You can also add music according to mood or Genre. See screenshots.


4. Select the music track you wanted to add.

5. Now you can listen to the music you selected. It would be 10 seconds long and you can also select the part of the music you want to start from. You can seek or change the timing of the music. Like if you wanted to add your favorite part of the music, you can do that by tapping on the Playing button in the center.

6. Swipe right or left to change the music timings. You can also add lyrics of the song with different fonts. Or you can simply add the album art of the song. Swipe left to see other options. You will not see the lyrics option if you used the Camera Mode to add music. For adding lyrics, you need to add music from the Stickers.


8. Once you got your favorite part of the music. Simply record the story or capture the photo. You will see the music being played in the background.

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Add Music to Instagram Stories

So that is how you can add music to Instagram Stories. Instagram Music is a great way to share your moment with the right music. Music makes Instagram stories even more appealing.

Go record some Instagram Stories with your favorite music. If you have any suggestions or queries, shoot them in the comment section below.

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