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Beware Tesla, Faraday Future can hit you real bad

by Jayant
ff 91 faraday friday

CES 2017 in Las Vegas is going on and tech enthusiast around the world feel delighted every day. All the tech giants came to showcase their future plans and to give a glance of the future technology. This is the ritual of the CES.

Followed by the Rituals, this CES, Tesla Motors gets its competitor which can break the Tesla’s future plans. Another company named Faraday Future showcased their Electric Car and that is FF91. The Car looks tremendously stunning and gives a proper demo of what future is going to be.

faraday-future-ff-91 thetechtoys

Talking about the Car, FF91 touches 60 mph in 2.39 seconds which is almost same as in Tesla which takes 2.4 seconds to hit 60 mph. FF91 has the range of 378 miles Tesla has the range of 315 miles. Beyond that, the car has a few extra feautres like dual antennae that allow a wifi hotspot, facial recognition that allows for keyless entry and 151 cubic feet of space internally.

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It also showcased some parts of its automatic driving technology by showing a video of the car finding a parking spot and parking itself. The Driver can send the car to park itself and control it through the smartphone application. The car packs 30 sensors which also include cameras and Radar.


To drive this beast you have to put down $5,000 and forget about that because you would get the delivery in 2018. But, car on stage is far different from a car on the moving road. During the Demo event of FF91, the company tried to show the automatic parking technology but FF91 refuses to execute that order. Indeed the car looks

Indeed the car looks stunning but to be a successful electric car, it needs to get revised again and again until the car is ready to amaze the people on the road.

Tesla motors already facing a lot of issues related to wiring, charging, batteries, service centers and now Faraday Friday came with another electric car. A well-established ecosystem is required to drive and maintain these electric cars. Moreover, appealing marketing strategies are also required to induce the customers to switch from carbon dioxide dismissions cars to these futuristic and sustainable electric cars.


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