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Hazards of Excessive Tech Use & How to Control it

by Jayant

Kids start to get acquainted with technology at a very early age and very soon learn to use it by themselves too. Schools are also incorporating tablets and computers in their daily learning techniques. They even get homework through email. Entertainment over the internet is also endless. Youtube is Kids’ favorite app as it is really easy to access. With one tap, you have your desired videos right on the screen.

Studies show that kids spend more than 10 hours on their screens. Medical experts say that kids aged 5 to 18 shouldn’t spend 2 to 3 hours per day. Too much screen hours can have a long-term effect on their health. Parents need to be aware of this and take adequate screen time parental control excessive tech usage for this purpose.

Hazardous Health Consequences

Here is how your kids can damage their well-being:

1. Eye Damage

The majority of the kids prefer to spend time on their iPads than going out to play. This can have dangerous effects on the eyes. Electronic devices give off blue and violet light, with a wavelength close to UV light. They can put a strain on the eyes and cause discomfort. They can also trigger headaches. Continuous exposure can cause short-sightedness. It also causes sleep deprivation and tiredness.

2. Bad Posture

Phones, tablets, and even laptops are handy and can be put anywhere. Hence kids use them in whatever way they want – sitting, lying, hunched over, fetal position in bed, etc. Staying in a bad posture for long hours and topped with screen use can cause them to have pains and strain in muscles. They can have chronic pains and even deformation in young bodies.

3. Obesity

Lack of physical activity is one of the major causes of obesity other than unhealthy and fatty food. Kids often like to munch while watching a movie or even simply reading. No exercise can cause them to gain weight. Overweight kids can then develop heart and liver problems at a very young age.

4. Mental Health

Excessive screen time put children and young adults at high risk for depression and anxiety. They develop social anxiety and prefer to stay indoors. Attention deficiency and addiction can also be caused by this. It can also cause physical changes in the brain causing them to have decision-making problems and cognitive impairment.


Excess of anything is bad and you have to make your child understand that. These are just a few of the hazardous consequences. If you are not controlling it now, you will see a pile of problems in your child at a very young age. You, as a parent, also need to understand here that Advancement in Technology is not hazardous, it is our and child’s habits which result in unwanted consequences.

So What should we, as a parent, do? Here is something that can help in boosting your thought process in the desired direction.

Cell phone parental control app and solutions for parents

Here is what parents can do:

1. Use Cell Phone Parental Control App

There are many parental controls for screen time limits. Apps like FamilyTime parental control allow you to control the number of hours they use their phones and tablets. You can lock their devices at night, during meals and study. You can make different rules and as many as you like. The app will automatically lock and open the phone at the designated times. You can also block time-consuming applications temporarily. Apart from that, you can keep a check on their activities, locations, and internet browsing. This can be done for Android and iOS, both.

Keep that in mind, it is just an app that is beneficial only when you use it properly. An app alone cannot make your child understand the harmful effect of Excessive tech use. With these controls, apply these solutions too:

2. Make schedules and rules

Make screen time limits for kids. Set the number of hours they can use their devices. For younger kids establish a rule to use their devices only in the living rooms, this way you can see how much time they are spending. Restrict the use before bed or in bedrooms.

3. Do what you preach

It is important that you set an example for your kids. Your words would be a joke for them if you are using your iPad all day long while telling your kids to limit them. Show them that there is a beautiful life outside the Gadgets which is far better iPad’s world.

Take them to parks, Vacations, drives, Sports matches. Get a Football or baseball kit and play with them, understand their taste and try to find their hobbies like Playing, Painting, Music instruments, etc. 3D Printing is another stream which is attracted to kids. Small things can make a big influence on your child’s mind. Follow the rules as well so it becomes easy for them.

4. Advise them to take breaks

It is advised by the experts to take breaks every 15 to 20 minutes. Walk around or do stretching exercises. Blink a lot as looking at the screens causes eyes to not blink for longer periods.

Spend Time Wisely!

Kids get addicted to games and other applications very easily. They like to be at the top of their game. In order to do so, they can lose track of time and develop unhealthy habits. If not controlled in time these health issues can become chronic. Make sure your kids spend their time smartly and not spend their health in the process. Limit screen time with cell phone parental control app and safeguard a healthy physical and mental life for them.

You as a parent have to understand it now otherwise it would be too late for both the Child and for a parent. Do not force them to leave their gadgets at once, it will make them stubborn and it would get worse. Be their friend, talk to them casually, do not create drama over the gadgets. Keep it casual and simple or just hide the Charger of the iPad or smartphone.

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