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Super Mario Run available only on iOS why not on Android?

super mario run on Android

Remembered the iPhone 7 launch event when Shigeru Miyamoto, father of Mario introduced us to Super Mario Run. We all get so excited to see that childhood memory in an all new avatar. New and better graphics, more fun. It was quite obvious that Super Mario Run would be available on the Apple App Store first then for other platform like Android. As said by Tim Cook during the event.
super mario run not on android

But now, it seems like Android users have to undergo a long time to play Nintendo’s first Smartphone Game that is Super Mario Run. The game is available for iOS user till now and there is no such announcement for Android users.

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But why?

Here is the Reason

In an interview with Mashable, Shigeru Miyamoto told that the reason behind the non availability of Super Mario Run for Android is the Security. Nintendo is worried about the piracy of Super Mario Run. The open source nature of Android make it very easy to share the infected apk of any app and it is very easy to install any pirated apk on Android. There are a lot of websited which shares the paid android apps for free and most them are infected and malicious.

Some android developers by adding up some codes can make any apk file in Malware infected apk which have all the potential to expose the privacy of the user as well as can demage the device itself. All this already happened at the time of Pokemon. Those who don’t get the Pokemon on their respective App stores headed straight to the torrents websites where they get the bogus and infected Pokemon apk.

On the other hand, there is no way to install pirated app on iOS unless it is jailbroken. The number of Jail Break devices are as low as 8% of total iPhone sold worldwide. So, that is the reason why Nintendo launched Super Mario Run on the iOS first.

Shigeru Miyamoto to Mashable –

“The security element is one of the reasons that we decided to go with iPhone and iOS first. So this is just based on the current development environment. A requirement that’s been built into the game to support security and the fact that the three different modes are connecting to the network and interacting with one another,”

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Super Mario Run is available for iOS in almost 150 countries. iOS users can make their Mario Run for $9.99.

Have you played the Super Mario Run yet? If yes, I would love to know your experience and review about the game. Share it in the comment section.


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