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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Review: Still Make Sense in 2023

by Jayant

I know that Samsung already launched the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro but there is a considerable price difference between Buds 2 and Buds 2 Pro. If you are looking to buy a great pair of TWS earbuds in an affordable price range and wondering if Samsung Buds 2 still makes sense after 1 year of launch, this Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 review is just for you. This review will clear all your doubts and confusion regarding Samsung Galaxy Buds 2.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Review in 2023

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 got the best-in-class ANC, a wide spectrum of sound production, 360-degree audio, a gorgeous lightweight egg-shaped design, brilliant battery life, and the reputation of Samsung. What makes Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 even more attractive is its latest price. You can buy  Galaxy Buds 2 at 50% of the original price which makes it value-for-money earbuds even in 2023.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

  • Sound Driver: 2-Way Dynamic with Tweeter
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Audio Codec: SBC, AAC, Samsung Scalable codec
  • Software & App Support: Samsung Galaxy Wearable App
  • Battery: 7-8 hours (Earbuds), 20 Hours (Case)
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.2
  • Blueooth Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP

Samsung Buds 2 Review: What’s in the Box


Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 came in a small cardboard box with minimal text over it. Inside the box, you will get earbuds inside the case, a USB Type-C cable, 2 extra silicone ear tips of different sizes, a manual, and a warranty card. The silicone tips are made of premium material and each ear tip has its own metal grill over it. In other earbuds, the metal grill is provided only on the earbuds’ driver but here is something really different.

The whole unboxing experience feels premium and there is no cheap element in the between.

Samsung Buds 2 Review: The Design

Now that’s where you first experience the design of Galaxy Buds 2. They are small, lightweight earbuds having an egg-shaped design. There is a glossy, smooth silky finish over the earbuds and that looks absolutely gorgeous to the eyes. Apart from the design, the colors of Buds 2 also make them attractive. You have White, Onyx, Graphite, Olive, and Lavender color options and each of them compliments the design of Galaxy Buds 2. I got the Graphite one that comes in a white case and dark greyish earbuds.


The case itself is very compact in size that easily gets fit in the coin pocket of any jeans. There is Samsung branding on the case, one LED indicator that shows the case’s battery and a USB Type-C port for charging. The case also supports wireless charging.

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On the earbuds, you will see 2 Noise canceling mics, a proximity sensor, and charging connectors. The whole design of Buds 2 is pretty interesting and convenient to use. You just need to put it inside the ears and twist them a little bit. Once you twisted it, it gets locked and you are good to go. While using it, if you are feeling any sort of discomfort, that means your fit is not fine.


To help you out, Samsung even provided a feature in the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app where you can check the fit of the earbuds. I use these Buds 2 in the gym, listening to music, watching Netflix and sometimes for gaming. It always provides a comfortable experience without any kind of discomfort.

While using Buds 2 in the gym, the fit remains firm and tight but while doing the jumping jacks, and rope skipping, they keep on losing that tight grip and that is all because of sweat. However, weight-lifting sessions with earbuds are super smooth and there are no issues regarding fit and comfort.

The earbuds themselves come with an IPX2 rating and there is no harm to the earbuds, it’s just silicone tip loses its grip when it comes in contact with sweat. So, if you are specifically getting these buds for hardcore cardio sessions and having rough movements, keep this in mind because sweat and earbuds’ grip are not good friends.

Apart from that, there are no issues regarding the fit and design of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. Even after using it for straight 3 hours of movie-watching and web surfing while listening to music, there is no sort of discomfort or pain in the ears. Each earbud weighs just 5gm and it feels literally nothing in the ear.

Watch this Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 design video for a better understanding of design, look and feel.

Samsung Buds 2 Review: Connectivity

For connectivity, Buds 2 uses Bluetooth 5.2 and supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP Bluetooth Profile. If you are using a Samsung smartphone, Buds 2 seamlessly get connected to your Samsung device and the whole connectivity experience feels super premium. You don’t even need to turn on the Bluetooth.


Simply open the case and your Samsung device shows the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 animation on the screen and asks you to connect to earbuds. If Bluetooth is already on, it will get connected automatically just by opening the case. It is exactly like Google Fast Pair and Apple AirPods connectivity.

The connectivity experience is also smooth on non-Samsung devices, Windows laptops, and Macbooks but you will lose some of the earbuds’ features on non-Samsung devices and that is pretty obvious. There is no Galaxy Wearable support for other devices. Just like Apple Airpods, Buds 2 also work best on Samsung devices. In my testing, I have used the earbuds from 10-12ft from the phone and there were no disturbances or drops in the connection.

The Galaxy Wearable App really makes the difference here. Using the Galaxy Wearable app, you can control everything about your earbuds. The Buds 2 also comes with Find My Earbuds where you can ask the Galaxy Wearable app to find your Samsung Buds. This feature came handy only when earbuds are connected to your phone because it will not play a beeping sound when they are in the case and not connected.

The proximity sensor on the earbuds senses wear detection when you insert the Buds 2 in the ear and you will also hear a chime sound. This same proximity sensor automatically pauses the music or video when you remove the earbuds from your ears but they don’t autoplay the music/video when you put them back which made me ask Samsung, Why? Overall speaking, I have never faced any connectivity issues on Buds 2 and it always feels smooth and fluid.

Samsung Buds 2 Review: Sound

Now let’s talk about the main thing, the reason why people get earbuds in the first place. Before that, let me give you the reference of sound I have already experienced before. In the past, I have used Sennheiser CX213, Sony MDR-XB55AP, Beats Studio 3, Sony WF-XB700, Jabra Elite 2.

Buds 2 comes with 2 Way Dynamic speaker and tweeter which is powered by AKG. If I had to say one word for Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 sound signature, I would say ‘Balanced’. There is no sound that overpowers other sounds. By default, the bass output sits perfectly between other sounds in the song.


The drum kick of any pop music hits perfectly but I like to have more sub-bass in my music, so I change the Equaliser to ‘Bass Boost’ in the Galaxy Wearable App to get more output for Bassline and sub-bass. Apart from pop, I listen to Rock, metal, EDM, and a lot of instrumentals, and Original Soundtrack from Movies. Everything feels good in the ears with Buds 2. If you are interested, you can check my Spotify Playlist.

What I liked even more in the sound signature of Buds 2 is the treble part. While listening to Rock, Metal genre, the hit-hats, cymbals, and drum splashes feel so natural on Buds 2 and it basically picturizes the whole drum set in my mind. No instrument feels hidden on Buds 2. There are small, significant sample sounds in the songs that you don’t even realize are there but the absence of those sample sounds will definitely hamper your experience. Buds 2 even highlights those sound samples elegantly.

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While writing this Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 review, I am listening to Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb with ANC on and every instrument in this song is right in front of me. The background strings samples, hit-hats, snare, drum kick, guitar riffs, vocals, bass guitar is crystal clear in my ears. Beautiful.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 also supports 360-degree Audio but it only works with Samsung devices running on OneUI 4.0 or above. I connected Buds 2 with Galaxy S20FE and it gave a brilliant 360 sound while watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. It is a completely immersive experience. If you don’t see 360 Audio on your Galaxy Wearable App, make sure your Samsung device is running on OneUI 4.0 or above and you have the latest Galaxy Wearable App version.

For gaming, the Low Latency Gaming mode actually works on Samsung Buds 2. I use Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 to play PUBG with Gaming Mode on and there is no delay in the sound and action. Without gaming mode, you will get some latency issues. So yes, it is not a gimmick and actually works.

Samsung Buds 2 Review: Active Noise Cancelation & Ambient Sound

ANC on Buds 2 works differently in different places. You are sitting at home, having some ambient noise of lawn mower, birds chirping, kids playing around in the street, fan, a car passing by on street, and people talking in other rooms, etc., ANC is brilliant in this noise condition. It is pitch silence and no sort of noise or disturbance in my ears. No complaints.

Now, picture a new location in the gym having loud music, iron plates falling down, and people screaming because they are ego-lifting weights on their chests, now ANC will lack somewhere. If you are listening to EDM music on Buds2 with this noise around you, ANC will work to its best but if you are listening to soft music without much bass, drums kicks, drops, or guitars, you will feel outside sound in the ears to some levels. That outside sound is not noise, just slight sound leakage of a high pitch sound from the gym’s speaker.


Apart from ANC, you also have Ambient Sound mode where you will have a sense of your surrounding. In the Ambient Sound Mode, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 basically grab all the sound around you, amplify according to your set volume level, and lets you hear them. You can turn on or turn off this mode with just one touch. You can even change the volume of ambient sound. With high ambient sound volume, you can easily hear two people talking to each other in another room.

While writing this review, I turn on the Ambient Sound mode with high volume and now I am hearing the sound of my Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard sound along with Pink Floyd music. So, if you are using Buds 2 while walking on the roadside or somewhere outside, you can turn on this mode to get an idea of your surroundings and to talk to another person while you have Buds 2 in your ears. You don’t need to remove them for speaking to another person.

Other than ANC and Ambient sound, you can simply turn off all the modes and you still have the best noise cancelation with just a tight silicon grip. Overall, ANC on Buds2 works fabulously but if you are listening to music indoors (like in Gym) on Buds 2 with heavy speakers playing EDM music around, you will get some sort of sound from outside which is totally fine. For ambient noise, wind noise, noise in the bus, metro, parks, school, and college campuses, ANC on Buds 2 is just brilliant. No complaints at all.

Samsung Buds 2 Review: Battery Backup

Both earbuds come with a 61mAh battery each and the case has a 472mAh battery. For charging, it supports a USB Type-C port as well as wireless charging. The smartphones that support reverse charging can also charge the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 wirelessly.

I fully charged the case and it gave me battery backup for 5 days. With fully charged earbuds, I watched a movie with a runtime of 2 hours 10 minutes and Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 used 22% battery at 60% volume with ambient sound mode on. The battery backup of Buds 2 seems enough for my usage. I don’t take many calls and use the earbuds for music, movies, and gaming. When the LED indicator inside the case shows green light, that means your earbuds are 100% charged.


Wireless Power Sharing from Samsung S20FE to Buds 2

The Galaxy Wearable App indicates the battery backup of both earbuds & case which really helps in case you are going somewhere and you need to use them later.

The case itself has an LED indicator that shows a green light when the case has more than 50% battery, it turns yellow when the case has less than 50% battery and it turns red when the case has less than 20% battery. There are enough battery indications on App and on the charging case which came in handy in a real-life scenario.

Samsung Buds 2 Review: Touch Controls

Initially, the touch controls on Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are a bit confusing and I got really annoyed when I failed to control the volume by touching the earbuds but fortunately, I found the settings in the Galaxy Wearable App to modify the touch controls.


Here is how different touch patterns work on Samsung Galaxy Buds 2.

Single Tap on any bud Play/Pause
Double Tap Plays Next
Tripe Tap Plays Previous
Tap & Hold Turn on/off ANC, Ambient Sound or Volume Up/Down

By default, tap and Hold at the back of Buds 2 will Turn on ANC, Ambient Sound and turn off ANC. But you can modify Touch and Hold from ANC to Volume Up/Down. You can either use Touch and Hold for controlling ANC or for Volume.

There is no swipe up or down control on Buds 2. I really wish that Samsung, somehow, updates Buds 2 firmware to provide volume and ANC controls with some touch pattern.

While adjusting the earbuds, you can accidentally trigger the touch commands and that is really annoying. In my case, while using earbuds in the gym, I decided to turn off the Touch Controls because they keep on playing and pausing again and again with mere a simple touch. But once you get used to it, you will be fine with all the touch controls. The Touch Controls on Buds 2 are super sensitive which is a boon and a bane at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

  • Sound Driver: 2-Way Dynamic with Tweeter
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Audio Codec: SBC, AAC, Samsung Scalable codec
  • Software & App Support: Samsung Galaxy Wearable App
  • Battery: 7-8 hours (Earbuds), 20 Hours (Case)
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.2
  • Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Review: Final Verdict

Pros Compact size, Comfortable fit, ANC & Ambient Sound modes, Fast Wireless Charging, Immersive 360 Audio, Bluetooth 5.2
Cons Glossy but Slippery buds, Sensitive Touch
Verdict Premium Earbuds with best-in-class ANC provide great value of money
Buy Now Amazon

After using Buds 2 for 10 days, I am totally loving them. I got Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 for 5500 INR ($70 USD) and they are totally value-for-money earbuds for me. There are a few other earbuds options under 5000 price range but since I am using Samsung Smartphones and devices, I wanted to get the benefit of the whole Samsung ecosystem. Apart from that, I really don’t want Chinese earbuds from Tier-2 brands that are hit or miss.

For a premium, high-quality experience, Samsung Buds 2 is just good to go. If you are looking for affordable, value-for-money, earbuds from Samsung having best-in-class ANC, Sound, build quality, Wireless charging, and 360 Audio, Samsung Buds 2 is an easy recommendation.

Does Samsung Buds 2 make sense even after 1 year in 2023? Yes absolutely. If you are getting it for this price, there is no reason to not consider these Samsung Galaxy Buds 2.

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