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How to Get Mac’s Touch Bar on Android Phone

Last year, Apple launched the all new Macbook with a new touch bar that provides some really cool options. The good thing about touch bar is that it is not static but changes with the program you are using. If you are drawing something, you would get a color bar to select different colors, if you are using any music production software, you would get sound effects, seek bar, loops, BPM etc. but that is only on Macbook.

Inspired by this MacBook’s touch bar, one of the iOS developer LaughingQuoll developed an iOS app that allows you to get the touch bar on your iPhone but for that, you need a Jailbroken iPhone. Again taking it as an inspiration, XDA Developer alecot18 developed another app for getting Touch Bar but this time, he created it for Android users.

The Touch bar on Android allows the user to quickly access to a number of options including Wifi, Bluetooth, Brightness, Music controls and other useful options. The good news about that is that it is absolutely free and you don’t need to bear any risk of rooting the android phone. Now that is pretty good news. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

Get MacBook Like Touch Bar on Android

1. To get this feature, first you need to check if the Unknown Source option is disabled, you need to enable it by going to Settings> Security > Switch On the Unknown Sources. Now you can install Apps outside to Play Store.

virus removal from android

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2. Now you need to download a small apk file (1.74 MB) from here (Safe Link). After downloading it, just install it.

3. After installing the app, open it and for the first time, you need to grant permission to the app for Screen Overlay, Write System Settings & Do not Disturb Access. Just tap on the tick in front of each option and turn on the permissions.

Touch bar on android thetechtoys dot com

4. Once you grant the required permissions, Activate the Touch bar. I would also suggest you Add Shortcut of Touch Bar to the home screen.

Once you get done with all the above tasks, you can activate the Touch Bar by tapping on Touch Bar Shortcut you created on Home Screen. (In my case, I need to tap 2 times to open the touch bar).

Touch bar on android thetechtoys dot com

There are a couple of options using which you can customize the Touch Bar. You also need to select the Music Player you wanted to add on Touch Bar. You can select any music player that is installed on your phone including Google Play Music, Spotify etc. You can Play/Pause the music, Play Next, and Previous track.

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If you slide the bar, you would also get options for controlling Brightness, Media Volume, Notification Volume.

Along with all these options, you would also get options to Turn on the Wifi, Bluetooth. There is also a Google Search option for quick Googling.

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Touch Bar on Android

Personally, I really liked the app and it’s all over experience. I am using it from 1 day and I am literally using to for daily usage like turning off the Bluetooth and wifi, for music, for volume and for googling. It is not even close to what MacBook’s Touch Bar can do and it is pretty obvious.

There is a minor bug due to which you need to tap 2 times on the Touch Bar Shortcut to activate the Touch Bar. Let me know if this is not happening on your phone. Otherwise, the app is really cool and performs its function brilliantly.

You should also try it and let me know if you have any problem while using it. I would also love to hear your views on this Android’s Touch Bar. Do share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

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