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IPVanish Cyber Week Sale: Get the Best VPN of 2017 at $2.87/Month

by Jayant

With the growing penetration of the Internet, Cyber crimes are also increasing which indeed a matter of concern for any internet user. Open public wifi sounds like a great service but it is also an open opportunity for a hacker who is sitting next to your table at Starbucks.

Now, just answer a simple question, Would you like to be traced by an anonymous person who is a hacker while you are paying your bills via credit card? Obviously not, Right?

So, for all those concerned internet users, it is always suggested to use VPN while accessing to internet especially when you are connected to a public network. Moreover, If you are a Kodi and torrent user, again, VPN is all you need. It not only secures your internet connection but also hides your identity over the network.

Who Needs a VPN

VPN is not a luxurious item you can brag about. It is a need for every internet user. We feel connected with the world when we are at some public place with an open Wifi connection. Well, that is great but what about your privacy? Maybe, a person connected to the same wifi network trying to steal your sensitive information that also includes the Credit Card numbers.

That is one case, your ISP can also sell your browsing history without asking to you. Now the answer to the question. Who needs a VPN? The answer is Everyone.

What is VPN?

what is VPN


For all those who are really new to the term VPN, here is VPN for you. VPN is an acronym of Virtual Private Network where you get connected to the Internet via the secure and encrypted channel. That means, when you connected to the internet via VPN, your connection is going through a secure and encrypted underground tunnel rather than going through open freeway. With that, anyone who is spying on you will not be able to see your online activities. Moreover, ISP and advertisers will not be able to track your real IP as you are traveling through a Virtual IP assigned by VPN service.

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IPVanish: Best VPN for Everyone?

There are a lot of VPN service available in the market. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages but it is important to have a decent balance between the pros and cons. The balance is well maintained by IPVanish VPN.

IPVanish is an award-winning VPN by T3 Awards under the Best VPN of 2017 category. See the list of T3 Awards winner here.

IPVanish has over 850+ anonymous server in over 60+ countries that mean you don’t need to worry about the server load and downtime. IPVanish never accounts for data usage and the traffic logs means you can access anything without any worry. Moreover, to add an extra layer of security, IPVanish uses an Encrypted connection over OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec.

Ipvanish cyber week sale

If you are a person who uses torrents, IPVanish is good to go as it is best for torrenting as it provides P2P support and also has automatic IP Address cycling which means, IP address automatically switched to different IPs without doing any effort. Another great thing offered by IPVanish is its speed. IPVanish is among those few VPNs which boost up the speed of your internet connection and if you want a VPN for Kodi or for any other streaming service, IPVanish VPN is for you.

IPVanish Cyber Week Sale

Now come to the Cyber Week Sale. The regular monthly plan of the IPVanish VPN starts from $9.99/Month but during the Cyber Week Sale, you can get the IPVanish VPN for $2.87/Month.

You can buy the 2-Year Plan of IPVanish VPN at just $69 where it will costs you $2.87/month. You can avail this offer only if you buy the 2-Year plan of IPVanish at $69. The great thing about IPVanish is, they never asked you a question if you didn’t like the service for 7-Days. You will get your refund. There is 7-Days Money Back Guarantee.

The offer will expire at 11:59 AM ET on 29th November 2017. Grab the deal and get protected by the Best VPN of 2017.

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