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6 Best Truly Wireless Earbuds under Rs.15,000 in India

by Jayant

If you have a budget of Rs. 15000 for TWS earbuds, you have limited but some great options to consider. Here we are going to introduce you to the best TWS earbuds under Rs. 15000 that you can buy in India.

As always, we suggest going for the Tier-1 brands only. The budget of Rs.15,000 is good enough to grab the best TWS earbuds from Tier-1 brands like Sony, Sennheiser, Jabra, Apple, and whatnot. The Tier-1 brands have a dedicated R&D team just for experimentation and to build technology that can give you the best sound experience in their products.

Also, please note that Sound is subjective in nature. Some like to have extra bass while others want soulful, calm vocals. All the earbuds under 15,000 are capable to give you the extra bass and soulful vocals with balanced mids and highs, you can just tweak the equalizer for a better experience. Along with that, use good music streaming apps for high-quality streaming.

Enough talking, let’s jump to our list of best TWS earbuds under Rs.15,000. We keep on updating this list with the latest earbuds. Bookmark this post for the latest earbuds under Rs.15,000.

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Best Truly Wireless Earbuds under Rs. 15,000 in India

The below-mentioned earbuds are not ranked in any manner. You can consider any of them that suits your taste and preference.

1. Sennheiser CX Plus


Let’s begin our list of the best tws earbuds under 15K from Sennheiser. If you have any connection with audio equipment or sound, you don’t need any introduction to Sennheiser. Sennheiser CX Plus is a brand new addition to the TWS earbuds lineup in India and this is something you can buy if you are looking for the best tws under 15000.

Sennheiser CX Plus comes with a Sennheiser’s TrueResponse Transducer with a 7mm dynamic driver with an inbuilt equalizer that produces high-fidelity sound with deep and dense bass without losing the crispness and sharpness of mids and highs. You get the frequency response of 5Hz – 21,000 Hz which pretty much covers every sound frequency the human ear can process.

With an inbuilt equalizer, you can customize the sound as per your preference. As I mentioned above, the earbuds are capable to give you deep bass with perfect mids, and highs, and using an inbuilt equalizer, you can adjust that for a better experience. You just need to download the Sennheiser Smart Control app on Android or iOS to adjust the equalizer. You can also customize the touch controls of earbuds using the app.

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We are paying a premium price for the premium brand and you should be expecting some premium features. For that, Sennheiser CX Plus TWS earbuds come with the support of SBC, AAC, aptX, and aptX Adaptive audio codec on both Android & iOS devices. No matter which device you are using, Sennheiser CX Plus will always give a premium sound. With A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP Bluetooth profiles, you can also connect the earbuds with any device you want without compromising the sound quality & experience.

Other than that, Sennheiser CX Plus also comes with Active Noise cancelation, touch controls, IPX4 rating and an ergonomic design. On a full charge, you get 8 hours of power and with the case, you get extra 16 hours of power. You can further charge the charging case using the USB Type-C cable, which came into the box. Available in Black & White colors, Sennheiser CX Plus is indeed the best TWS earbuds under 15000.

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2. Jabra Elite Active 75t


Here we have another pair of best tws earbuds under 15000 from Jabra. Elite Active 75T is a popular TWS earbud in the Jabra’s earbuds lineup and there are a couple of reasons why.

First thing first, it is Active Noise Canceling earbuds that eliminate all the ambient sound and give you absolute silence so that you can enjoy your favorite music artist. You can activate ANC using Sound+ app for the first time and after that, you can activate or deactivate ANC using the button on the earbuds.

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The earbuds come with a 6mm dynamic driver that responds to a frequency of 20hz-20kHz, giving you a great music experience with great bass output and balanced mids and highs. The earbuds support SBC and AAC audio codecs over Bluetooth but there is no support for aptX audio codec as in Sennheiser CX400BT.

Jabra Elite Active 75T also comes with an IP57 rating that makes it sweat and waterproof. If you have an active lifestyle and looking for a running or gym companion, these TWS earbuds are a great choice for you. On a full charge, you get power for 7-8 hours with an extended power of ~20 hours from the Charging Case. Battery performance also depends on the usage. You might not get 7-8 hours of backup with ANC on and 70% or above volume. You can charge the earbuds using the USB Type-C cable.

The earbuds uses Bluetooth 5.0 which is outdated as of now but you are not missing anything here. You can still pair up to 8 devices and connect 2 devices at the same time. Available in 7 colors, Jabra Elite Active 75T is a good recommendation and definitely the best earbuds under 15K in India.

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3. Sony WF-1000XM3


Here we have TWS earbuds from Sony that you can buy under 15000 in India. The earbuds come with a couple of premium features that will make your entertainment experience even better.

The WF-1000XM3 TWS earbuds come with an Active Noise Cancellation feature which is a prime feature of these tws earbuds. Sony actually worked on its own ANC technology and came up with a QN1e processor that gives the absolute soundproof experience when ANC is turned on. The earbuds are equipped with 24bit audio signal processing that gives you an absolute premium listening experience.

The design of the earbuds itself is a style statement. It is not just the design, the earbuds are intelligent enough to sense its position. The Sony WF-1000XM3 comes with an IR sensor that senses the wearing of earbuds. You just need to take the earbuds out from the case and wear it, it will automatically get connected and turned off when removed from the ears.

The touch controls on the earbuds not only give you easy accessibility but also a reason for their sleek and elegant design. On a full charge, you get 8 hours of power without Noise Cancelation and 6 hours with Noise Cancelation. The case extends the battery for 18 more hours. Using a USB Type-C cable, you can recharge the case for more listening.

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One of my favorite features on WF-1000XM3 is the Quick Attention Mode where you just need to place it on the Left earbud and that will instantly lower the volume and deactivate the ANC for conversation with another person around you. Available in Black & Silver color, Sony WF-1000XM3 is the best truly wireless earbuds under 15,000 in India.

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4. Bose Sport


You simply cannot go wrong with the Bose when it comes to sound equipment like earbuds, headphones, and earphones. Please note that the price of Bose Sport is slightly more than 15K but you can easily grab one in a lightning sale for less than 15K.

The design of Bose Sport is made specifically for those who are living an active lifestyle but you can definitely use it even if you have never done a single pushup. The earbuds come with an IPX4 rating making them water and sweat-resistant and ready to be used for cycling, running, gym, or any other activity that involves water or sweat.

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The fit of Bose Sport is pretty solid and you also get a comfortable listening experience even for a longer duration. There is no Active Noise Cancelation in Bose Sport which is a deal-breaker for me but if you don’t want ANC in your earbuds, you are good to go.

Bose Sport also comes with Touch Controls which also understand the gestures. You can swipe up, down, tap & hold, single tap, double tap on the earbuds to perform the different functions like volume down, up, skip, play, pause, checking battery levels, and more.

On a full charge, you get 5 hours of playback and with this case, you get extra 10 hours of playback and with 15 minutes of quick charge, you get 2 hours of backup. All in all, Bose Sport comes with a bold, rough & tough design with great sound quality. If you are looking for premium sound quality for your active lifestyle, Bose Sport is a good choice and definitely deserves the place in the list of best truly wireless earbuds under 15000 in India.

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5. Sony WF-SP800N


Here we have another TWS earbuds under 15000 from Sony. If you want extra bass in your music, these earbuds are for you. To begin with, Sony WF-SP800N comes with Active Noise Cancelation that blocks all the ambient noise around you, giving you a clean and clear music experience. ANC is something you must be expecting in earbuds of this price range. So yes, you are getting premium quality ANC on these earbuds as well.

If you are into gyming and workouts, the earbuds are ready for it. The WF-SP800N comes IP55 rating making it Dust and Water resistant. You can easily use the earbuds in the gym or any other activity that involves sweat, water or dust. The touch controls on Sony WF-SP800N not only give the clean look to the earbuds but also add easy accessibility. Using touch controls you can control all your media. Along with that, there is Quick Attention mode in the touch controls.

To use that, you just need to tap and hold on the left earbud and it will lower the volume and deactivates the ANC for communicating to the person around you. You don’t need to remove the earbuds for talking to another person.

On a full charge, you get 9 hours of power from the earbuds (with Noise Cancelation) and 18 hours (without Noise Cancelation). With a charging case, you get extended power for extra 9 hours (with Noise Cancelation) and 13 hours (without noise cancelation).

Available in Black, White, Blue & Orange colors, Sony WF-SP800N definitely deserves the place in the list of best earbuds under Rs. 15000.

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6. JBL Live Pro+


Here we have another pair of tws earbuds under 15000 from JBL. JBL is a popular name in the industry and JBL Live Pro+ is another reason why.

It comes with an 11mm dynamic driver tuned by JBL for its signature sound. The driver is capable to respond to a wide range of frequencies from 20hz to 20,000hz. The sound is crispy, sharp and at the same time process a great level of bass output. The bass output is not overpowering but if you like bass for EDM music, you can always use JBL Headphone App to customize the sound using an equalizer.

If you are someone who takes a lot of calls on earbuds, you are going to love JBL Live Pro+ because of its 6-mic technology. Usually, TWS earbuds come with a 4-mic setup but this one includes a 6-mic that makes sure you get crystal clear voice calls by cutting off ambient noise and suppressing wind around you while you are calling. With dual beamforming mics, and earbuds make sure it captures everything you said.

Talking about saying things, JBL Live Pro+ is Alexa Enabled earbuds that you can also use to control the smart devices and gadgets at your home. Simply say Alexa and control your appliances, gadgets, devices & more. The music and podcast automatically get paused when you remove the earbuds and play it again when plugged in the back. This is a brilliant feature especially when you have people around you trying to talk to you.

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Touch controls, IPX4 rating, 28 hours of battery backup, Mono Mode, and Adaptive Noise Cancelation are some of the reason that makes JBL Live Pro+ one of the best earbuds under 15000 in India.

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Honorable Mentions for Best TWS Earbuds under Rs. 15,000

The above-mentioned earbuds are good to go for both Android as well as iOS users but there are some of the earbuds that we didn’t mention above because of their compatibility. Here are a few more TWS Earbuds you can buy under Rs. 15,000. You can buy any of them that are compatible with your smartphone.

1. Apple Airpods 2nd Generation


If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you can consider Apple Airpods. Although AirPods are also compatible with Android you will miss out on some of the features that are made specifically for iPhones. If Android users want, you can buy Apple Airpods but keep that in mind, you will not be able to get the complete experience of AirPods on Android. Otherwise, AirPods are brilliant in every aspect, be it sound, fit, comfort, battery, or design.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Earbuds Pro


Just like Apple, Samsung Galaxy Earbuds Pro is suitable for Samsung devices. You will get all the great features like ANC, touch controls, and high-fidelity sound but there are some features that are good for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. If you are using Samsung Smartphone, you can definitely consider these tws earbuds under 15,000.

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6 Best Truly Wireless Earbuds under Rs. 15,000 in India

So these are our top picks for the best TWS earbuds under 15000 that you can buy in India. We deliberately didn’t mention TWS earbuds from Samsung & Apple because they are designed for their respective smartphone. Apple Airpods are great for pair of earbuds but if you are not using iPhone, you will not be able to get the best experience on Android.

Similarly, Samsung Galaxy Buds are great to pair but if you are not using Samsung, you might not be able to get the experience that Samsung smartphone can give.

If you don’t want to spend much, you should also check best Bluetooth earphones under 2000.

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We keep on updating this list of best earbuds under 15000. You can bookmark this blog post and check again for more recommendations.

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