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How to use Microsoft Universal Translator for Real Time Group Translation

by Jayant

Microsoft is working really hard on the translation. Recently, Microsoft launches universal translator in the Microsoft’s Translator app. The app lets you have a conversation with 100 people at the same time with real-time translation.

Suppose, you are a tourist in Middle East Country and your guide and your tourist mates don’t know your native Hindi language. In that case, you can talk through the Microsoft’s Translator App. You can send your message in your language that is in Hindi and they will receive your Hindi messages/Voices in the Arabic language. Isn’t that cool?

microsoft translator app

You can send your message in your language through text, image or through voice and your listener would receive the message in his/her language in real-time.

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How to use Microsoft Translator for conversation?

For using the Microsoft Translator for conversation, first, you need to install the app. The app is available for Android, iPhone, Windows, Amazon. Download below

Then Setup the app for the first time. After that, tap on the Conversation menu. If there is already a group, you can directly scan the QR code by tapping on the camera button. You can also create your group by tapping on the Start button.

For starting your new group for conversation, add your name and your language in which you wanted to receive the message. Suppose your native language is Hindi, then select Hindi as your language.

After that, tap on entering. The app would give you a QR code that you need to share with the people you wanted to add in the group for conversation. Suppose, you want to interact with a person name Xing of China (We are on a tour to China), so share this QR code with Xing. He will scan this QR code through Microsoft’s translate app and then you can start your conversation. You can use the Alphabetical Code for starting a conversation on Windows PC. Link Below

microsoft translator app

Through this app, you can send your message in Hindi and Xing would receive your message in the Chinese language. All this translation would happen in the real time.

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Microsoft Translator uses deep neural networks to understand words in context to provide meaningful and accurate translations. This app could be handy for those who are conducting a guided tour around the world. They don’t need to carry a local dictionary for every new country.

There are essential templates like Hello, I speak English, Is there an ATM, Thank You etc. which can be used just by tapping. You don’t need to write or speak. The app provides different phrases of different categories like Lodging, Dining, Health, Technology etc.

microsoft translator app

There are some constraints in the app like there are limited language which supports text and speech. Some language supports text only means you cannot send your voice message, you have to write for that. but, something is always better than nothing. Moreover, you can download your languages for offline use. In case, there is network or internet issues.

That’s all about the Microsoft Translator App and how you can use that when you are on the World Tour. Share with your traveler friend and family. Do share this on Social Media.

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