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9 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000 in India (July 2023)

by Jayant

Looking to buy the best Bluetooth speaker under 5000 in India? We have some of the best options for Bluetooth speakers that you should consider.

Most Bluetooth speakers are used for portable entertainment be it for movies, pool parties, music, etc. The Bluetooth Speakers are portable, affordable, and can produce some really good quality sound. There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers available in the market but when it comes to top-notch sound quality, we have limited choices.

Below are some of the Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India that you can consider buying. Check out the best truly wireless earbuds under 5000.

9 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000 in India

There are a lot of good Bluetooth Speakers available online and eventually, the same thing creates a lot of confusion also. Confusion turns into a challenge when you have a limited budget for Bluetooth Speakers. But today, we are going to discuss some of the Best Bluetooth Speakers under 5000 in India that would help you in making a buying decision.

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1. JLB Flip 4

JBL Flip 3 is the most popular Bluetooth speaker by JBL. It’s portable, durable, powerful and you can buy it under Rs. 5000 in India. The build quality of Flip 3 is solid with a soft rubberized finish. It feels absolutely smooth in hand. The speakers are covered with mesh fabric material that looks premium.


The bass radiators at both ends respond to different levels of bass and it looks absolutely gorgeous to the eyes. The speaker is IPX7 Waterproof and it can easily handle water. On a full charge, it can easily give you a battery backup of ~12-15 hours. Using USB 2.0 to micro USB cable, you can charge it and it takes 3-4 hours to charge from 0% to 100%. JBL Flip 4 is, no doubt, the best Bluetooth speaker under 5000 in India. Simply go for it.

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2. Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Angle 3

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Cambridge SoundWorks is a US-based company that deals in Consumer Audio products and was founded in 1988 by Henry Kloss, an audio engineer, and businessman. Oontz Angle 3 is a popular Bluetooth Speaker under 5000 in India that comes in an excellent distinct design. The Oontz Angle 3 has two precision acoustic drivers that deliver excellent stereo sound and enhanced bass.

It has a 2250mAh of battery that can give you a playback time of 12 hours in full charge. The design of the Oontz Angle 3 is different from all the Bluetooth speakers available in the market and looks really good.

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Another thing that makes it different from other Bluetooth Speakers is the IPX5 Rating. Yes, the Oontz comes with IPX5 certification that makes it splash-proof, rainproof, dustproof, sand proof which means you can take it to outdoor showers, beaches, poolside, gym, cycling, and more. This Bluetooth shower speaker also has a 3.5mm jack for AUX-In cable and also comes with an inbuilt mic for hands-free calling.

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3. DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth

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You may probably get the idea by the name of the Bluetooth speaker. Anyway, let me tell you about the DOSS Bluetooth Speaker. The DOSS Touch Bluetooth Speaker has Capacitive Touch controls for Play, Pause, Volume, Next, and Previous and there is no other speaker in the list with Capacitive touch controls. The capacitive touch control buttons have a white LED-backlit and a blue backlit on the big circle in the center of the speaker for controlling volumes. The LED-backlit makes it easy to find the controls even in the dark, moreover, it looks beautiful.

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Apart from Touch controls, the DOSS Bluetooth Speaker is also a great speaker that provides Stereo Sound with dual high-performance drivers (6W x 2) and a uniquely enhanced bass. Receiving calls through DOSS is also easy. There is a dedicated touch button to receive calls. Other than Bluetooth 4.0, you can also enjoy music through micro SDCard, AUX. That means Music will not stop even if your phone ran out of battery.

Talking about the battery, DOSS Bluetooth Speaker has a 2,200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides 12 hours of continuous playing time on a full charge.

If you need an elegant-looking and powerful stereo sound Bluetooth speaker, DOSS Bluetooth Speaker is for you. The touch controls on Bluetooth Speaker make it stand out from the crowd and make it the best Bluetooth speaker under 5000 in India.

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4. Sony SRS-XB13


Meet this little beast from Sony. Sony called it SRS-XB13. If you love to hear EDM music, this Bluetooth speaker would be your next favorite on-the-go speaker. Sony claims that SRS XB-13 is made for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) lovers, which comes with extra bass. If you are using a budget-oriented laptop with bad or decent speakers, this tiny-looking Bluetooth speaker will make your entertainment experience 10x better.

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The Bluetooth speaker is IP67 Rated and doesn’t get bothered by water and dust. For calling, Sony SRS XB-13 comes with an inbuilt mic for hands-free calling as well as for voice assistants. You can enjoy your favorite music anywhere for 16 hours after a full charge.

The design of the SRS XB13 is very compact and portable. Available in 4 vibrant colors, this is no Sony SRS-XB13 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 you can buy in India.

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5. Echo Dot (4th Gen)


You might be wondering why I have added Echo Dot here to the best  Bluetooth speaker list. Amazon Echo Dot is an Alexa-powered smart speaker that works on your voice. You can ask Alexa to do a couple of tasks like playing music, reading news, checking whether, turning on/off lights (Smart Bulbs require), and whatnot.

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Along with all that, you can also use the Echo Dot 4th Fen as a Bluetooth speaker. Simply ask Alexa to connect Bluetooth and it will automatically connect your phone with it. Once connected, you can use Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker. The problem is, that you need to keep it connected to the internet as Alexa didn’t work offline yet. If you want a smart speaker for the home only and you have wifi connectivity at home, you can definitely grab this amazing piece of tech. Also, this is a great Bluetooth speaker under 5000 in India.

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6. JBL Clip 4


JBL Clip 4 is a popular Bluetooth speaker from JBL. If you have a limited budget and looking for the best Bluetooth speaker under 5000 from a Tier-1 brand, JBL Clip 4 is definitely one of the options for you.

As the name is suggesting, you can clip this speaker anywhere and start streaming music right away. JBL Clip 4 is powered by JBL Pro Sound which makes sure you get deep, dense bass even on high volume. Bluetooth 5.1 gives you a strong connection and gives you an extended range.

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JBL Clip 4 is also IP67 rated that making it water and dust-proof. You can take it anywhere around water, dusty places like Parks, playgrounds, and beaches. On a full charge, you get 10 hours of playback, which also depends on the volume levels. You can charge the JBL Clip 4 using a USB Type-C cable and it takes around 3 hours to get 100% from 0% battery level.

Available in 10 vibrant colors, JBL Clip 4 is one of the best Bluetooth speaker under 5000 you can buy.

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7. JBL GO 3


Here is another extremely popular Bluetooth speaker by JBL. JBL Go 3 is the latest version of the JBL Go lineup. It is slightly improved and now comes with a Rugged Fabric Design. Even after redesigning the speaker, JBL didn’t sacrifice the IP67 water-resistant and dust-resistant. It is still safe from water splashes and dust. It looks more sleek and elegant than its predecessor.

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On a full charge, you can listen to music for straight 5 hours. This Bluetooth speaker under 5000 comes with a USB Type-C port for charging the speakers. JBL Go 3 now comes with Ultimate JBL Pro Sound which is loud and clear. You are going to experience distortion-free deep bass output on optimum volume level.

Considering the size of this Bluetooth speaker, the sound totally surprised me. You can literally carry it in your pocket. Available in 10 vibrant colors, JBL Go 3 is definitely the best Bluetooth speaker under 5000 in India.

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8. Philips Audio TAS1505


Yet another Bluetooth speaker but this is from Philips and at an affordable price. The Bluetooth speaker is extremely portable and still comes with IPX7 certification which makes it water-proof and you can submerge it into the 1m deep water for up to 30 minutes.

For connectivity, Philips TAS1505 uses Bluetooth 5.0 and works smoothly in the range of 20 meters. For charging, it uses USB Type-C connectivity. On a full charge, you can expect a battery life of around 8 hours which is pretty impressive for this size of Bluetooth speaker under 5000.

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It comes with a 1.6-inch driver that delivers a clear bass output and you will definitely enjoy the sound experience. All in all, Philips TAS1505 is an impressive Bluetooth speaker and definitely deserve a place in this list of best Bluetooth speaker under Rs. 5000.

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9. Tribit MaxSound Plus


Here is another powerful Bluetooth speaker under 5000 that comes with a great set of features at an affordable price tag. Tribit MaxSound Plus is an extremely portable Bluetooth speaker that you can carry in your backpack and fits perfectly for indoor as well as outdoor events.

Talking about the speaker, it comes with a 24w speaker which is powered by XBass technology. It comes with a dedicated XBass button that amplifies the bass output, giving you dense, punchy, boomy bass. Not just the bass, mids and highs are also sharp and remain clear even after turning on the XBass button.

If you are someone who frequently uses Bluetooth speakers outdoors, IPX7 Waterproof certification will safeguard your Bluetooth speaker from rain, water splashes, and when around pools. Tribit MaxSound Plus also comes with an inbuilt mic that you can use to answer calls.

For Connectivity, it uses Bluetooth 5.0 which gives you a reliable, lossless connection up to 100ft. For charging the speaker, we have a Micro USB port and you can use any USB cable to charge the speaker.

For its price, Tribit MaxSound Plus gives you great value for money. If you are looking for an affordable but the best Bluetooth speaker under 5000, Tribit MaxSound Plus is an easy recommendation. Simply go for it.

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Best Bluetooth Speakers under 5000 in India: Final Words

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So these are some of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India and you can consider any of them according to your need and price. If you need a smart Bluetooth speaker, get the Echo Dot 4th which is the finest speaker powered by Alexa. For the best sound experience, you can definitely consider JBL Flip 3, which I’m using, or Sony SRS-XB12 which delivers outstanding sound at its price.

For gaming or more personal entertainment experience, you can consider best headphones under 5000 that will give you personal space and sound.

Here are the best Music apps that you can use to stream high-quality music on your Bluetooth speakers.

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