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How to Get Google Assistant on Any Android Device Without Root

by Jayant
How to get Google Assistant any Android

From the last couple of days, there is a buzz all over the internet about the Google Assistant. Google Assistant is a personal assistant (just like SIRI or better than SIRI) by Google which uses Artificial Intelligence to answer the user’s query.

Initially, Google Assistant debuted in the Pixel and Pixel XL phones but later on Google announced that Google Assistant would be rolling out for all the Android devices running on Android 6.0 or above. The Android users in the US and some regions of Europe are getting the Google Assistant via an update of Google Play Services but Android users in Asian countries and other regions are still waiting for it.

But Now, Wait is over. After going through this article, you would have Google Assistant working on your Android.

Here is

How to Get Google Assistant on  Any Android Smartphone Without Root

There is some article over the internet in which they asked you to unlock the bootloader to access the root files and ask you to modify root files for getting Google Assistant. But hey, Why to do this?

Here is How to get Google Assistant on Android. Just follow the steps. These are not actually steps, you just need to match all the points. Are you Ready? Let’s get Google Assistant (Video Below)

First, make sure, your Android device is running on Android 6.0 Marshmellow or above version of Android. I am sorry but you can leave right now if your phone is running below Android 6.0.

Now Go to Settings > Apps and check the Google Play Services version. The version of Google Play Services should be 10.2.98. If you don’t have this version, check the update on Play Store or download apk here.

how to get google assistant android

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After updating/checking the Google Play Services version, now check the version of Google App. It should have version number You can check the update on Play Store or Download the latest apk here.

how to get google assistant android

After updating the apps. Go to Settings > Language & Input > Change Language to English US. 

how to get google assistant android

Then go to Google > Search > Voice and change the language to English US. If your language is other than English US, Google assistant would not work.

how to get google assistant android

If you change the language from English US to another language, Google Assistant will not work or say it would disappear and will be replaced with Google Now.

Now, clear the Cache of Google App, Google Play Services, and Google play store. You can clean it by going to Settings > Apps > Respective app > Storage > Clear CacheThen restart the device.

Watch the Video

Got the Google Assistant on Android Smartphone

how to get google assistant android

Now you need to wait for 3-4 hours before Google Assistant starts working on your Android smartphone. You can activate Google Assitant by long pressing Home button. It is working absolutely fine on Moto G3 (Android 6.1) and Google Assistant has really a bad sense of humor.

how to get google assistant android

Google Assistant also advises me to count sheep so that I can take a better nap. And guess, what, Google Assistant sings pretty good.

Try them all and let me know your experience with Google Assistant in the comment section. Should I also ask you guys to give it a share? You should share it with your friends, relatives, brother, sister, cousin, mother, father & with everyone.

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Nathan Ward April 29, 2017 - 8:29 am

The title said ANY Android phone, but in the first step, we come to find that this is not true.


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