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Chat Pinning Feature is Now Available on WhatsApp Beta

by Jayant
Chat Pinning Whatsapp thetechtoys dot com

The developers of WhatsApp keep on making the messaging app better than the previous one. In all these, sometimes they have to face the setbacks like when WhatsApp removed the Status and replaced it with WhatsApp stories. But when WhatsApp realizes their flop update, they give the Status back on the WhatsApp.

Now, WhatsApp is coming with another update of Chat Pinning. Chat Pinning is not an innovative feature of Whatsapp. In fact, WhatsApp is taking this feature from another popular messaging app called Telegram. Telegram already has the feature of Chat Pinning and good thing is, WhatsApp also working on the same.

Chat Pinning allows you to pin your favorite contacts on the chat list and that pinned contact would remain on the top of the Chat List. So, you don’t need to scroll down and down for finding that person. Along with individual chat, the Chat Pin feature also works on Groups. If your chat list has 10-15 groups but you are only interested in remaining active in a particular group, you can pin that group also.

Chat Pinning Whatsapp thetechtoys dot com

To use the feature, you just need to tap and hold the contact you wanted to pin, a Pin icon will appear on the top and you just need to tap on that pin. When it gets done, you would see a pin in front that pinned contact. In the same way, you can pin a Group. If you want to Unpinned the contact or group, repeat the same process but this time you would see unpin option on the top.

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The feature is available on the beta version of WhatsApp (Version 2.17.163) but soon it would be available on the stable version of Whatsapp.

The feature is really useful for those who maintain the contact with the person through WhatsApp Chats all day long. You can Pin you Mom, Dad, Siblings, friend, Spouse or anyone (bae) who is important for you. Here are some other Whatsapp Updates which are enough to make you a pro-Whatsapp user.


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Monika Sharma May 3, 2017 - 10:40 am

Wow… “Chat Pinning Feature” looks really nice in fact most of people will be surely love this WhatsApp new Feature. Well WhatsApp is keep changing & coming with latest features… that’s most interesting.


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