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5 Innovative and Effective Digital Marketing Techniques for 2022

by Jayant

Living in the digital age means that technology is constantly at the forefront of public conversation. Customers in the 21st century expect innovation and creativity, and for businesses, the best place to showcase this and draw in crowds is through marketing. Marketing has come a long way from the staid, static images in glossy magazines of yesteryear. Now, there’s no limit to the imagination, and companies can make use of a range of technology to make their mark. Here are just a few innovative marketing techniques that are making splashes in 2022.

Interactive Video

If you’ve been paying attention over the last couple of years, you might have noticed that video marketing has been gaining ground. Thanks to better Internet connectivity and more sophisticated devices like smartphones, video has been tightly woven into daily online life, and companies and marketers are now making the most of it. As of now, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat are the best platforms for interactive video marketing.


In fact, video is so significant that CMO Council found that 48% of English-speaking consumers want the video to reflect specific products or services that they’re interested in, while 43% want the video to be more interactive. And as smartphone adoption grows, video will continue to play an important part in digital marketing for the foreseeable future.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) may seem like the stuff of science fiction, but it’s very present and has been slowly but steadily growing in significance over the past few years. Tech writer Tom Mainelli has written about the opportunities available for AR technology in a number of fields, including how AR will eventually become as commonplace as the laptop or tablet. Smartphones manufacturer like Google, Samsung, and Apple are working on AR and new smartphones are coming with AR apps out of the box. Brand placements in those apps are pretty easy and precise. Samsung right now has AR templates by wayfair.com.


Smartphones have played a part in AR’s growing significance, with better video and other specs enabling app developers and companies to push the technology to its limits. AR is useful for retailers, with the IKEA Place app and the American Eagle AR app as notable examples. Companies who invest in this technology may come in ahead of the curve, and at the moment the possibilities are limitless.


Sometimes the best marketing is your customer service, and the 21st century answer to that is the chatbot. Chatbots have risen in popularity over the past 5-years, and are popping up on websites with increasing frequency. We’ve previously reported on the Ways a Chatbot Can Benefit Your Business, including their effectiveness for blogs and their cost-efficiency. If you haven’t put any thought into developing a chatbot for your own client or company, now may be the time.


In an ideal world, every new customer would also be a returning customer. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, and for decades businesses have struggled to develop ways to motivate customer loyalty. Thanks to new technology, however, the solution to that problem is easier than ever. Retargeting isn’t exactly a new concept, but paired with digital technology it’s now become more convenient and more effective.

Plus, it doesn’t even have to be fully online. A post on direct mail retargeting by Triadex Services discusses how it yields eight times the response rate of digital remarketing. It also has a longer shelf life and can direct customers to your website, app, or brick-and-mortar store depending on what you need. Whether online or offline, investing in remarketing is a great way to keep your market’s attention.

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Email List

The Email list is an underrated marketing technique and a lot of businesses are not leveraging the email subscribers. While some of the businesses that are providing online services or products are using Email as their primary marketing technique. Using Facebook Pixel and Email, you can set up a precise marketing campaign. Moreover, the Email list is also handy at the time of offer or product promotion. Tools like ConvertKit provides email automation and funnels that are very effective marketing technique in 2020.

Digital Marketing Techniques in 2022: Conclusion

These are some of the best digital marketing techniques any business can leverage to maximize their revenue and ultimately profits. The marketing trend is now shifting towards the internet and a lot of businesses already switched to online marketing from traditional offline marketing. Blog promotion, Influencer marketing are some of the other marketing techniques that are followed by a lot of business houses. With all that, one thing will always remain constant and that is Customer Experience. Which is your preferred way of digital marketing? Is it Video marketing, Email, AR? Let us know in the comments below.

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