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Samsung officially Revealed the Reasons for Burning Note 7: Well Done Samsung

by Jayant
note 7 fire issue solved thetechtoys

Samsung was in the stiff circumstances from the day when Note 7 starts catching fire. We heard a lot of cases about burning Note 7 sometimes in a car, in a plane, in the home, in the pocket, while charging and what not. Soon after Note 7 entry in the market, every other Note 7 was catching fire.

Soon after these burning Note 7 news, Samsung started battery replacement campaign and also safety measures guidelines for Note 7. Those customers who faced the burning Note 7 issue also get the new replaced Note 7 but at that time also, Samsung also don’t have a proper report on the reasons of catching fire.

note 7 fire issue solved thetechtoys

When this issue became a Global issue, Samsung decided to recall and discontinuation of the Note 7. That was really heartbreaking for a lot of Samsung fans and for Samsung also. The Note 7 was the amazing phone with killer looks and specs but due to fire issue, Note 7 finally get vanished from the market. Samsung sold 3 million Note 7 devices and 96% of them were returned to Samsung. Rest 4% were fans I guess. They Would turn off their devices and keep in their cupboard.

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After Samsung apologizes and recalling the Note 7, Samsung starts digging the reasons and did some really deep efforts to determine the actual problem. Samsung is a market leader and leaving this issue is not a leader’s move. It is important to determine for the sake of customer’s safety and companies reputation.


Reason of Burning Note 7

Samsung goes through an intensive test on over 200,000 devices with 30,000 batteries. Samsung with 700 Researcher first tests the abnormalities in the additional features of the phone like USB Type-C, Water Resistant, fast charging, wireless charging, the iris scanner, software etc. Samsung did not find any issue or problem in all these. Then Samsung decided to cross check the production line of Note 7 and appoint a third party investigators including UL, Exponent and TUV Rheinland AG.
note 7 fire issue solved thetechtoys

Here is what Samsung found in the first batch of batteries. There were flaws in the design of the battery. In the battery, there was an abnormality in upper right corner of the battery. The design of the battery had an incorrect positioning of negative electrode tip which was causing short circuit

In the second batch of batteries, there was protective layer issue. In the battery, there are protective layers which separate the Positive and negative electrodes. The protective layer was faulty which allows two of electrodes meet and causes Short circuit.

Samsung found these faults through 8 point battery measures which include charging-discharging test, X-Ray scans, TVOC test, disassembling test and more.

note 7 buring issue solved thetechtoys

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You can watch a video where Samsung is giving a detailed explanation of the faults & causes. Samsung did a really great job and We hope Note 8 is free from all the faults and issues.

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