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BMW Motorrad Navigator VI: Is It the Best GPS for BMW Motorcycle Owners?

by Jayant

It’s no secret that motorcycle owners have a wealth of options at their disposal when it comes to navigating their way to unfamiliar destinations. We all like to ride motorcycles and to find new roads. Without a Navigator, things can turn upside down. Moreover, a Navigator can also improve the riding experience with some addons features. All those great experiences and add-on features are available in Navigator VI from BMW Motorrad. If you’re a BMW motorbike owner,  the BMW Motorrad Navigator VI is just for you and your motorcycle.


What makes the Navigator VI so unique for BMW motorcycle enthusiasts? And why might it be the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a GPS solution that perfectly complements your Bavarian beast? Keep reading to learn more about the BMW Navigator VI GPS.

Features of BMW Motorrad Navigator VI:

Here is what BMW Motorrad Navigator VI has to offer:

1. Sharp 5-Inch Touchscreen Display

One of the most prominent features of the BMW Navigator VI GPS is how it boasts a clear 5″ touchscreen TFT display with 800x480p resolution. This small display is capable to render 65,000 colors which really makes the experience better. Yes, that’s something you would expect from any satellite navigation device.

bmw-motorrad-navigator-vi-screenHowever, what makes the BMW Navigator VI special is that it incorporates a CPOL or Circular Polarization filter. That makes it suitable for use on motorcycles as it ensures optimal readability, even during direct sunlight exposure.

You can control everything anything with mere a touch of your finger. No need to press any buttons while you are on road.

2. Advanced Friendly Route Planning

When you look at https://bmw.europe-moto.com/gb/8-motorcycle-parts-and-accessories-bmw-motorrad, you’ll notice an array of features and benefits for the BMW Navigator VI. One of those features, of course, is how it offers motorcycle-friendly route planning.

For example, it has a “Winding Roads” option that plots scenic routes for bikers that want to take in more of the scenic highlights around them. And the BaseCamp route planning software lets users segment each section of their route with ease.

What is particularly attractive about the BMW Navigator VI is how it can get programmed to select roads specifically suitable for motorcycles. It can even get told to avoid highways or major country roads.

3. Round-Trip Planning Options

There will inevitably be times when BMW motorcycle owners want to go somewhere and then return to their start location. On a conventional GPS unit, users would typically have to plot two separate routes. Thankfully, you can save time and frustration with the BMW Navigator VI, thanks to its Round-Trip planning options. You can create routes with an identical start and finish and even a specific duration.

4. IPX7 Water-Resistance build

All BMW motorcycle enthusiasts will testify that they sometimes have to ride their examples of German engineering in the most atrocious of weather conditions. You will be able to use the BMW Navigator VI in extreme weather conditions ranges from -20 °C to +55 °C. As you can imagine, a GPS unit designed for motorcycle use has to withstand the elements.

The good news is the BMW Navigator VI has IPX7 water resistance, plus it’s also petrol-resistant. According to https://news.outdoortechnology.com, IPX7 means the BMW Navigator VI could theoretically get dropped in up to three feet of water and still work.

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5. Supports Music Playback Via Bluetooth

Another great feature of the BMW Navigator VI is how you can stream music to it from your smartphone. The playback of your favorite tunes is controllable exclusively from the BMW Navigator VI, so you can keep your smartphone safely tucked away while you’re riding. The music streaming feature is fully compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones.

You can connect the BMW navigator via Bluetooth to the headset, or Bluetooth-enabled helmets and enjoy the music while riding.

6. Easy Charging Options

The battery is something that can ruin the plan of your ride but not with BMW Navigator VI. You get a flexible battery charging option. You can charge BMW Motorrad Navigator VI using the motorcycle’s on-board network while you are on road. Other than that, you can also connect the Navigator to the PC via the USB that comes with the package and you can also charge it in the car through a cigarette lighter’s power socket (you need hardware to connect).

7. Connection to Motorcycle’s Onboard Network

This is probably the best and far most advanced feature offered by BMW to their motorcycle enthusiasts. You can connect the Navigator to the onboard network via LIN Bus. That way, you will be able to exchange data between the Navigator and the motorcycle.


This feature is limited to specific motorcycles for now. The supported motorcycles are K 1600 GT, K 1600 GTL, K 1600 GTL Exclusive, R 1200 GS (the model year 2013 onwards), R 1200 GS Adventure (the model year 2014 onwards), R 1200 RT.

BMW Motorrad Navigator VI: Final Words

In conclusion, if you’re a BMW motorcycle owner and want a reliable GPS solution, the BMW Navigator VI could be for you. It is already loaded with a lot of great features which are not offered by any other Navigator for BMW. No doubt the BMW Motorrad Navigator lineup is getting better and better and we are really excited to know what the future holds for the Navigator. 

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bob May 16, 2022 - 3:49 am

I have a 2018 BMW R1200RT and have had to replace the VI three times. The warranty covered it but in my opinion this unit is a POS.


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