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Best MIDI Guitar You Can Buy in 2020

by Jayant

The advancement in the consumer tech not only shrank the size of our home appliances but it also impacted the other industries. One of the major industries that have been developed a lot is the Music Industry.

The musical instruments nowadays are getting compact without sacrificing the sacredness of the sound. Talking about smart music instruments, we have Digital MIDI guitar with us. These smart guitars are portable, look good and sounds pretty much the same as the traditional guitars or say better.

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For all those who want to sharp their chords or wanted to convert an idea of sound into a super hit song while traveling or on the go, the MIDI guitar is all you need. Take a look at the best portable MIDI guitar that you can buy in 2020.

Best Portable MIDI Guitar in 2020

Here are some of the top-rated best MIDI guitar.

Jammy MIDI Guitar

Talking about the MIDI guitar, Jammy Guitar is the first thing that strikes in mind. Jammy is a beautiful piece of smart musical instrument that not only sounds great but also portable. The Jammy Guitar is 17″ long but when you disassembled it, you can carry it in your backpack that makes it a highly portable guitar.


Talking about the specifications of this MIDI guitar, it comes with the MIDI controller and you can connect the guitar via USB or Bluetooth. The latency rate is 10—12 ms which is lower than pitch-to-MIDI solutions. You will get steel strings on this Jammy Guitar that are replaceable and you can also adjust the tension of the strings according to your preference.

For the music creators on the go or even in the studio, this Jammy MIDI Guitar is compatible with FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Garageband, Ableton Live, Reason Studios, Groovebox, Native Instruments, and few others professional music production Softwares. 

With Jammy app available for Android & iOS, you will get different guitar sounds and 11 FX pedals inbuilt that you can use to play the different genres of the music. The customizable metronome will make sure you never go out of tempo.


The best thing I loved in Jammy Guitar is that they are always tuned. As it uses MIDI to play the sound, you don’t need to tune every time you pick the guitar for jamming.

You can play Jammy Guitar via headphones or an amp using 1/8″ and 1/4″ jack outputs. With USB Type C charger you can charge the 4400mAH battery that, on a full charge, allows you 6 hours of playing time. Jammy guitar is a bit costly when compared with other MIDI guitar.

Best Buy: Amazon


Jamstik+ is another great player in the MIDI guitar list. Jamstik+ is an affordable smart guitar that also uses MIDI. You can play any instrument on Jamstik+. It is compatible with GarageBand, Loopy, SampleTank, Ableton Live and other music production Softwares. Like Jammy guitar, Jamstick+ is also very portable.


The Jamstik+ is 16 inches long and you can easily carry it very easily but Jamstik+ is not modular like Jammy Guitar. It would be more convenient to carry it in the Jamtik+ carry bag instead of any other backpack.

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Jamtik+ goes great with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and selected Android devices. For all-over compatibility, Jammy Guitar works better than Jamstik+. Like the traditional 6-string guitar, Jamstik+ also uses real strings and frets and you can use all the traditional guitar skills on Jamstik+. On a full charge, you can get the playtime of 8-10 hours which is pretty impressive when compared with Jammy Guitar.

The Jamstik+ MIDI Guitar is a great musical instrument but it is not compatible with Windows and with every Android device, other than that, Jamstik+ is good to go.

Best Buy: Amazon


Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 is a one-man army that let you play a variety of instrument on a single instrument. With the press of one button, you can switch between portable Guitar, Violin, Drums, and Piano. There is an inbuilt speaker on the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 which is pretty loud, clear and good to go for private jamming.


Here is something different from Jammy Guitar & Jamstik+ in Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1. It comes with the Pressure sensitive fingerboard instead of real steel strings. The pressure-sensitive fingerboard also responds to aftertouch to give effects of the traditional instruments. It is something like Roli Keyboards.

Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 is the first MIDI controller that lets you strum, bow, tap, slide, and drum any sound on a single interface. USB connectivity makes Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 compatible with iOS & macOS but there is no support for Android devices yet. With inbuilt 1/8” jack, you can easily connect it to headphones & microphones. There is no Bluetooth connectivity in this smart guitar.

The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 is equipped with an accelerometer that not only respond to sound but also helps the instrument itself. With accelerometer, the device automatically recognizes if the person is Righty or lefty and then modifies the interface accordingly.

Best Buy: Amazon

Jamstik 7

Jamstik+ mentioned above is a MIDI guitar but Jamstik 7 has been marketed as the MIDI guitar trainer instead of MIDI guitar. Jamstik 7 is basically for those who want to learn guitar. The Jamstik 7 apps for iPhone, iPad, macOS provide an interactive way to learn guitar. The app shows the real-time finger placement on the screen that really helps the students in learning the guitar notes and chords in an interactive manner.


The Jamstik 7 is just 18″ long which makes it a portable guitar that you can play even in a car. Jamstik 7 Fret Edition is powered by all-new patented FretTouch Finger Sensing Technology and Infrasense Optical String Pickups that shows the fingers on Fret in real-time on the iPad or iPhone screen.

With Optical Pickups, a light beam recognize the string movement on the fret and translates it into MIDI sound. Like Jammy, Jamstik+, Jamstik 7 also uses real string which is always better than a pressure sensitivity touch board. Jamstick 7 uses High-quality custom guitar nickel steel strings from D’Addario.

For connectivity, there is a USB port and Bluetooth 4.0. Jamstik 7 is powered by 4 AA Batteries that provide you with playing time of up to 72 hours. Jamstick 7 is compatible with iOS, macOS, Windows but there is no compatibility with Android devices yet.

Best Buy: Amazon

Best MIDI Portable Guitar: Final Words

These are some of the popular MIDI guitars that you can buy right now. If you are new to MIDI guitars and wanted to begin, Jamstik 7 is for you. The Optical Pickups in the Jamstik 7 shows the finger position on the screen. This helps the new user to understand the digital guitars in an interactive way. 

Jammy Guitar and Jamstik+ is good for the professionals or for one who plays the guitar and wanted to explore more about the MIDI guitar. You can jam and record the Jammy Guitar and Jamstik+ using professional music production software like Logix Pro X, FL Studio etc. Moreover, Jammy Guitar and Jamstik+ uses real Steel and Nikel strings respectively which is somehow gives the experience of playing traditional guitars but with more refined sound output.

On the other hand, for string-free experience, Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 MIDI guitar is good to go. Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 is not just a portable guitar but it is also a Drum, Piano, Violin and what not. The Pressure-sensitive fingerboard on the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 converts the hand pressure into sound as there are no strings on the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1.

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The portable MIDI guitar is indeed a great product of sound engineering but it would take a really long time to replace the traditional music instruments with physical touch. One thing that we cannot deny is that producing music with hi-tech music instruments is definitely easy when compared the music production using traditional musical instruments.

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