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Snapchat New UI: What’s New and Where is My Stuff?

by Jayant
how to use new Snapchat

We human resist change but when 83% People resists, it becomes a matter of concern, not for us but for Snap Inc. The recent Snapchat update has shaken up the Snap Inc. confidence over the thing called CHANGE. Recently, the Snap Inc. did some major changes in the Snapchat’s UI and people are going crazy about it. According to recent news, Kylie Jenner tweet about Snapchat’s new interface just vanished $1.3 Billion from the market value of Snap Inc. To me, it is just a coincidence.


The 6% fall in the market value of Snap Inc. costs $1.3 billion, well that is enough to stagger the Snap Inc. corporate office.

To be honest, when I saw the new UI of Snapchat, I literally said, “wow, that looks better”. Don’t judge me but that is the holy truth. The things for Snapchat goes even worst when 1.2 Million Snapchat user signed a petition to revert the old Snapchat UI. *I am laughing right now.

I don’t understand, why these users are getting so stagnant for this change. It is just an app that connects you with your favorite people online. In few days, everyone will get used to it and Snap Inc. knows that. This is how Snapchat responded to the petition –

Snap Inc. replied in part, “We completely understand the new Snapchat has felt uncomfortable for many. By putting everything from your friends in one place, our goal was to make it easier to connect with the people you care about most. The new Friends page will adapt to you and get smarter over time, reflecting who you’re most likely to be Snapping with at that moment.”

With that, don’t expect any update that will revert to the old Snapchat interface. Once you start using it, you will definitely be going to love it.

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Everything you love about Snapping on Snapchat is at its place but in a new & organized manner. Let’s see where is your stuff on new Snapchat UI:

New Snapchat UI: Where is My Story?

Adding Stories on Snapchat is still the same. You open the app, saw the camera screen, you clicked or record a video, add stickers, emojis, text etc. and just tap the Blue Arrow at bottom right corner, select My Story or Our Story and it’s done.

In the previous version of Snapchat, you used to see your story at the top of the Stories screenYou used to swipe right and you find your story at the top of it.

But now, in the new Snapchat UI, you will find your story at the camera screen itself (the center console of Snapchat). You will find your Story at the top left corner of the Snapchat’s Home screen. There you can have all the Story Settings and you will see the people who had seen your story.

snapchat new UI story

Also, there you can edit Bitmoji, Add Friend, Sharing Snap code and all. You will get everything once you posted a Story on new UI.

New Snapchat UI: Where are My Favorite People?

Yes, this is the major change in the Snapchat UI and this is the reason, why people are going insane & leaving Snapchat. The main agenda of Snapchat was to separate the friends and family from Celebrities & other media content.

Previously, there was a single Story page where we used to found all the stories irrespective of the type of user. Previously, you were seeing Kendall Jenner’s and your girlfriend’s story on the same screen. But Not Anymore.

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The new Snapchat interface just separated the stories on the two different pages. You will find your family & friend’s stories or Personal content, that is on the Left-hand story page and celebrities’ stories or Media content at the right-hand screen called Discover Screen. This is actually not necessary that anyone in the Discover page is a celeb. Basically, anyone having huge following including Youtubers, Influencers, models etc. will get the place on the Discover page while other users (friends and family) on the left-hand story’s screen.

personal discover content snapchat ui

Moreover, like Instagram’s Explore button, now you can explore people on Snapchat too. The new Snapchat now recommends you, people (only celebrities) that are not on your friend’s list. The new Snapchat’s algorithm reads your friend list and then accordingly shows you the recommendation in the Discover Screen.

Like if you are Following Gary Vaynerchuk on Snapchat, chances are there of getting Tony Robbins’ recommendation by Snapchat as both are influencers of the business world and life coach at the same time.

“This way, you can connect more with the family and friends” that’s what people in Snap Inc. are saying.

New Snapchat UI: How to see Stories & Chat with People?

This is another key update in the new Snapchat UI. In the previous UI, there were stories in the left-hand screen and to initiate the chat, we used to swipe up on the story but now, in the new Snachat UI, Stories and Chat are on the same screen.

For seeing the stories of family and friends, you swipe left. There you will see the list of people and their stories. Now, to see their stories, you have to tap on the Rounded story thumbnail and to chat with them, you have to tap on the Name.

snapchat new ui chat stories

There is no separate option or screen for Stories & Chat. Moreover, Snapchat now asks if you want to watch next story or not and that is a pretty good option.

Combining Stories & Chat seems little irritating to me because we are used to tapping on the person’s name which now opens up the chat box instead of Story. Ugh…

Snapchat New UI: Where are the watched stories & How to Watch the stories Again?

Another thing that I’ve to struggle with was, seeing the story again. At the first time, I saw a story and due to some reasons (ahem ahem) I wanted to see that again but I found no option to do that. Previously, all the watched stories stacked below the New Stories but now there is no such Watched Story Stack. So, how to watch Snapchat stories, Again ?

see stories again on snapchat new ui

So, to watch the stories again, all you need to do is tap on the friend’s bitmoji or on the not-so-cool solid colored avatar (in case of no bitmoji), a popup window will appear showing you info & couple of options including Chat, Call, Video Call and then you need to tap on the Story Thumbnail in front of the friend’s name. From there, you can watch the stories again and again (just in case).

Snapchat New UI: What Else You Need to Know?

Snapchat has done significant changes in the app but the sole purpose of the Team Snapchat is to provide the best user interface to their users. There is no change in the core function of the Snapchat, it is now a well-organized app than before. You will get all the personal content at the one screen and other media content on the other screen.

Algorithmically Driven Content

Moreover, media content is now Algorithmically driven which shows you content on the basis of your preferences and taste. If you are more into Music artists, you will see a couple of bands and artists’ stories even if you are not following them. Offcourse you can add them as the friend for regular story updates.

Moreover, the personal content is also algorithmically driven. Snapchat will show the person at the top which is more connected to you on Snapchat and the whole list is arranged in the descending order. The least connected person is placed at the bottom of the list and so on.

New Text Fonts

Apart from that, options like Memories, Snap Map still works the same way. In the Edit Snapthere are new Fonts in the text option which is a good update. You can now write in different fonts which do make your stories more appealing than lame Aerial Text Font.

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new text font snapchat

Shazam on Snapchat

This is not new but I am still adding this. If you are at the place where dope music is being played but you don’t know the song, Snapchat will help you out. Just tap and hold the Camera Screen while music is being played and you will get the name and artist of the song. Not only that, you can also get the option to add the artist as a friend.

shazam on snapchat

New Snapchat UI: Get Used to it

If you are a Snapchat fan and you are using Snapchat from a long time, you will be untouched by the paranoid attacks of people about new User Interface of Snapchat but if you are occasional user and goes with the so-called Society’s trend, you may uninstall the Snapchat. But long story short, Snapchat is still the same. It is a little tweak in the UI that are making people uncomfortable with Snapchat’s new UI.

If you are thinking that Snapchat is going to revert to the old UI in the future update, then let me tell you, You are Goddamn right Wrong. This is not going to happen anytime soon. Snapchat is still amazing and you should get used to it.

Do you know anything more about the new Snapchat update? Let me know in the comment section below and share it with Snapchat Bros. They badly need this right now.

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