Home News Samsung Galaxy S8 Major Leaks Shows the Actual S8 looking Phone

Samsung Galaxy S8 Major Leaks Shows the Actual S8 looking Phone

samsung galaxy S8 leak specs price launch date

Every day, we have a new Galaxy S8 leak news and images. But this one is looking promising as the phone is looking as it should be (according to leaks). S8 is kind of big deal, no very big deal as the size of S8 going to be bigger than the Note Series display and for the first time, Samsung Deletes (yes deletes) the physical Home button.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hardware

samsung galaxy S8 leak specs price launch date

Photo Via: Twitter

Samsung going to launch 2 models of Galaxy S8. One with the 5.8-inch display and another with 6.2-inch QHD Super AMOLED screen. The screen insanely covering 83% of the front of the S8.The Galaxy S8 would run on Snapdragon 835 and Exynos Chipset in respective markets and all will have processors made using 10-nanometer fabrication methods. The RAM would be the same (4GB) and there is nothing new in the RAM segment (Was expecting 6GB). Galaxy S8 would have the storage capacity of 64GB and can be expandable up to 256 GB using SD card.

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The S8 going to be powered by 3000mAh and 3500mAh of battery for 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches respectively. The charging task and for cable connections would be accomplished by USB Type-C and thanks to God and to Samsung for not killing the 3.5MM Jack. So no extra expense of Adapters.

Galaxy S8 Eyes and Biometrics

This is bit new and weird also. Read on. So, moving on to eyes (I mean Camera), the S8 has 12 Megapixel rear camera and 8 Megapixel Front Facing Camera and both the cameras possess F/1.7 aperture. So, better and improved camera then the galaxy S7 (has 5 MP Fron facing Camera) and beside the front facing camera, there is Iris Scanner that was introduced in beloved but failed Product of Samsung Note 7 (Always be missed).

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There is something new in Samsung Galaxy S8 and that is Visual Search Functionality which has the ability to recognize the photographed text. This is OCR enabled web search that would allow the user to select the type of search. (Wait for it)

Now, let;s talk about Finger Print Scanner. As I already told you that Samsung kills it Physical buttons. Because of that, the Finger Print Scanner is placed at the back of Samsung Galaxy S8 and that too near the camera sensor. This is a little bit weird. But considering the 6.2-inch display, it would be more convenient.

samsung galaxy S8 leak specs price launch date

What Really New New in Samsung Galaxy S8?

So, Samsung, for the first time introducing its own Artificial Intelligent Assistant like SIRI and Google Now. Samsung calls it Bixby. According to Samsung, Bixby is capable of handling more complex instructions as compared to SIRI and Google Now (I forget Cortana). Galaxy S8 would comprise of a dedicated physical button for Bixby (The New New thing).

Another New thing in Galaxy S8 is Samsung DeX. This option would allow a user to connect the device to a monitor for a desktop view of the S8. The connection would be made using HDMI port and you have to spend some extra bucks for HDMI dock.

This is not THE NEW NEW thing for us but for Samsung, it’s new (Really New). Remember 3D Touch in iPhone 6S? Yes, Force Touch or 3D Touch which is capable of sensing the Touch Pressure is debuting in Samsung Galaxy S8.

When Samsung Launched it and How Hard S8 going to hit your Pocket?

From last experiences, Samsung used to launch their S series devices at Mobile World Congress and S8 was also expecting to launch in this year MWC at Barcelona. But, due to Note 7 tragedy, Samsung is taking some extra time and putting some additional efforts in Quality Check. So, that is why Samsung going to launch Samsung Galaxy S8 on 29 March at New York City.

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The Pricing of the Phone is going to start from $850 (₹58,000) for 5.8-Inch and $950 (₹65,000) for the 6.2-Inch variant.


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