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How to Get LG G6 Like Rounded Display Corners on any Android Phone & Tablet

by Jayant
LG G6 like Rounded Corner on Android cornerfly

Mobile World Congress is always a fascinating event for all those who are fond of consumer technology. Every year MWC showcased some of the amazing consumer technology. This year also, MWC gave us some great smartphones that are coming soon in our hands. In case you missed the MWC, take a glance at the infographic which would update you with latest smartphones launched at MWC 2017 in a couple of seconds.

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This year, MWC is all about Nokia but like always LG also launched its beast device, LG G6. LG always comes up with something new and great but LG fails in marketing. It was LG which gave us a dual-camera setup in a smartphone before Apple. But, like Apple, LG doesn’t organize show-off events where James Corden and Sia gave their performances.

LG G6 like Rounded Corner on Android cornerfly

Anyways, this year, people are loving the LG G6 and especially the rounded display on all the corners. The rounded display looks good to eyes and it also gives a new look to your Android phone. You just cannot get everything on your Android phone but you can surely get that Rounded display in any android smartphone & tablet as we get on LG G6.

Here is

How to get LG G6 Like Rounded Display in your Android Smartphone

To get the rounded display like LG G6 on any Android smartphone or tablet, you don’t require any extra efforts or skills. All you need to install an app called Conerfly. You can download the free version of the app which provides you all the functionality. The basic feature of rounded corners is free and if you want customization, you have to pay some extra cents for premium features.

Once you installed the app. Open the app and at first, it would ask for accessibility permissions. Allow the permissions and then it would ask to turn on the Cornerfly app from Accessibility option. Just turned it on.

LG G6 like Rounded display Corner on Android

Now you would see the Rounded screen Corners on your Android phone or tablet. In the Cornerfly Setting options, you can select the Applications where you wanted to able or disable the Rounded Corners. Moreover, you can also choose the corners (Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right) where you wanted the rounded corners.

LG G6 like Rounded Corner on Android cornerfly

A notification has always remained open in the notification tray when the app is running. You can change the settings or disable the app from that notification. You can also disable the notification from notification tray from the CornerFly app settings.

By default, app will not round the corners of Navigation bar. To give round corners on the navigation bar go to app settings> Application and enable the Overlay Navigation Bar of all the apps. One by one will take time, check for all the apps from, Select all option on the right top.

LG G6 like Rounded Corner on Android

If you want to increase or decrease the size of rounded corners, you have to pay around $0.99 or ₹70 for unlocking the premium feature of the app which also removes the ads. Otherwise, the free version is ad supported.

Get LG G6 Like Rounded Display Corners on Android Smartphone & Tablet

LG G6 like Rounded Corner on Android cornerfly

So, now you got the Rounded Corners on your Android smartphone or tablet. I am using this app from 3-4 days and I really liked the app. It gave a new design to my android phone. I am using it on Moto G3 which is in black color and rounded corner mixes well with black bezels. The off pixels of the screen blends perfectly with black bezel. This little personalization will give all new look to your android phone or tablet.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and install the Conerfly and share your experience of LG G6 like Rounded display Corners on your Android phone or tablet with me through the comment section. Also do share this post with your friends on FB, Twitter or wherever you wanted to share.

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Vinod March 6, 2017 - 3:47 pm

Very useful post and I think you had shared a unique tutorial to make rounded display corner for android.



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