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xFyro ANC Pro Review: Best AI Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

by Jayant

xFyro ANC Pro is the latest addition to the xFyro TWS earbuds lineup. Before xFyro ANC Pro, we have tested xFyro Aria, xFyro XS2. This AI-Powered ANC Pro definitely a big improvement in terms of design, quality, and sound. I’m using xFyro ANC Pro for the last 20 days and this is what I concluded. If you are planning to buy xFyro ANC Pro, this review is definitely going to help you out.

xFyro ANC Pro Review: What is in the Box?


The experience begins from holding the box for the first time. It is simple yet elegant packaging in a grey matt finish box that smoothly slides out, revealing the earbuds themselves. In the box, you get a case, earbuds, USB Type-C cable, 3 silicone tips (that I misplaced) of different sizes. The earbuds are nicely packed, giving you a great unboxing experience.

xFyro ANC Pro: The Design

This is where xFyro improved a lot from its predecessors. I have all the xFyro earbuds and I can easily say that this is the best design xFyro ever made. It is clean, minimalistic, and easy to use. The matt black earbuds look absolutely stunning. The plastic quality is superior and there is no rubberized material on the earbuds.

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At the back, you get a Touch sensor using which you can change the track (next/previous), Pause, Play, Up/Down Volumes, Activate Active Noise Cancellation, and Deactivate ANC. Since there is no button on the earbuds, it gives you a more appealing design.


Other than the touch sensor, there is an LED indicator that responds when ready to pair, connected. There is a mic that senses the ambient noise around you and then activates the ANC, giving you a delightful listing experience. At the bottom of the earbuds, there are magnetic conductors for charging the earbuds. You will also see the Right and Left labels on the earbuds. There is no branding or anything that you don’t need on your earbuds.

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The charging case is simple yet elegant with matt black finish, one button, LED indicator, and USB Type-C port at the bottom for charging the case.

xFyro ANC Pro: Pairing

To pair the earbuds for the first time, simply open the case. You will see the blue and red lights blinking. Once it turns blue on both, that means earbuds are connected to each other and ready to pair. On your host device is smartphone, laptop, tab, you will see the name of the earbuds as ANC Pro. Simply tap on the name and it will get connected to your device. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show battery status on macOS.


Sometimes, just one earbud plays the sound while other earbuds are still looking to pair with the earbud. In that case, disconnect the earbuds, put them in the case, and close them for 5 seconds. Now open it and connect them once again.

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There are some instances where earbuds simply refuse to connect, in that case, place the earbuds in the case and press and hold the button on the case without closing the cap of the case. It will reset the earbuds. Once you did that, connect them again and it will work smoothly.

xFyro ANC Pro: Sound

Before we conclude anything about the sound of ANC Pro, you should understand that Sound is a subjective thing. Some like Jazz where some like EDM. The taste of sound will also depend on that.


xFyro ANC Pro is for EDM, Dance, Trance, Pop, Rock lovers. The bass output of ANC Pro is just spectacular. At some soundtracks, I did feel that Bass is getting overpowered and I was not wrong. The bass level of ANC Pro is great but sometimes, where high notes want to take the stage, bass notes overpowered it. With ANC Pro, I also tried xFyro Aria listening to the same song on some music app (Spotify) and yes, the Bass was a bit high.

Other than that, mids and highs are beautifully handled by 7mm graphene drivers and you will definitely enjoy the music on it. You will hear each and every instrument playing in any song. For movies, tv shows, Netflix & Chill, the earbuds are just amazing.

xFyro ANC Pro: Active Noise Cancelation

As the name suggests, xFyro ANC Pro is the noise-canceling truly wireless earbuds. So this would be your major concern before you finally grab ANC Pro for you. So how is the ANC on xFyro?

ANC on xFyro is surprisingly great. I’m not gonna lie but I didn’t expect that from xFyro. ANC is not a new thing for me. I have Beats Studio3 which is an ANC headphone and I can understand the ANC. Here is Beats Studio3 Review if you want to check that out.

To activate ANC, simply tap and hold on the touch sensor at the back of earbuds and it will activate ANC. After ANC is turned on, it is you and your music. ANC gives you absolute silence and cuts off all the ambient sound, giving a pure, blissful experience.

It can easily remove the ambient noise like people talking by your side, noise from the room next to you, and noise at metro stations, bus stations, parks, and other places with low to moderate ambient noise. ANC is not built to cut off the amplified sounds from big speakers, so don’t expect that on any ANC.


ANC Mic below Touch Sensor

To turn off ANC, tap and hold on the touch sensor and it will activate the transparency, in other words, deactivate the ANC. The whole ANC experience on xFyro ANC Pro is brilliant and worth the money.

xFyro ANC Pro: Battery Life

The TWS earbuds are based on batteries and their battery life can really affect the experience of any truly wireless earbuds. First of all, ANC Pro’s case uses a USB Type-C port for charging. On a full charge, it gives you 90 hours of backup. I am using it for the last 20 days and I have charged them 4-5 times only. The life of earbuds is good but you really cannot calculate it because you place them in the charging case and then they got charged.


The charing case has only blue LED light. The pattern of blinking tells you if that is fully charged or not. If it is blinking in pairs, it is charged but if it blinks once that means a low battery. It will take some time to understand the pattern but once you got it, things will get pretty easy for you. You can connect any USB Type-C cable to charge the case and from 0% to 100%, it will take around 1-2 hours. It also supports quick charging. With 30 minutes of charge, you can easily get 5-6 hours of power.

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xFyro ANC Pro Touch Sensor Shortcuts

If you are planning to buy ANC Pro or using it, these touch controls will help you out in determining the different actions.

  • Single Touch on Right Earbuds – Increase Volume
  • Single Touch on Left – Decrease Volume
  • Double Tap on Right/Left – Pause/Play
  • Touch & Hold the Right – Activates ANC/Deactivate ANC
  • Touch & Hold Left – Activates Voice Assistant (Google Assistant/SIRI)
  • 4 Taps on Left Earbuds – Activates/Deactivates Low Latency Gaming Mode

xFyro ANC Pro: Additional Features

The earbuds are IPX5 Water Resistant which means you can easily use them in the rain, or beside the pool, or for the gym, running.

Apart from that, the AI-powered transparency mode can filter out up to 6000 sounds giving you clear sound only. Moreover, the xFyro ANC Pro is also Google Assistant and SIRI compatible and you can easily activate the voice assistant by tap and hold on the left earbud.

If you are a gamer, xFyro ANC Pro also comes with Gaming Mode where it activates the low latency mode for smooth synchronization between the game and earbuds but it didn’t work as expected. There is still a delay of milliseconds and you can feel that. It is a minor delay but since you can feel it and that really ruins the gaming experience, especially the FPS games and other fast-motion games.

xFyro ANC Pro Pros & Cons

Here are quick Pros and Cons for xFyro ANC Pro that will give you a quick idea about ANC Pro.

Pros Minimalistic Sleek design, Ergonomic fit, Great Bass Output, Easy to use Touch Sensor, Long Battery Life, Supports USB Type-C, Comes with AI-Powered ANC, Supports Quick Charging
Cons LED indicator is very bright, Case Attracts Scratch
Verdict xFyro ANC Pro is a good-looking Noise Canceling TWS earbuds that sound amazing and stays comfortable even for a longer duration. Definitely worth it.
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xFyro ANC Pro Review: Final Words

xFyro ANC Pro is definitely a major improvement from its predecessors. Now you have ANC, great sound, solid build quality, deep & dense bass output, USB Type-C, matt black finish, and much more to explore. There is one downside like no low battery indication. It will take a little bit of time to understand the pattern and behavior of LED indication which is not a big deal at all.

Other than that, xFyro should also add Bluetooth 5.2 which is the latest Bluetooth version with minimum latency. There is a dedicated gaming mode but still, you can feel the delay.

All in all, xFyro ANC Pro is a great TWS earbud you can get for music, movies, and for ANC in this price spectrum. It is a perfect balance of sound, design, and pricing. xFyro is working brilliantly for improving their Truly Wireless Earbuds lineup and we are really excited about the next TWS earbud from xFyro.

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