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Elon Musk Confirmed: Tesla Coming To India this Summer

by Jayant

Dear Indian Tesla Fans, Tesla is coming to India this summer. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors confirms in his reply on Twitter. For those who don’t know what Tesla is. Tesla is a renowned name in the Electric Cars industry. Tesla has their Electric Cars line up which uses only batteries to power their engines.

From the environmental point of view, Tesla Cars are the future cars. With increasing toxic gasses in the air of India, it is now the first priority to look forward to the environment. Tesla Cars are the hope for the future Automobiles.

Elon Musk replied to a person who asked for the future Plans of Tesla for India. Musk in his reply said that “Hoping for Summer this year”.


Nitin Gadkari, the Transport Minister of India also visited Tesla Factory in San Fransisco and urged Tesla to Make India an Asian Manufacturing Hub. With this urge, Nitin Gadkari also offered land near major ports in India to facilitate export to South and South East Asian Countries. Mr. Gadkari also offered a joint venture between Tesla and other Indian Automobile manufacturers with the aim of environment-friendly or say pollution free Road Transport in India.

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Gadkari said, “He proposed to the Tesla senior executives to make India their Asia manufacturing hub and offered land near major Indian ports to facilitate export of their vehicles to South and South East Asian countries.”

In April 2016, Elon Musk tweeted about Tesla plans for India and for other countries including Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, and Ireland.


We already have Electric cars like BMW i8 which is an electric car but that is not for families. What makes Tesla different from other battery cars manufacturer is Tesla manufactures the cars with more realistic and practical design and te cars which are accessible for household users.

tesla India the tech toys

Tesla Model 3 is a sedan and has the seating for 5 adults. The car touches the speed from 0 to 60 MPH in 6 Seconds and also comes with Auto Pilot mode. Tesla Model 3 can travel to 215 miles per charge. The looks and design of the Tesla Cars are always stunning. You can compare the design of Tesla with BMW GT Series. Tesla Model 3 is the base model of Tesla which costs around $35,000 US Dollars (₹25 Lakhs).

Along with Model 3, Tesla has Model S and Model X which are much powerful, power efficient, luxuries and costlier.

Know More about Tesla Cars

But for Tesla, India is also a challenging country. As the cars run entirely on batteries, Tesla has to set up their own Charging stations and power cuts is a not a new thing in some parts of the India.

tesla India the tech toys

Anyways, Tesla is finally coming to India and soon we will see Tesla ruling over the Indian Roads.

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