Apple’s latest flagship iPhones, XS & XS Max are facing a charging gate issue. Many iPhone users are complaining about the iPhone XS & XS Max Not charging. There is a dedicated thread over the Reddit where many iPhone XS & XS Max users are discussing their experiences with their new iPhones. Apple Forum is also filled with the same issue.As of now, there is no official saying by Apple about the issue.

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What is iPhone XS & XS Max Charging issue?

Ideally, when you plug in the lightning cable into the iPhone, it must start charging the iPhone. The iPhone indicates the charging on the screen with the battery on the screen with the battery percentage. But new iPhone XS & XS Max are not doing what they intended to do. There are 3 different cases of iPhone Charging Gate issue.

Case 1:

When you plug in the lightning cable into the iPhone, it does nothing. It gets Freeze and you will not be able to use the iPhone for a while.

Case 2:

When you plug in the lightning cable, it doesn’t start charging the iPhone until you wake up the screen. That means iPhone XS & XS Max is not charging in the sleep mode. Maybe sleep mode is refraining the iPhone to charge and you have to keep the screen awake for charging the iPhone.

Case 3:

After plug in the lightning cable into the iPhone, it takes 1-2 minutes to start charging.

So these are 3 cases that iPhone XS & XS Max users are facing right now. No one is sure if it’s a software bug or some hardware problem. Maybe there is a particular batch of the iPhones having this issue because some iPhone XS and XS Max are doing well but some are having this Charge gate issue.

The issue came into the limelight after Lewis Hilsenteger, who runs a big YouTube Channel Unbox Therapy, posted a video on Youtube about the issue. He demonstrated the issue on 8 iPhones (4 iPhone XS & 4 XS Max) where he puts the iPhones into the locked state and then inserted the lightning cable one by one. Few iPhones were charging as they should be but few brutally failed the test. The issue was there but due to the video, it came into the limelight and many users are coming up on the internet for sharing the problem.

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iPhone XS & XS Max Charge Gate Fix?

As of now, Apple hasn’t given any official statement about the iPhone XS & XS Max charge gate issue. Moreover, there is no fix of this iPhone Charge Gate issue but Apple surely gonna respond to it as this is the basic function of any smartphone and if you are paying $1000 for a Smartphone, you definitely not expecting that kind of issue, especially when you are buying THE Apple iPhone.

If that is a software bug, you will definitely be going to get the software update but if that is a Hardware problem, Apple may start the callback/replacement program for the new iPhone XS and XS Max.

If you own an iPhone XS or XS Max and facing the issue, you can check out this Reddit thread also check out the Apple’s Forums which is all about the iPhone XS & XS Max Charge gate issue.

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