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Best Smartwatch under 30000 in India (March 2023)

by Jayant

Smartwatches are one of the most loved wearable techs these days. You can get a smartwatch in every price segment. If you are looking for the best smartwatch under 30000 with a premium feel and look, you are at an appropriate place. We have some of the best smartwatch under 30000.

Some of these premium smartwatches come with a titanium build, high-quality AMOLED display, Sapphire Screen, and other luxurious material that gives these smartwatches a distinct look and stands above other smartwatches. Not just the looks, but even performance-wise, these premium smartwatches come with a powerful processor, RAM, and internal storage for buttery smooth performance.

For those who have any brand preferences and looking for the best premium-looking smartwatch, continue reading this. There are exceptionally good smartwatches waiting for you.

All the smartwatch mentioned below comes with all the sensors to track the body’s vitals. You don’t need to stress about that. Apart from that, some of the smartwatches mentioned below also support calling. So without any further ado, let’s see our list of best smartwatches under 30000.

If you don’t want to spend that much on a smartwatch and looking for value for money smartwatches, check out our other lists of best smartwatches that will offer you better value for money.

4 Best Smartwatch under 30000 in India

We really don’t have many choices in this price segment but what we have mentioned below is totally worth it and offers you great value for money.

1. Apple Watch SE

Display1.57-inches (40mm) Retina Display
Dial ShapeRectangular
StrapRubberized Silicone
CallingNo (Need Cellular Variant)
Health MonitoringHeartrate, irregular rhythm monitoring, fall alert, SpO2
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If you are already using an iPhone and looking for the best smartwatch under 30000, I would highly recommend Apple Watch SE which is a powerful smartwatch that comes in a super premium design. I really don’t need to justify the quality that Apple delivers in its products. This is a GPS variant and if you want GPS + Cellular variant, you have to shred an extra 5K for that.

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Under the hood, Apple Watch SE  runs on a 64-bit S5 processor which is 20x faster than Apple Watch Series 3. Everything on Apple Watch SE runs buttery smooth and gives a premium user interface and user experience. UI gets better with 1.57 inch OLED Retina Display that boasts a 394×324 pixels resolution.

With Pixel Density of ~326PPI, you are going to get a crispy, sharper display. The thing gets even better with 1000 nits of peak brightness. All over, for its price, this is a great display that you can’t get in any affordable smartwatches. These are the things you experience when you get a premium smartwatch for Rs.30,000.

For tracking the body vitals, we have a heart rate sensor that not only monitors the rate of heartbeat but also notifies you of Irregular heart rhythm. You will also receive notifications when your heart rate is getting low or high so that you can take appropriate action if required.

If you are an adventurous person, a built-in compass and real-time elevation readings are definitely going to help you out. God forbid but if you ever hard fall, Fall Detection automatically senses the fall and notifies the person on your emergency list. And yes, Apple Watch SE is Swimproof and you can easily use them around the pools or under the water. Unfortunately, there is no sensor for Blood Oxygen monitoring in Apple Watch SE.

Inbuilt GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, 32GB of internal storage, and an Aluminum case are some of the other things you will get in the Apple Watch SE. If you want a cellular version, you have to pay more for that. You can also get a 1.73 (44mm) version if you like the big display smartwatch. Apple Watch SE is indeed one of the best smartwatch under 30000 you can buy right now in India.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Watch5

Display1.4-inches Super AMOLED Sapphire Display
Dial ShapeRound
StrapRubberized Silicone
Health MonitoringHeartrate, SpO2, Women Health
GPSGlonass, Beidou, Galileo, GPS
Buy NowAmazon

Here is the brand new smartwatch for Android users, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 which is a much-improved version of the Samsung watch. It comes with premium hardware, design, and UI which is compatible with Android only. If you are looking for the best smartwatch under 30000, Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is something you should definitely consider.

Under the hood, Samsung Galaxy Watch5 runs on a 1.18GHz Dual Core processor with 1.5GB RAM and 16GB Internal storage. The performance of Watch 5 has significantly improved when compared to Watch 4. The whole UI and animation are super smooth and you will not get any jitter or lag while scrolling, transitioning, or switching between the apps.

The whole Watch OneUI 4.5 is optimized keeping the hardware of the smartwatch in mind, making the interface super smooth. For connectivity, we have NFC and Bluetooth 5.2 on Samsung Galaxy Watch5.

Talking about the display, we have 1.4 inches Super AMOLED display that boasts a resolution of 450×450 pixels. With 16 million colors, the looks gorgeous to the eyes. Every picture, animation, and app interface looks premium and gives a great user experience. The display is made of premium Sapphire Crystal which is the second most durable material after diamond. Less prone to scratches and damage is what makes the Sapphire display superior to any other display in the smartwatch.

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You can easily take, reject calls and even dial the numbers right from the smartwatch. The inbuilt speaker is good enough to enjoy the calls. There is no SIM slot in the Watch 5 and it only supports Bluetooth Calling.

For tracking the body vitals, we have an Optical Heart Rate Sensor, Electrical heart sensor, and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor that gives you a proper report on total body fat percentage by analyzing the height, weight, and other body composition. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 also comes with Advanced Sleep Analysis & Women’s health monitoring.

With 90+ workout modes, you will get proper tracking of each activity that you perform while wearing this watch. Calorie tracker, step tracker, swimming, Yoga, Hiking, Running, jogging, cycling you name it and this watch will give it to you. Watch-Mobile Interworking is also a great feature for cycling. The watch will track the heart rate and other vitals and will show them on your smartphone’s screen.

Overall, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is one of the best smartwatch under 30000 that is loaded with great features like Body fat analysis, calling, workout tracker, AMOLED display, wireless charging,  and much more. If you are an android user and looking for the best smartwatch in a premium segment, this is for you.

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3. Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

Dial ShapeRound
Health MonitoringHeartrate, SpO2
Buy NowAmazon

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music is a super rich, premium smartwatch from Garmin that is made for those who are into running, sports, and activity tracking. It is loaded with the latest tech and feels premium.

Talking about the display, it comes with 1.2 inches display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. The display is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and with fiber-reinforced polymer bezels, it gives the smartwatch a premium feel and durability. The silicone textured strap is a high-quality strap that is super soft.

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For tracking the body vitals, we have a lot in this Garmin Forerunner 245 Music smartwatch. To begin with, we have heart rate monitor that constantly keeps an eye on your heart rate and if it found any sort of abnormalities in the heartbeat rhythm, the watch will send you alerts. Other than that, we have SpO2 Blood Oxygen saturation monitor, body energy monitor, stress, sleep, hydration and women’s health monitor.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music is a fully loaded smartwatch that is equipped with high-quality sensors to keep your body vitals intact. The smartwatch is good enough to alert you in case of any abnormalities so that you can take prompt action and seek quick medical assistance. For the safety of its user, it comes with incident detection and sends an alert in case of an emergency.

For sports tracking and reporting, we have a lot of things going on inside Garmin Forerunner 245 Music. You can also create your own custom workout mode using Garmin Connect online fitness community. Be it cardio, strength, yoga, or Elliptical training, it can basically track everything. For complete info on Activity tracking, you should check Garmin official website here.

Inbuilt GPS, Thermometer, Accelerometer, Compass, Find My Phone, Find My Watch, Storage for 500 songs, Call, & app notifications, weather alerts, and dedicated tracking report on Swimming, running, Cycling, Outdoor Recreation are a few other things that make it the best smartwatch under 30000.

Overall, Garmin Forerunner 245 Music is a complete fitness tracker and a great smartwatch that delivers a premium user interface and experience. If you are looking for the best smartwatch under 30000 especially for tracking body vitals and activity tracking, there is nothing better than Garmin Forerunner 245 Music.

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4. COROS Apex

Display1.2-Inch Sapphire Screen
Dial ShapeRound
Health MonitoringHeartrate, AI Trainer, Nutrition Alerts
Buy NowAmazon

Those who have premium taste know what Coros is. If you haven’t heard about Coros yet, let me briefly introduce you. Coros is a premium brand just like Garmin that delivers high-quality, premium-segment smartwatches that are dedicated to runners, and fitness enthusiasts in general.

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Talking about the Coros Apex, it comes with 1.2 inches display having 240×240 pixel resolution and 16 million colors. It is covered with Sapphire Screen which is a high-quality pure aluminum oxide made transparent ceramic that is almost impossible to scratch or break. If your smartwatch has Sapphire Screen, you should understand that you are wearing a premium smartwatch. With Titanium Alloy bezels, the Coros Apex shouts premium quality aesthetics.

For tracking body vitals and activity, we have a lot of sensors, like. Optical Heart Rate Monitor, Barometric Altimeter, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass. Whether it is an indoor run or an outdoor trail run, Coros Apex is ready for it. Apart from that, it can easily track Track Run, Mountain Climb, Hike, Bike, Indoor Bike, Pool Swim, Open Water, Triathlon, Gym Cardio, GPS Cardio, Ski, Snowboard, XC Ski, Ski Touring, Multisport, Strength, Training.

You get all the reports right on your smartphone which visually makes it easier to analyze the data and performance. With Nutrition Alerts, Coros Apex also notifies you when it is time to have some nutrition or water. AI Trainer let you know the stamina of the body and the time required to recover the body’s stamina. You also get weather updates and alerts in case you are planning a trail run and a storm is approaching.

On a full charge, you get 30 days of power on normal smartwatch use and when you are using full GPS mode, you get around 35 hours of power which is super impressive.

If you are into running, fitness, or just want a super durable, premium smartwatch for everyday use, Coros Apex is indeed one of the best smartwatch under 30000 that you can buy in India right now. You can wear it anywhere, in college, at parties, at weddings, gym, at the office.

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Best Smartwatch under 30000: Conclusion

So there we have all the best smartwatch under 30000 in India. If you are using iPhone and want a smartwatch for everyday use, Apple Watch SE is good to go but if you want a powerful fitness tracker and a smartwatch, consider Garmin or Coros mentioned in this list. Garmin and Coros are compatible with both iPhone & Android.

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Coros and Garmin shout premium quality and features that are rare to see in other smartwatches. Inbuilt GPS, activity tracking, super-optimized software, and massive battery life are some of the things you get in premium smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 on the other hand is the best smartwatch under 30000 for Android users. It comes with body composition analysis which is the best feature you can get in a smartwatch. Apart from that, you also get an AMOLED display in a smartwatch.

If you have a good budget and looking for the best smartwatch under 30000, you now have some of the best options to consider. Do you have any other recommendations for the best smartwatch under 30000? Mention them in the comment below.

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