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5 Ways How Technology Changed the World for Good

by Jayant

You only have to travel 30 years into the past to see how little technology impacted our lives. If the power went off back then, you could have easily got on with your day. But now, you would struggle to do the simplest of tasks without electricity and the internet. Technology changed the whole functionality of this World and will keep on changing for good.

5 Ways Technology Changed the World

Here are some of the things technology gave us and changed how we live our daily life.

1. Smartphones & Communication

The phone has been one of humanity’s biggest achievements. Even before mobile phones were available, you could still speak to someone on the other side of the world using a landline. Smartphones have taken our ability to communicate with the whole to a new level. Not only do smartphones keep us connected 24/7, but they also allow us to access an unfathomable amount of information in an instant. Our smartphones can be both a blessing and a curse so it’s important to have healthy boundaries with our smartphone usage. Overexposure to social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook is leading us to mental destruction and that should not be ignored at any cost.


The high-quality cameras, crispy, sharp, big displays, super-fast processing, ability to connect the whole world with a single tap, all this is in our pocket. Smartphones are indeed one of the best gifts from technology to mankind.

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2. Banking & Finance

The days of using cash are rapidly disappearing. Back in the 1990s, using a checkbook was the best way to pay for big purchases and your bills. A pile of bills would arrive through the door every month for your utilities and you had to write a cheque for every last one of them. Now, thanks to direct debits and other services like Forex Trading you barely need to give your finances a second thought.

Bank balances can be tracked in real-time and purchases made with the tap of your contactless card. The UPI and other digital platforms like GPay, Paytm, PayPal,  PhonePe, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, made things really easy and fast. The great thing is how everyone can adapt to it. 

From a street hawker to luxuries shop in a mall, anyone and everyone can use the power of the internet to pay, receive and manage their money.

3. Entertainment

The cinema experience is something that is enjoyed around the world for over 100 years. And since the invention of the TV in 1927, we have had the ability to bring stories into our homes. The cinema stayed a staple of date nights until the early 2000s. But you don’t need to leave the house to enjoy the experience now. TVs are the biggest they have ever been with affordable sound systems and streaming services to access the latest movies.


You can still go to the cinema but the option to stay in and enjoy a movie is just as great. With the pandemic situation, big production houses even released the movies on Netflix, AppleTV, Amazon Prime Video which is a clear indication of how technology changed our world. If you have a firestick, you have all the entertainment in your tv.

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4. Transportation

It was only 30 years ago that you still had to choke a car. That sounds made up but it was a thing that you had to do every time you started your car in the past. Now, we have cars like Tesla, BMW i3, Mercedes EQ series which are not only equipped with high-class technology but run of electricity. The electric car giant, Tesla is the first company that launched Electric Cars for consumers. Unlike other electric cars before Tesla, Tesla also focused on the design and features of their cars which make Tesla the Holy Grail of electric cars. 


Other than Cars, we have HyperLoops, Bullet Trains that ridiculously fasten the speed of transportation. One more thing that has been impacted by technology is Space Exploration. Big giants like SpaceX, BlueOrigin, Virgin Galactic made Space Travel even more exciting. Even NASA is using Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket for their space shipment because of its affordable cost and reliability. Mars expedition is no more a science fiction but a beautiful and somewhere terrifying reality.

5. Health Care

Health Care is another aspect that is blessed with technology. The hospital equipment is capable enough to detect the disease before happening and cure the disease. Not only that, Apple, Samsung, Fitbit has Smart Watches equipped with Heart Beat sensors that can help people with heart problems, blood pressure, oxygen level, and whatnot. Genetic engineering, cloning, test-tube babies is possible just because of advancement in technologies.

During the Covid-19 situation, Oxymeters were life-saving equipment that can alert the person when oxygen level drops due to lung infection. All this because of technology. The good thing is that technology is not limited to a smaller group of people or enterprises, but available for consumers like you and me.

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5 Ways How Technology Shaped the World

There are thousands of ways that technology is shaping the world and we don’t realize it. It won’t be until we look back at how the world has changed that we understand the extent of the impact. We can’t wait to see how the next 30 years of technological advances shape the world around us.

But advanced technology also comes with great responsibilities. Do not make technology goes against you because consequences would be deadly.

How technology improved your life? Let us know in the comment section below.

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