Now don’t say you never ever had Nokia 3310 in your life. I still remember the day when my dad shows me the Nokia 3310 and said: “Son, this is a Mobile Phone”. I mean, before 17 years, Mobile phone means Nokia.

The battery, build quality was phenomenal, unmatched and what not. You literally get the battery backup of 5-6 days with a single charge.

Nokia 3310 relaunch the tech toys

Then technology rises, new phones came in the market. Then a new era begins when a person known as Steve Jobs introduced us with Smartphone. The dawn of iPhone. For Nokia, as a company, those were the darkest days.

Then we met with Android which is now a new OS for most of the NON-iPhone smartphones.

Everything changed. Worst battery backups, highly fragile, poor connections and we are still happy. Yeah, we also lost 3.5MM Jack.

Now, the news is coming that Nokia is coming back with Android Smartphones, we already familiar with it but I am getting even excited for Nokia 3310 Relaunch. Yes, you read that right.

nokia 3310 relaunch the tech toys

After 17 years, Nokia 3310 is coming back in the market with a modern version of it. Obviously, it would come with the camera and all that, but the thing I am wondering is, would it come with Android or Nokia’s own OS. If 3310 is coming in Nokia’s very own OS, then it would be quite risky for the company.

From the source, Nokia 3310 would be launched at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona on 27 February. According to VentureBeat, the phone would cost around €59 ($62) (₹4170). Another worth mentioning information is that 3310 would be explicitly targeting European market and for other regions which probably means, North American market and Asia Market, there is no such saying by HMD Global.

Beyond this, there is no such information about the Nokia 3310 Relaunch.

As we already know that Mobile World Congress is going to happen in Barcelona on 27 February 2017 and MWC 2017 is really a big event for Nokia. Nokia is launching two other Android Smartphones which probably named as Nokia 3 and Nokia 5. Nokia 6 is already available in the Chinese market and soon we can expect the Nokia 6 launch for other regions also.

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The report says Nokia 5 will be powered by Snapdragon 430 chip which is same as Nokia 6. Moreover, Nokia 5 would be comprised of 2GB RAM, 12-megapixel rear camera, and a 5.2-inch display.

There is nothing confirmed about the pricing of Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 but the report said, Nokia 3 would cost you around $158 or ₹10,500 and Nokia 5 would costs you somewhere around $212 or ₹14,200.

Everything would get confirmed on 27 February. Stay tuned with us for more Nokia and MWC news.

Do share your thoughts about the Nokia 3310 Relaunch in the comment section. Are you excited for that Snake game?

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