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How to Use Google Opinion Rewards to Get Paid Apps, Music, Movies & Books For Free

by Jayant

There are a lot of great apps, books, music, movies available on Google Play Store but most of us don’t want to spend hard earned money on such things. But, Google is giving you an opportunity to get all those paid apps, music, movies & Books for free. Google recently launched Google Opinion Rewards app in India. Along with India, Google also launched the app in some other Asian countries.

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards is an app where you need to participate in the surveys conducted by Google and in consideration, you would get some free credits. Surveys are conducted to collect the primary data and for getting public opinion in respect of different things. The questions in the survey are easy and keep that in mind that Google conducts the survey, not a quiz. There is no right or wrong option in the survey. If you try to cheat the Google in any way, you would not get any further survey.

Google opinion Rewards India

Each survey gives you some amount of money in the app itself (Not transferable to the bank) that you can use to buy paid Apps, Music, Movies, Books on Google Play Store for free.

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The Google Opinion Rewards is a popular app in western countries to get free apps on Google Store but recently Google launched the app in India too. So, start participating in surveys and earn Google Credits to get paid apps, music, movies & books for free on Google Play Store.

How to Use Google Opinion Rewards?

To get free apps from Google Play Store or say to earn credits from Google, you need to participate in surveys conducted by Google. For that:

1. Download and Install the Google Opinion Rewards app from here.

2. After Installing the app, sign in with your Google Account and it would ask to add your address. Just fill up the form and submit.

3. For the very first time, you would get a demo survey which would help you to get familiar with the app and with the upcoming surveys. Questions are like: Which One of them is a Continent? It has 6 choices and you have to select one of them. It is something like Multiple Choice Questions.

Also, you need to go to the app setting (Swipe Right) and make sure your location is turned on. You can check that option from Google Location History option as you would get surveys according to your demographic structure.

Google opinion Rewards India

You are all set to get free apps on Google Play Store. For each survey, you would get free credits that you can use later on to shop on Google Play Store.

Can You Transfer Google Opinion Rewards Credits to Bank Account?

If you are an Adsense Publisher having Adsense account, you can publish surveys on your blog/website. Every time a visitor on the blog participates in the survey you would get paid for each survey. The price of survey varies from $0.05-$0.74 per question. Once a webmaster reaches the threshold amount, earning will reflected in the Adsense Account which later on can be transferred to bank account.

It would be good to go through Google’s Policies about the same before publishing a survey on your website.

If you are not an Adsense publisher, you can use the credits only on Google Play Store for buying paid apps, music, movies, books for free.

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Get Paid Apps, Music, Movies & Books For Free from Google Play Store

There is no reason to not to install Google Opinion Rewards app on your Android Smartphone. During your free time, you can earn few ₹₹ which later on can be used to buy paid apps other stuff from Play Store for free. Install and earn the credits

So, start earning Google Credits by participating in Google Survey. Google Opinion Rewards would help you a lot in getting the paid apps, music, movies & Books for free. If you have any confusion regarding Google Opinion Rewards, feel free to ask in the comment section. And, Don’t forget to share it with your friends from the sharing buttons at the left.

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