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How to Convert Video Files Online

by Jayant

File conversion is the best way to deal with large files or rare formats – you just compress the video or change its format to a more convenient one. At the same time, file conversion is the thing most of us hate or at least try to avoid it. Why? Because it takes our precious time and videos may lose their quality.

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However, we know an online video converter that can make you change your mind. To cut a long story short: it’s fast, it’s free, and it minimizes quality loss.


How to Convert Video Online:

  1. Open this online video converter


Click +Add Your Files and choose the video you need

online-video-converterHit Convert and wait for the file to upload and be processed


When the file is ready, click Download


The range of programs and sites for converting multimedia is quite big: there are online services, desktop software, mobile apps, both paid and free. But here’s why you may prefer this converter:

The most popular output format

You can convert any video to the most popular format – MP4. It is widely supported by most of the devices and platforms so you will be able to open your files on any smartphone and tablet.

High-speed conversion

Thanks to the smart conversion engine, it will take seconds to process your file. This converter is times faster than most of the online services.

Free of charge

While most of the desktop tools providing fast conversion are not free, you can use this online converter for absolutely no cost.

So, basically, if you need to quickly convert any video file – AVI, MOV, MPG, WMV, FLV, and more – you can easily do it with the help of this tool. You can also transform an audio file into MP4, too, if necessary. No need to install expensive software – this online tool will save you both money and time.

Desktop converter: Offline Video Converter

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However, if you expect more from a converter, you can download its desktop version. Not only can it convert files to MP4, but it also supports 180 more multimedia formats, including video, audio, and graphics.

With its help, you can also prepare your videos for specific mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, and even TVs. There are more than 200 ready-made presets, plus automatic device detection enables you to easily find your phone model on the list. All you need to do is connect it to the computer, and the converter will suggest the most preferable settings.


Moreover, there is a built-in editor where you can enhance your files before conversion. The list of tools includes:

  • Stabilization – if your videos are too shaky
  • Audio adjustments, including normalization and noise reduction
  • Color adjustments, both manual and automatic
  • Video-enhancing filters that let you get rid of the most common defects: black bars in vertical footage and fish-eye
  • Subtitles management
  • Watermark placement
  • Cropping

Besides, you can rotate and trim your footage without the need to convert it – it will take you just seconds and won’t affect the file’s quality.


By the way, the desktop version is even faster. If you’re a Windows user, depending on your Graphic card, you can choose one of the acceleration types – Intel, AMD, NVIDIA – and speed up the conversion up to 3-5 times. Plus, you can use the SuperSpeed mode that makes the conversion almost 84 times faster. This becomes possible thanks to the method it is based on – remultiplexing. It means the video stream is not decoded and re-encoded, but simply transferred from one container to another. That is why remultiplexing is also known as lossless conversion – it saves the original quality of the file.

Basically, file conversion may not be so scary after all. With the help of the right software, you can process your videos in the blink of an eye and without loss of quality.

Free Online Video Converters always come in handy if you have an urgent need to change the file’s format. However, if you intend to convert files regularly, consider buying some software with the functionality you need – and most likely such programs provide a free trial period so you can make your choice properly.

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