Under the Digital India initiative, Google recently launched its own Payment app for India. The App is called Tez (Download here). The app is launched with the prime motive of replacing the cash transactions with the digital payments. Before Tez, there are already some really good apps like PhonePe, Paytm which are doing its job of Digital Transaction but Tez has its own advantages over the prevailing payment apps.

The base on which Tez works is same as PhonePe that is UPI. If you already have the UPI PIN then the Tez app is ready to use. The good thing about Tez is that the app is available for both Android & iOS. You can use Tez on any smartphone running on Android KitKat 4.4 or above and iOS 8 or above.

Installing and Setting up the Tez app is super easy. After installing the app from here, first, it will ask your Mobile number to authenticate the device. Just enter the phone number & select the Google account you want to use with the app. After that, it will verify your device using OTP.

Tez payment app thetechtoys dot com

Once it gets done, it’s time to secure the app. Google has really taken care of security and with that, you can use your phone’s fingerprint sensor, Iris Scanner and also FaceID for entering in the app interface. Apart from Phone’s security, you can also setup Google PIN to access the app.

After setting up the app security, you will see the dashboard of the app. The app is clean and very easy to access. For receiving and paying the payments, you have to add a bank account. There are almost all the banks which are compatible with Tez app including Airtel Payment Bank. Just select your bank and using UPI, the app will automatically fetch your bank details. Once it gets done, you are all set to receive and pay the payments.

Tez payment app thetechtoys dot com

What’s New in Tez Payment App

There is PayTM, PhonePe for digital transactions and those apps are doing their best then why should I use Tez over PayTM, PhonePe, BHIM for digital transactions?

To answer that, you should be aware of the fact that, Tez app is an easy solution for Receiving and Paying the money. Tez app works on Bank Transfer instead of Wallet system. The money you send in PayTM or PhonePe first get transferred to their respective Wallets instead of Bank account but in Tez, the money directly transfers into your bank account. There is NO TEZ WALLET in this app and Google don’t deduct any transaction fee.

Another great thing about Tez is Cash Mode feature. So what is Cash Mode? Cash Mode is an ultimate solution for all those who don’t want to share either their mobile number, UPI ID, email address. For all those, Tez app has Cash Mode. It is very similar to ShareIt kind of apps where sender presses the send button and receiver press the receive button on his phone for receiving data.

Cash Mode Tez payment

Same like that, there is a Cash Mode where all you need to swipe to Pay or Receive button for paying or receiving the payments. Cash Mode feature of the Tez app uses Audio QR Technology where two smartphones interact with each other on the basis of Ultrasonic Audio Waves. For using the Cash Mode, both sender and receiver should be at the same place.

When sender presses the Pay button and receiver presses the Receive button, then both the smartphones will emit ultrasonic sound waves to interact with each other. These ultrasonic sound waves have very low frequency and due to which human ear cannot hear any kind of sound but under the hood, the smartphones are having their own conversations. Your phone doesn’t need any dedicated hardware like NFC for using Tez App. All you need a speaker and a mic (which your phone already have) for payments.

There is an introductory offer by Tez where you will get ₹51 for each invite. All you need is to share your Invite link with your friends, family, relatives or any possible human around you to install the Tez app. Along with that, you will also get scratch cards worth ₹1000.

That is all about the Google’s new Tez app for payments. The app is no doubt little bit different from already available Digital Payment Apps. Moreover, the app is available in different Indian Languages which makes the interface more reliable and easy to use. The app is developed by Google and we can expect the utmost security of the sensitive information. For promoting the Tez app and Digital payments in India, Google is going to add Tez as an inbuilt app in upcoming Nokia, Micromax, Lava, Panasonic smartphones.

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