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Best VPN Services For Secure Internet Access

by Jayant
best VPN service 2017 secure internet

You must have seen a world map. Have you noticed the boundaries that separate one country from another? To cross those boundaries, you need certain permissions from the Government. In the same vein, the Internet also have boundaries and to access internet beyond those boundaries, you need certain software/services which are called as VPN Services. Without such special software, you cannot access the internet beyond the limit of your region.

So, what are these software or to be precise, Services? We call it a VPN or Virtual Private Network. In layman terms, VPN is the service that allows you to connect to the remote server and then give you a secure and safe access to the content associated with those servers. VPN is the complex network and also used by big enterprises while handling super sensitive data from one server to another. VPN adds another level of security to their database by encrypting the connection. To know the complexities of VPN, you can read more about VPNs. A regular internet user at home can also use the VPN services to access the geographically restricted content in their region which also adds a layer of security by hiding the IP profile of an individual on the network.

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If you are using Kodi on Firestick or on any streaming device then it is a good idea to use a VPN for Kodi. You will find the best VPN for Kodi here as well as in the list given below.

For the secure & private internet connection, there are a bunch of VPN services available in the market. Some are fraud VPN services that claim to provide you encrypted connection but for a layman, who knows nothing about VPNs will barely get to know if the connection is encrypted or not. It is not possible to verify if the connection is encrypted & secure or not. So, it is suggested that, do not use Free VPNs for accessing the internet.

Here is the list of best VPN that you can use to encrypt your internet connection and for accessing the safe and secure internet.

Best VPN Services of 2020

ipvanish best vpn for torrentingIPVanish

Let’s begin with IPVanish as IPVanish recently won The T3 Award for the Best VPN of 2017. IPVanish app development, VPN service & customer support are solely controlled by the team of IPVanish. It does not take any support from the third party which itself makes it a trustworthy VPN.

IPVanish has over 850+ anonymous server in over 60+ countries. With that, you don’t need to worry about the server load. For the security & to respect the privacy of their customer, IPVanish does not account for data usage and the traffic log.

Moreover, to add an extra layer of security, IPVanish uses an Encrypted connection over OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec. If you are looking for VPN for torrenting then IPVanish is good to go as it also provides P2P support and also has automatic IP Address cycling. Another great thing offered by IPVanish is its speed. Another feature of IPVanish that is worth mentioning here is that you can use IPVanish simultaneously on 10 devices at the same time on a single subscription. Most of the other VPN will provide you up to 5 devices but here using IPVanish, you can access VPN on 10 devices. Isn’t that awesome?

IPVanish is from those few VPNs which boost up the speed of your internet connection and if you want the best VPN for Kodi or for any other streaming service, IPVanish is good to go. IPVanish would help you in accessing all the Kodi add-ons and Kodi builds. IPVanish, no doubt, the best VPN for Kodi.

Moreover, if you are using Kodi or any other app on Amazon Firestick, IPVanish seems perfect for your setup. IPVanish is VPN for firestick and for other streaming devices. The IPVanish software and app are available for Android, iOS, ChromeOS, Linux, macOS & Windows.


Download IPVanish

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nordvpn best vpn serviceNord VPN

For all those, who are looking for VPN for P2P, Nord VPN is ready for you. Using Nord VPN, you can connect to 1162+ Server in 61+ different countries.

Nord VPN best VPN service 2017 the tech toys

Nord VPN is available on macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems. You can connect up to 6 Devices on a single Nord VPN subscription where VPN Unlimited provides you 5 Devices on a single subscription. Like IPVanish, Nord VPN also does not account for the traffic log and allows you unlimited bandwidth over bit torrent.

Nord VPN supports OpenVPN on all platforms except iOS. You can also setup the Nord VPN on your router to connect all the devices via a secure and anonymous network. In spite of having ultra-fast servers, the network speed over Nord VPN connection slows down when compared with the non VPN connection. Nord VPN is also a VPN for Kodi. You will be able to access all the Kodi add-ons and Kodi Builds using Nord VPN. We cannot call Nord VPN as the best VPN for Firestick but it will do the job efficiently.

The Monthly Plan for Nord VPN starts from $11.95 and for a yearly plan, you have to shred $69. There is another plan offered by Nord VPN where you can get the Nord VPN for 6 Months for $42. Nord VPN accepts payments via PayPal, Credit Cards, Bitcoins. Nord VPN is a great VPN for all those who wanted to add an extra layer of security over a non-secure internet connection.

Download Nord VPN

online vpn best vpn 2017 Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access is another VPN service that allows you to access internet privately and securely. Private Internet Access VPN has 3,263 servers in 25+ countries including Asia, Central America, Europe, India, South America, the UK, and the US. This is the most geographically diversify VPN I have encountered with before. If you are on vacation, you will surely get the closest server in any country.

Private Internet Access uses OpenVPN protocol for Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows clients and for iOS, it uses IPSec protocol. While NordVPN uses IKEv2, Private Internet Access does not use IKEv2 which is the updated protocol for exchanging Internet key. An additional benefit that you will get with Private Internet Access VPN is Ad & tracker blocking which is not offered by any of the VPN services in this list.

You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously on a single subscription. Moreover, Private Internet Access VPN also supports P2P which is good for torrenting but while playing Netflix on Private Internet Access VPN, Netflix is asking to disconnect the VPN connection to proceed further. But if you are looking for the VPN for Kodi, the Private Internet is good to go. You have to install VPN Manager on Kodi for enabling PIA VPN on Kodi.

There is a Kill Switch to shut down all the connection at the same time. Private Internet Access VPN do not ask for the specific apps you wanted to disconnect like other VPN does. It just disconnects all the apps at the same time. This can be a convenience and a problem that depends on person to person.

Private Internet Access allows you to make payment in different modes including  Google Wallet, PayPal, Amazon, CashU, OKPay, Bitcoin, Ripple accounts & Credit Cards. Monthly Plan starts from $6.95 & it is always a good idea to buy a yearly plan which will cost you $3.33/month. There is also a 6 Month plan, that will cost you $5.99/month. Unfortunately, you cannot try Private Internet Access VPN before buying but there is 7 Day money back guarantee anyway.

Download Private Internet Access VPN

best vpn 2017 PureVPN

Here is another highly geographically diversify VPN. PureVPN has 500+ Servers in 121 Countries. Indeed, they are geographically diversified but having just 500 Servers not going to give you a stable and strong VPN connection.

Split Tunneling is a unique feature provided by PureVPN which no other VPN service is providing. In Split Tunneling, you can connect to the Public network, that is the Internet and to the local network at the same time. Another great thing that makes PureVPN stands out of the crowd is software for Routers & for streaming devices. Having VPN installed in your router gives you an extra layer of protection as devices like Gaming Consoles, Smarthome speakers, Smart TVs don’t have inbuilt software that can connect to VPN Connection. With VPN software in a router, such devices will automatically get connected to a secure VPN connection.

PureVPN best vpn connection the tech toys

PureVPN also offers you P2P support and support for BitTorrent but limited to 200 servers only. It also comes with Kill Switch that just disconnects the VPN connection with the single button. PureVPN supports a variety of OS and devices including Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Routers, Google TV, Apple TV, BoxeeBox, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation.

If you want VPN for Kodi, PureVPN is good to go. It is easy to setup PureVPN VPN on Kodi. See this to setup PureVPN VPN on Kodi.

If you need a speedy VPN on your Windows device, PureVPN is good for you. The monthly plan starts from $10.95 and the yearly plan will cost you just $3.25/month. For 6 months plan, you have to shred $8.95/month. You can pay via PayPal, AliPay, Coins, CashU, Gift Cards.

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Download PureVPN

hide my ass vpn best vpn 2017Hide My Ass

For those who need a safe and secure VPN connection, this VPN having a fancy name is good to go. HMA VPN has 800+ Servers at 240 different locations in more than 220 countries around the globe.

best VPN for torrenting

You can connect you all the devices with VPN connection by installing HMA VPN on your router. HMA VPN provides a handy guide for it. So, if you stream content that is restricted in your region (like Kodi), you can access those services by installing HMA VPN on the router. Like other VPN services, HMA VPN also uses OpenVPN protocol on Windows, Android, MacOS & Linux clients and uses IPsec protocol for iOS devices. HMA VPN is also ready to use for P2P services (Torrents).

While Private Internet Access VPN offers Ad & tracking blockers, HMA VPN has no such service to block trackers while surfing the internet. In spite of having high prices, Hide My Ass VPN provides just 2 licenses in a single subscription while VPN Unlimited and Private Internet Access VPN provides up to 5 devices at a comparatively cheaper price.

The monthly subscription of Hide My Ass VPN starts from $11.52 and the 6 months plan will cost you around $8.33/month. HMA VPN also offers you 30 Days money back guarantee. Here is Xmas Special Deal where you can get Hide My Ass 12-month subscription for $78.66 which is a pretty great deal.

Download HMA VPN

Best VPN Services For Secure Internet

So these are the best VPN services of 2018 for secure internet connection. There is no doubt that we all are exposed on the internet and there is always a risk while using the internet. With these VPN services, we can surely add an extra layer of security over the network which definitely helps in keeping the hackers & trackers away from you. You can also use VPN for accessing the content which is restricted in your region because of copyright issues.

If you want a safe and secure VPN for Kodi, VPN for Firestick or for other streaming services or for P2P file sharing, then IPVanish is one of the best VPN for you as it boosts up the internet speed while other VPN lowers the internet speed. Moreover, it comes with automatic IP address cycling that keeps on switching to different IP addresses. It is always a good idea to use IPVanish VPN if you are using Kodi on Amazon Firestick. So, get IPVanish if you want best VPN for Kodi or best VPN for Firestick.

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On the other hand, if you are a traveler and want VPN for few weeks that can also provide you the utmost safety, nothing is better than VPN Unlimited. Apart from that, if you want security in all the devices, you should consider the VPN that is compatible with a router like Nord VPN, HMA VPN.

Almost all the VPN services provide you same features and services but some of them provide you little extra than others like only PureVPN provides you Tunnel Splitting feature. Apart from that, all the best VPN services are available for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, so there should be no compatibility issues with devices. Apart from these, you can check out few of the Free VPN (not really) which will provide you the basic feature of VPN.

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