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Just 10 Whatsapp Update That You Should Know Right Now [UPDATED]

by Jayant
new whatsapp upadate 2017 thetechtoys dot com

The instant messaging app, Whatsapp is getting better and better with each Whatsapp update. Starting from a free messaging app, now it became one of the most popular messaging apps with over 1 Billion downloads on Play Store and million downloads on App Store.

With that, many people use Whatsapp on the daily basis. Students use the app for sharing notes, businessmen are sending invoices and documents on WhatsApp but there are still a lot of people who are wasting the potential of Whatsapp. They are not aware of the latest Whatsapp features.

Do share this post with your parents, relatives, friends, colleagues so that they can use it in a best possible manner. Before starting, make sure you have latest WhatsApp installed on your smartphone. So, here are some latest Whatsapp features that you should know:

Send Colorful Text Status

This is the most recent Whatsapp update that came in August 2017 where you can send colorful text status on WhatsApp. The update came from the Facebook stories. In the Whatsapp text status, you can send formatted text (Fonts) with the Solid color background.

new whatsapp upadate thetechtoys dot com

To use this Whatsapp update, all you need is to go to the status window. Here you will find 2 options now, one with the camera and another with the stylus kind of icon. Tap on the icon and add text and colorful background. The text status works well if you want to convey a message to all your contacts without sending them the message.

Send Any Files Without losing the Quality

Yes, I hate it when someone sends me the 4 Minutes long Despacito’s New Remix mp3 file of 720Kb because I always prefer to listen to high-quality music or no music. I don’t want someone to send me mp3 on WhatsApp that ruins the punch of the music. It is better to listen to online music. Here are some great music streaming apps for iPhone and Android.

But hey, that was an old story. You got a new favorite music? Send me now on Whatsapp. But before that, make sure you follow this way to send me that mp3 file.

Tap on the attachment icon, now, instead of tapping on the audio file, tap on the document. Now, tap on “Browse other docs…”. Now select the file that you wanted to send. It can be a music file, document, image, video, apk file or any possible file in your phone.

new whatsapp upadate thetechtoys dot com

With this, you can send the original file instead of sending the compressed, low quality, noisy file.

Delete the Sent Messages

delete sent whatsapp message

Sent the wrong message to the right person or vice versa? The new Whatsapp update will help you out. This is a recent update in the Whatsapp. Using this feature, you can delete the sent messages from both Sender’s and receiver’s end. But, you can only do that within a certain period of time. You can delete the Sent message within 15 minutes which was 7 minutes intitially. After 15 minutes of sending the message, you will not get the option to delete the message from both ends.

Listen to Whatsapp Audio Privately without Earphones

Many Whatsapp users are not aware of this Whatsapp feature but it is a pretty cool feature. Well, we all have friends and some are nasty who used to send some really great but not so socially compatible audios over Whatsapp. Or in another case, someone sent you an important audio message on Whatsapp (because important things are not meant to send on saarahah) and there is a lot of noise around you. What you gonna do? Here is what you can do?

Download the audio message and play it (like you always do). Just after playing that audio file, bring up the phone and keep it close to the ear (like you do while calling). The Proximity Sensor of your phone will get activated and now you will hear the audio message from the earpiece instead of the speaker. Now don’t tell me you know that but never used that. Try it. It saved me many times.

Share Live Location

If you are a Snapchat user, then it may sound familiar to you. This new WhatsApp feature is something like Snapchat’s SnapMap feature where you can see the Live location of people on an interactive map. WhatsApp feature is not that good as Snap Map but to some extent, it is quite useful. Just tap on the attachment pin in the text area and then choose a location.

Here you will get the option of Live location. Just tap to share. You don’t need to worry about stalkers as you need to turn on the LIVE location for each contact. You can turn off sharing the LIVE location anytime.

Create your Own GIFs on WhatsApp

You are probably know how to send gifs on WhatsApp. If not, it is right next to emojis you use to send on WhatsApp. Anyways, there are a lot of gifs you can send but what if you want to send your own personalized gif on WhatsApp to your family, friend or to a special person in your chat list? In that case, you can create your own personalized gif using the phone’s camera.

new whatsapp upadate thetechtoys dot com

To create the gif, tap on the camera icon and record a video or attach the video you want to send but make sure it the recorded video should be less than 6 Seconds. And if you are sending an attached video, you have to snip the video into 6 Seconds video. The moment your video gets less than 6 Seconds, you will get an additional option of Gif. Just tap on the Gif option and your video will be automatically converted into Gif.

See Also: How to Make Gifs in Photoshop?

Let Google Assistant/Siri Work For You

Google Assistant is like a baby Jarvis which can do almost everything that Jarvis can do for Tony Stark. No Google Assistant cannot use Fire Extinguisher yet. Jokes apart, Google Assistant has some really great things to do, you can check the list of Tasks Google Assistant Can Do for You.

Well, Google Assistant can do another good thing that you can actually use on your daily basis and that is sending Whatsapp Messages through your voice. I have tried it and it works brilliantly. Google Assistant can understand Hindi, English, Punjabi (to some extent). No, you don’t need to open Whatsapp App, just say, Ok Google > Send a Whatsapp message to <Contact Name> and speak the message following with the Google Assistant voice. It will send the message in no time.

new whatsapp upadate thetechtoys dot com

Like Google Assistant, iPhone users can also send the Whatsapp message using SIRI. Google Assistant is available on iPhone though.

Decide Who can See your WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp status or say the story was the big update and everyone got crazy for that. Some for good and some for bad. But now, it is getting better with each update. Many people are using it for sharing their WhatsApp status but not everyone in our chat list is required to see our Whatsapp status. In that case, we can modify the list of people who can see our status.

new whatsapp upadate thetechtoys dot com

To modify the list of recipients, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Status. Here you can change the preference of people who can see your WhatsApp Status.

Change the Whatsapp App Language

This feature is not required for most of the people but still, if you want to use WhatsApp in your native language, you can do that by simply changing the App language. The beauty of WhatsApp is that it only changes the Whatsapp language, not the system language.

new whatsapp upadate thetechtoys dot com

To change the WhatsApp language, all you need to go to Settings > Chats > App language. There are almost all the Indian Languages and it varies according to your geographical location.

Pin the important Chat (Android Only)

Here we have another great feature that you are probably missing. The Chat Pin feature is available only for Android users. This option is great for those who just had an important conversation which includes documents, numbers, and stuff. You can pin that chat and that Chat will always remain at the top of the chat list.

Chat Pinning Whatsapp thetechtoys dot com

To do that, simply tap and hold on to the chat you want to pin. Now, just tap on the Pin Icon to pinned the chat.

Get the Best out of WhatsApp Update

So these were some of the latest WhatsApp updates till now that you should know for getting the best out of the WhatsApp. I will keep on updating this list of Whatsapp updates, so stay tuned.If you wanted to know do something more on Whatsapp, here is GBWhatsapp for you which is a MOD app of original Whatsapp APK. In GB Whatsapp, you will find some really cool features like you can hide ‘Typing’ status, you can lock individual chats, lock WhatsApp without 3rd party locker apps and much more. GBWhatsapp new version download is available for free. All you need to do is to download the app and install it on your device. You don’t need to Root/Jailbreak your device for GBWhatsapp.

Whatsapp is pushing hard to give the best experience to their user. Whatsapp is also working on an update where we will be able to watch Youtube videos within the Whatsapp chat and this is going to be another great WhatsApp update. But right now, these features are enough to make you a pro-WhatsApp user.

Here are some more Whatsapp features that You are missing. Do you know some another interesting hidden feature of WhatsApp? Let me know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share it with your friends on your social media.

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ANAND November 15, 2017 - 11:36 am

Whats app is available in multi languages now?

Jayant November 15, 2017 - 1:18 pm

Yes. You can change the WhatsApp’s in-app language.

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