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27 Cool Google Tricks & Internet Hacks You are Missing

by Jayant

The internet is a blessing to humanity. In the vast world of the internet, what keeps us connected is Google. Believe me, a single google search can change your life in a lot better way. But many google users are not using it to its full capacity and are limited to simple Google searches.

Here we are going to give you cool google tricks that will make you a master of Google Search. There are some hidden Google tricks and hacks that a normal user is deprived of using. Some of them are fun google tricks while some are extremely useful Google tricks & hacks that you might be missing.

27 Cool Google Tricks & Hacks in 2022

There are a lot of cool internet hacks which are unknown to many of us and there is no problem with not knowing that. So without any further ado, let’s see some of the cool google tricks in 2022.

1. Askew

This is one of the fun google tricks that will tilt your web browser. Simply type ‘Askew’ in the Google search and see how the whole window tilts. Not to worry, the tilt remains only on that Google Search window. Once you closed it, everything will get back to normal. Just try it.

2. Time Lapse

Want to see how our changed in last couple of decades? Here is Time Lapse from Google. Simply go here and see the glaciers, earth’s surface changing from back then to now.

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3. Restore the Closed tab on Chrome

Maybe you accidentally closed the tab you surfed on Google Chrome. Don’t worry. Press Shift + Ctrl + T to open the last closed tab on Google Chrome.

4. Slideshow on Reddit

Seeing photos on Reddit Pics? Let’s do something new. Let’s make a slideshow of the photos on Reddit Pics and go freehand. All you need to add “P”. Suppose looking for pics on subreddit r/pics. Add ‘P’ (redditp) in the URL and see the magic.

Like this: www.redditp.com/r/pics. ENJOY THE MAGIC.

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5. Create GIFs on YouTube

GIFs are very popular these days. A small portable video-like photo seems more descriptive than a dumb still photo. There are a lot of ways to create a gif. The easiest way to create a gif is by using youtube.

Just add ‘gif’ before youtube on the URL. Like www.gifyoutube.com/LMnoPxYz 

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6. Are You a ‘Friends’ Fan? Check this out

Go to Google Search and search for Ross Geller or any other Friends character like Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani, Monica Geller, Rachel Green, and Phoebe Buffay. Now click on the icon at the right side of the screen.


You will see a Sofa for Ross Geller and Food for Joey. Click on those icons and share them with your friends.

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7. Search a Particular Website

There are times when we wanted Google results from a particular website only. In that case, you can get the Google Search results for that one particular website. How? Here is what you need to do.

While entering text on the Google Search bar, enter the keywords you want to search then enter this site: thetechtoys.com. Now, you will get the results from The Tech Toys only.

For example, you are searching for the best video editing apps. You can search like Best video editing apps site: thetechtoys.com

google cool tricks

8. Reverse Image Search on Google

What is Reverse Image Search?

In simple language, Reverse Image search means to search the image that appears in the Image result page. If you are a web developer or a photographer or a blogger and you think your copyrighted image is used on other websites without your permission then, you can search for the websites which are using your images using Reverse Image Search.

How can you do that?

Hold ‘S’ key and Right Click on the image you wanted to reverse image search. You would get all the websites that are using your images on their websites.

If you want to search for a video, here is how to reverse video search.

9. Numbers are Easy for Google

Maybe your eyes got attracted to a big number and you start calculating the amount. Sometimes, a person like me just messed up everything. It is really confusing, especially when there are no proper arrangements. In that case, I just copy the number and put it in the Google Search bar. Like, 521166565637 in English. And I got this

cool google tricks

10. Make the YouTube Dance

Do you know? YouTube can dance and that too pretty well.

No, I am not kidding at all. Don’t you believe me?

Okay, I will show you but first, share these cool google tricks with your friends and on Facebook and now go to YouTube and see Dancing YouTube.

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11. The New ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’

The program not responding? Your nerd friend would say “I have a solution, Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete then open Task Manager and End the Task”

Try this. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to directly open the task manager. I told you The New.

12. The very Private Window

Now, don’t say Wow if I told you to press Ctrl+Shift+N to open a secret/Private window on your Google Chrome where you can do anything (means anything 😉 ) without saving it on your browsing history and cookies. Even no record of download history.

I called it incognito mode. What do you call it? Please tell me in the comments. (If you get the benefit, share this with your friends who also want a private window)

13. Do a barrel roll

I love this. You would love this too. Just search for “Do a barrel roll” or “Z or R twice” in Google Search. Then, tell me what you experienced.

14. Play a game on Google Chrome. Not the Dragon Game

Getting bored? Play a game on Google Chrome. All you need to do a search for “Atari Breakout” and go to Images. Enjoy the Game. Love the game, Share this article with your other buddies.

15. Clear the Cache

If you are visiting the website for the second or third time, you would feel the faster loading speed of the website. Do you know, why Google Chrome loads the website faster? Because Chrome saves the data in the cache memory. It eats up your system memory and also keeps on displaying the old layout even if the layout of the website changed to new.

What you can do to clean the cache is Press Ctrl+Shift+R. Then Refresh the page. Maybe you would notice some new things on the website.

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16. Blocked Subreddit? Who cares

If, due to any reason any subreddit is blocked. You can still access that. No, not VPN!!! It’s a simple trick. You just need to add + after the subreddit. For eg. www.reddit.com/samplereddit+.

17. Create QR Code to connect to Wi-Fi

This is super cool. Whenever your relative or friend comes home, the first thing they look for the wifi Router, then they keep on asking the Password of the WiFi. Now, you don’t need to announce the password. That QR Code allows them to connect to your WiFi just by scanning the QR code. Also, get some really funny, clever wifi name ideas for your home router to prank your neighbors, friends, relatives and guests.

Isn’t that cool? Why don’t you share this with your friends or on Facebook?

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18. Do a precise Googling

Google has so much stuff. You searched for a Juice and you get results for Apple juice, Pineapple Juice, Carrot juice, orange juice, and whatnot. Use this simple thing for more precise results.

Add ‘minus sign’ ‘-‘ before the word that you don’t want in SERP. For eg. “Juice -apple juice”. It will delete irrelevant results.

19. Lost Your Phone? Don’t Panic, Google will help you

Did you lose your beloved phone? Don’t worry. Go to Google Chrome (make sure you are login to google account) and search for “Where’s my phone” or “Track my phone”. You would get the location of your phone. You can Ring your phone and also able to erase the data from your phone. Here is how to track your phone.

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20. Set timer on Google

Need a timer? Open Google Chrome and search for “Set timer“. Select the timer and start. You can also search like “Set Timer for 5 Minutes”

21. Shortcut to Websites

What do you normally do when entering the website name in the address bar of the web browser? You enter, www.thewebsitename.com. Takes some extra seconds. Do this cool thing

Just enter the name of the website on the address bar and press ctrl+enter to add www and .com thing. 

22. Google can manage your Flights

Going abroad? Google can help you in managing flights. Search for the Takeoff city (Departure) to Landing city (Destination) and get all the flights right on Google Search Result Page. For eg. Going to New York from New Delhi, Search for New Delhi to New York, and get all the flights and the connecting flights.

cool google tricks

23. Find a complete phrase/lyrics

Sometimes, we listen to a song and get some lyrics in our minds but fail to get the actual name of the song. Well, Google can help you. Search for the line with words you know and for missing, words use *. Then Search. You would get the lyrics of the song on Google.

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24. Get MP3 Directly

Downloading music is not legal and ethical but still, millions of people download the songs from the internet. Due to this, many web developers earn a lot of money through clickbait. They show “Download Here” then they redirect you to another website.

Try this.

intitle:index.of?mp3 song title

Copy and paste it on google search with the song name. You would get the direct download link of the mp3.

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25. Explore the universe from Home. Not Google Earth

The universe has a lot of unsolved mysteries and has a zillion of galaxies and our Milky Way is just a small part of it and Earth!!! I don’t want to talk about it here. Anyways, explore the universe on Google Sky.

26. Play anything on Google Chrome

Do you know, that Google Chrome is capable of playing any video or audio file? You just need to Drag the audio/video file and drop it into the Google Chrome window. Enjoy!!!

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27. Get the Facebook password

This trick is for those who forget their passwords but are capable to log in just because they Check the “Remember Me” option. But, if you get lucky enough to find the open window of a friend’s Facebook, you can give an attempt ;).
Go to Facebook login. Enter the email and password.

Right-click on the password and go to inspect. Play with some codes, replace ‘Password’ with “text”.


Cool internet tricks

Cool Google Tricks & Hacks: Final Words

So, these are some of the cool Google tricks that are crazy enough to enjoy with friends. We also added a few Google hacks that can make your life even easier. Google has answers to all your problems. You just need to be aware of Google tricks and hacks so that you can use Google Search in a better way.

If you know some other cool google tricks or internet hacks, let me know in the comment section.

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