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Vivo Coming up with On-screen Fingerprint Sensor

Vivo inscreen finger print

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo is quite famous among Selfie lover. Their Moonlight 20MP front-facing camera is something which is not offered by any other big player in the Smartphone Industry. The Moonlight flash with 20MP camera claims to capture the finest selfies you have ever captured with a smartphone which is true. Vivo’s camera quality is pretty good.

Along with Selfie lovers, Vivo is also pretty popular among tech bloggers and influencers. The overprice tag on Mediatek powered Android smartphone is not desirable at all. All the Vivo Smartphones are powered by MediaTek processors and Vivo markets their phone just for Selfie Cameras. The Vivo phones are overpriced and you can get much much better phone in Vivo’s price.

Vivo’s Marketing campaigns are so aggressive. You can literally find the Vivo’s big hoardings in any corner of India. You just cannot ignore a Vivo hoarding, no matter where you live or travel.

Vivo Under Screen Finger-Print Sensor

Vivo inscreen finger print

Nevertheless, Vivo is again in the spotlight and this time, Vivo has done something which is a dream for many big smartphone giants, including Apple & Samsung. Vivo has successfully found the solution for placing the Finger-Print Sensor under the Screen. Yes, now we all going to witness the smartphones without physical fingerprint sensor popping on the design of Smartphone.

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Vivo called it Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanning Technology.

Thi latest tech buzz is coming from MWC Shanghai where Vivo is launching their first ever smartphones that are coming up with Under the Display Finger-Print Sensor.

The under the display fingerprint sensor is also more powerful. This technology can work through glass, OLED screen, and aluminum as well. The technology has been built in collaboration with Qualcomm and and for embedding the fingerprint sensor, it dows ot any further manufacturer. Screen embedded fingerprint sensor also improve the screen to body ratio. The future smartphones would look more like Galaxy S8. Suppose, if Galaxy S8 gets fingerprint sensor embedded Under the display.

iPhone 8 Rumours Turned into Reality?

Display embedded fingerprint sensor was the fantasy more many people but this is an amazing reality now. With that, can we expect the iPhone 8 with display embedded fingerprint sensor?

iphone 8 embedded display fingerprint sensor vivo


Well done Vivo. Great job. Future is pretty fascinating. What do you think about Display Embedded Fingerprint sensors? Are they cool? Let me know in the comments.


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