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xFyro Aria True Wireless Earbuds Review: Hype or What?

by Jayant

xFyro Aria is the latest addition in the xFyro True wireless earbuds lineup. Before xFyro Aria, xFyro introduced xFyro xS2 which, surprisingly, worked out brilliantly. You can read the xFyro xS2 review here.

xFyro became a popular crowdfunded brand name on the Indiegogo page. The brand came out recently with the promise of delivering top-quality audio products at a reasonable price. With that saying, they recently launched xFyro Aria that we are going to talk about today. We are going to cover each and every aspect you should be aware of before getting hands-on your next TWS earbuds.

Should you buy it? Is it Worth it? Everything is here. Check out the xFyro Aria Review below.

xFyro Aria True Wireless Earbuds Honest Review

Truly Wireless Earbuds have always been a debatable topic. Audiophiles will always give preference to audiophile gaming headphones, which is not wrong at all, while people on the go are loving this new truly wireless earbuds lifestyle.

We have a lot of options for best earbuds under 5000 in 2022, the good ones are hefty and costly, cheap ones are pain, and affordable one asks for compromises. To minimize this gap between them, we have xFyro Aria true wireless earbuds.

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Buy xFyro Aria

xFyro Aria Review: What’s in the Box?

Unlike xS2, Aria comes in a slightly big box with some product features and xFyro’s address on it. It’s clean and minimalistic. I Liked it.

On opening the box, you will find a Magnetic Charging Dock which is also a carrying case, 2 extra pair of earbud tips, USB to Micro-USB Charging Cable, 1 Pair of Ear wings, a user-manual and a pair of wireless earbuds, obviously.


One major upgrade I found is, USB to Micro USB cable quality. The cable is now long enough and the quality is sturdy. It doesn’t look cheap anymore. Appreciate that.

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xFyro Aria Review: Design & Comfort

Talking about the design, xFyro Aria comes with a plastic carrying case which is also a magnetic charging dock. The dock is around 5 cm in diameter and 3 cm in height and covered with a soft-touch finishing.


It feels good in your hands and is really easy to carry in your pocket. If you have oily hands, don’t touch the case, it is a fingerprint magnet. On the charging dock, there is xFyro logo and micro USB port for charging the case. Nothing fancy, everything is clean. I totally loved the design and feel of the charging dock/carrying case. Opening and Closing the case is really satisfactory.

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On opening the case, you will find a black matte finish interior with earbud’s bed, an LED indicator, a power button, and a Left-Right indication. Below the earbuds, there are charging connectors that charge the earbuds.


Now let’s talk about the Earbuds itself. There is nothing new in the design of the earbuds. It is made of rubberized black plastic material with Left-right indication, buttons on the backside for controlling music/voice assistant, calls, charging connectors & LED indicator.

On removing the rubberized ear tip, you will see the speaker grill covered with some water repellant material. The earbuds are certified IP67 rating which means you can submerge it in the water. There is a protective layer on the speaker grill that protects the chips and the circuits of the earbuds. The earbud is almost in a squared shape which I don’t like personally. Its lightweight and I hope it would not be a pain for long sessions.


The button on the back of earbuds has the glossy finishing which looks good with other aesthetics of the earbuds. The problem is, the button is not clicky. The button is extra soft and sometimes while adjusting the earbud, it gets clicked accidentally leading to ‘Pause’ the music which is a little annoying, you know that.

When it comes to Wireless Earbuds, comfort plays a very important role. It should be soft on the ears and hard on the grip. A very few of them really fulfill this wish of ours. I am very skeptical when it comes to Earbuds and my music experience. I simply cannot compromise on that.

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The Left and Right earbud are inclined on a certain angle which I think needs adjustments while using it. It fits perfectly on both of my ears. No problem in that but due to the tilted angle of earbuds, it pushes the pinna and I needed to adjust it again and again after a certain period of time. For bass, you need a tight fit but the default fit of xFyro Aria doesn’t provide you with that kind of fitting in the ear. You have to adjust it accordingly otherwise, it would not produce that satisfactory bass. This is not a drawback as the fitting of earbuds also depends on the size of your ears.


Talking about grip, it is solid and I used it in the gym and while working, even using at the moment when I am writing this xFyro Aria review. I am satisfied with the grip but for satisfactory sound, you have to adjust it according to your ear shape and size. The earbuds have the capability to process deep bass and clear highs, mids, but Silicon ear tips are not providing the tight fit around the ear canal.

UPDATE: After using the Silicon Eartips for few days, it get softer and now giving the proper fit with great sound isolation.

xFyro Aria Review: Connection Setup & Controls

xFyro Aria is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 which is the latest Bluetooth version. Bluetooth 5.0 means 2x Speed and 4x Range.

For connecting xFyro Aria, simply remove the Earbuds from the charging dock and you will see a blue and red light blinking. That blinking means, earbuds are ready to pair. Now on your smartphone/laptop, you will see xFyro Aria R. Simply connect it. You might see two earbuds named as Aria – R & Aria – L. Connect the ‘Right’ earbud and left will automatically get paired with Right earbud. Blue LED indication means earbuds are connected to the device.


Once connected, you will hear a voice notification saying “connected“. This is just for the first time connection setup, next time, remove the earbuds from the charging dock/carrying case and it gets connected automatically.

You can hear uninterrupted music up to 30 feet from the source device which is almost the same as of xFyro xS2. Please note, if you have obstacles like concrete walls, you will see a drop in connections which is pretty obvious. Bluetooth cannot penetrate multiple walls.

One more thing that is worth mentioning here, I tried to connect my Macbook Pro and Note 9 at the same time, but it refuses to connect. You can connect to another device only when earbuds are idle. Considering Bluetooth 5.0, this is a bit disappointing. I have other Bluetooth enable audio devices, they easily get connected with multiple devices but they come with heavy price tags.

Talking about the controls of xFyro Aria, there are a couple of great options, including Volume controls. Here are the controls you can access with xFyro Aria earbuds:

  • Double click on the Right- Increases the Volume. Double Click on Left – Decreases the Volume.
  • A single click on Right – Play/Pause Music. A single click on Left – Turned on Siri on iOS/macOS and Google Assitant on Android for voice commands.
  • Press & Hold Right earbud – Next Track. Press & Hold Left earbud – Previous Track.
  • For Picking & Ending the call – Press Left or Right.
  • For Rejecting Call – Press & Hold Left or Right.

xFyro Aria Review: Sound & Noise Isolation

Surprisingly, the sound of xFyro Aria is pretty good. The bass is deep and mids/highs are okayish enough to enjoy the music & movies. I had a different experience with a different kind of music. Listening to EDM and pop, it was pretty good but while listening to acoustics, I didn’t like the sound production. The voices are plain in acoustic which sounds cheap to me. Basically, the treble part is dominating. But on EDM and pop, xFyro Aria handles everything pretty great. I didn’t expect that from xFyro Aria.

The sound experience also depends on the device you are streaming the music on. It also depends on the kind of music you are listening to. I am streaming music on Spotify on Macbook Pro and also on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Before judging the sound on xFyro Aria, I would strongly recommend you to adjust the earbuds properly. Make sure, fitting is perfect.

Talking about Noise Isolation, xFyro Aria comes with CVC 6.0 Noise Isolation Technology which definitely works and not just a gimmick. You will have your private music session without any outside noise. This tech also comes into the picture during voice calls. It eliminates the outside noise providing you with uninterrupted voice calls session.

Please note, this is not a Noise cancellation earbud. Noise cancellation is a whole different concept and it asks for hefty price tags. Noise Isolation on xFyro Aria works well.

xFyro Aria Review: Battery Backup & Charging Dock

xFyro promises a battery life of 8 hours for the earbuds and 24 hours for charging dock. On a full charge, while you are streaming music/movies on a smartphone/laptop, you will get a battery life of somewhere around 5-6 hours which is no less but still less than what xFyro promises. According to xFyro, with the 15-minute charge, you will get 3 hours of playback.

The battery life of earbuds also depends on the level of volume and for what purpose (music or calling) you are using them.

On low battery, you will see the red LED light blinking. Simply put them in the charging case and press the power button on the charging dock and it will start charging the earbuds.

On opening the case, you will see the blue LED blinking on the charging case which shows the battery status of the charging dock.

Simply insert the xFyro Aria earbuds into the charging dock and charging connectors will start charging the earbuds. The magnets hold the earbuds tightly.

Before putting earbuds into the charging case, make sure the case is fully charged. There is a power button on the charging dock, make sure you turn that button off while you are not charging the earbuds. Otherwise, it will drain the battery faster.

To charge the charging dock, simply insert micro USB cable (came in the box) with the wall adapter or any USB port. It takes almost 2-3 hours to completely charge the dock. Once it is fully charged, you can fully charge the Aria earbuds for 4-5 times.


xFyro Aria Review: IP67 Waterproofing

xFyro Aria is certified with an IP67 rating that makes them dustproof and also water-proof when submerged in 1m (3.3 ft) of static water for 30 minutes.


This is good when you are using them in the rain or you just spill a glass of water over it but this not useful when you are swimming because Bluetooth cannot penetrate the water and you will see an interruption in the connection which makes it almost impossible to listen to music while underwater but you can definitely use xFyro Aria wireless earbuds while chilling in the pool.

xFyro Aria Review: Price & Discounts

The xFyro Aria is priced at $99 right now on their official website which is slightly overpriced. The market for True Wireless earbuds is really competitive and it is hard to beat the price and quality of other manufacturers. But if you are getting xFyro Aria True Wireless earbuds around ~$90, you can definitely consider them buying.

You can buy xFyro Aria from their official website. Use Coupon Code THETECHTOYS10 to get an extra 10% Discount.

Buy xFyro Aria

Pros Deep Bass with clear mids & highs, Compact Charging Dock, Premium Feel, Easy to charge, Good Battery Backup, Easy to access Play/Pause, Nex/Previous buttons, Good Range of Bluetooth connection
Cons Pairing Issue, Silicon Eartips are not soft, No Quick Charge, No USB TypeC, Poor Battery indicator, No touch Controls
Verdict Sounds Great but little overpriced
Buy Now Buy on xFyro (Use the Coupon Code THETECHTOYS10 to get Extra 10% Discount)

xFyro Aria Review: Final Thoughts

xFyro Aria is pretty good true wireless earbuds that deliver the great sound (with perfect fit) and have a great battery backup. For comfort, I am still not that impressed with silicone rubber on the earbuds. It is not the softest silicone earbuds and xFyro should look into that.

The earbuds are lightweight and design is pretty decent, nothing fancy here but again the ear canal of the earbud and design doesn’t go well together. You have to adjust them again and again. The design itself pushes the earbuds which makes them uncomfortable. Hope xFyro Team will look into that and make something more comfortable. I would ask if they can add a good quality silicone ear tips.

Apart from that, the whole experience is good. Sound production, in this budget, is pretty good. CVC 6.0 tech works really well on xFyro Aria. USB to Micro USB cable is really impressive this time. What more I like is the size, shape, and soft-finishing of the Charging Dock. It looks good and easy to carry in any pocket. Apart from that, the battery backup of xFyro Aria is really impressive. You don’t need to charge them again and again, on a full charge you can easily watch 2 complete movies of 2 hours and you still have enough backup for further music streaming sessions.

If you are an audiophile who needs every detailing in the music, this is not for you. Keeping your expectations in control, if you need something you can use while working or in the gym or answering calls while driving simply go for it.

I hope this xFyro Aria wireless earbuds review helped you out. Do you have any questions about xFyro Aria? Shoot them in the comment section below.

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